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:: and "...
:: "... prose used to define the way the Turing machine uses its head and the way that it stores data on its tape.
:: Example: "... omitting the same mental element in a similar weapons possession statute, such as RCW 9. 41. 040, strongly indicates that the omission was purposeful and that strict liability was intended.
:: Example: "... courts have discretion to hear at sentencing from any person who might provide useful information, including victims of financial crimes.
:: "... in his history, says of him ( Newcastle ) that he was of so feeble a head, and so treacherous a heart that Sir Robert Walpole called his name ' Perfidy '; that Lord Halifax used to revile him as a knave and fool, and that he was so ignorant of this continent, that it was said of him, that he addressed his letters to the ' Island of New England.
:: "... the location of the Morisons was at Ness, 0 in Lewis, where the head of the Clan was Britheamh or Hereditary Judge long before Fifeshire colonists were heard of.
:: Many are identified in background radio chatter in the original pilot film ("... Battlestars Atlantia and Acropolis losing speed ..") ( Background voiceover Male: "... Request damage reports from Battlestars Triton and Pacifica .." Background voiceover female: "... no response from the Triton and the Pacifica ") ( Background voiceover female: "... This is the Acropolis.
:: 8. 2a "... warnings were issued regarding an expected attack by Hamas following the distribution of its leaflets in Hebron.
:: Hikayat Aceh 127: 7 "... gajah tuanku ini.
:: Hikayat Aceh 127: 7 "... this king's elephant.

:: and prose
:: The writing program at Naropa favors creative writing in verse and prose.

:: and algorithm
* Marpa :: XS and Marpa :: PP, Perl modules, incorporating improvements made to the Earley algorithm by Joop Leo, and by Aycock and Horspool.
* Parse :: Earley A Perl module that implements Jay Earley's original algorithm.
:: Boone-Rogers Theorem: There is no uniform partial algorithm which solves the word problem in all finitely presented groups with solvable word problem.
* Bogosort and jmmcg :: bogosort: Simple, yet perverse, C ++ implementations of the bogosort algorithm.
Specifically, the timer. c :: calc_load () function will run the algorithm every 5 * Hz, or roughly every five seconds.
* Math :: Random :: ISAAC, a Perl module implementation of the algorithm

:: and implementation
AdvanceCOMP < tt > advdef </ tt > and Ken Silverman's PNGOUT and Glenn Randers-Pehrson's pngcrush and Image :: Pngslimmer employ DEFLATE compression algorithms that are more exhaustive and produce smaller files than the reference implementation, zlib, that is used by the other compressors.
:: Usually the stock implementation is used.
* Cpp :: Events-Template-based C ++ implementation that introduces separation of connection management interface of the event object from the invocation interface.
* Class :: Observable Basic observer pattern implementation
* Class :: Publisher a slightly more advanced implementation
* Algorithm :: SkipList, implementation in Perl on CPAN
* Text :: WagnerFischer, a Perl implementation of the Wagner-Fischer edit distance
:: The integrated process of information gathering, analysis, planning, consultation, decision-making, allocation of resources and formulation and implementation, with enforcement as necessary, of regulations or rules which govern fisheries activities in order to ensure the continued productivity of the resources and the accomplishment of other fisheries objectives.
As defined in the perl implementation Lingua :: Shakespeare
* WSRF :: Lite is a perl-based implementation that makes exclusive use of the Address element of the endpoint reference, thus making WS-Resources identifiable via URIs.

:: and details
:: f. The devil is in the details.
:: Many programming language designs encapsulate the details of memory allocation in the compiler and the run-time system.
:: For further details of the parliamentary history of the town see Liskeard ( UK Parliament constituency )
:: For more details on the molar specific heat capacities of solids, see Einstein solid and Debye model.
:: See: capital city for details and list of national capitals for each country's seat of government.
:: For more details, see Bramley Camp
:: Refer to Japanese version for details.
:: Note that the merchant doesn't know the client's payment details.
:: This article describes the publication details of a famous paper in mathematical logic.
:: Title XI consists of sixteen sections which details the powers and duties of the Secretary, the Under Secretary, and the Attorney General.
:: Title XII consists of four sections which details air carrier liability for Third Party claims arising out of acts of terrorism, extension of insurance policies, correction of reference, and reports.
:: Title XIII consists of thirteen sections which in several chapters details and establishes Chief Human Capital Officers and it's council.
:: The term " Special Reconnaissance Unit " and the details of its organisation and mode of operations have been kept secret.

:: and .
:: One consequence is that people are more cooperative if it is more likely that individuals will interact again in the future.
:: A tendency towards reciprocity implies that people will feel obligated to respond if someone helps them.
:: People are more likely to cooperate on a task if they can communicate with one another first.
:: A. Annia Aurelia Galeria Faustina ( 30 November 147-after 165 ), had one child
:: B. Gemellus Lucillae ( 7 March 148 or 150-c. 150 ), died young without issue
:: C. Lucilla ( 7 March 148 or 150-182 ), had four children
:: D. Titus Aelius Antoninus ( after 150-before 7 March 161 ), died young without issue
:: E. Titus Aelius Aurelius ( after 150-before 7 March 161 ), died young without issue
:: F. Hadrianus ( 152-157 ), died young without issue
:: G. Domitia Faustina ( after 150-before 7 March 161 ), died young without issue
:: H. Fadilla ( 159-after 192 ), had two children
:: I. Annia Cornificia Faustina Minor ( 160-after 211 ), had one child
:: J. Titus Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus ( 161-165 ), died young without issue
:: K. Commodus ( 31 August 161 – 31 December 192 ), died without issue
:: L. Marcus Annius Verus Caesar ( after May 162 – 10 September 169 ), died young without issue
:: M. Vibia Aurelia Sabina ( 170-before 217 ), died without issue
File :: Abensberg RegensburgerTor. jpg | Regensburg Gate
:: a person assisting a constable in the execution of his duty.
:: to help them forget their troubles.
:: And war, hardship on land, hardship at sea.
:: 1973, 1995 *( Ajax also won in 1972, however, UEFA only sanctioned the UEFA Super Cup for the first time in 1973 so the 1972 edition was an unofficial one.
:: A ( m, n ) = hyper ( 2, m, n + 3 ) − 3.

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