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:: and "...
:: "... prose to describe an algorithm, ignoring the implementation details.
:: Example: "... omitting the same mental element in a similar weapons possession statute, such as RCW 9. 41. 040, strongly indicates that the omission was purposeful and that strict liability was intended.
:: Example: "... courts have discretion to hear at sentencing from any person who might provide useful information, including victims of financial crimes.
:: "... in his history, says of him ( Newcastle ) that he was of so feeble a head, and so treacherous a heart that Sir Robert Walpole called his name ' Perfidy '; that Lord Halifax used to revile him as a knave and fool, and that he was so ignorant of this continent, that it was said of him, that he addressed his letters to the ' Island of New England.
:: "... the location of the Morisons was at Ness, 0 in Lewis, where the head of the Clan was Britheamh or Hereditary Judge long before Fifeshire colonists were heard of.
:: Many are identified in background radio chatter in the original pilot film ("... Battlestars Atlantia and Acropolis losing speed ..") ( Background voiceover Male: "... Request damage reports from Battlestars Triton and Pacifica .." Background voiceover female: "... no response from the Triton and the Pacifica ") ( Background voiceover female: "... This is the Acropolis.
:: 8. 2a "... warnings were issued regarding an expected attack by Hamas following the distribution of its leaflets in Hebron.
:: Hikayat Aceh 127: 7 "... gajah tuanku ini.
:: Hikayat Aceh 127: 7 "... this king's elephant.

:: and prose
:: The writing program at Naropa favors creative writing in verse and prose.

:: and used
Some of these perform bootstrapping tasks, such as ExtUtils :: MakeMaker, which is used for building and installing other extension modules ; others, like CGI. pm, are merely commonly used.
Some of them, such as the DBI family of modules used for interfacing with SQL databases, are nearly irreplaceable in their area of function ; others, such as the List :: Util module, are simply handy resources containing a few common functions.
Finally, the natural hierarchy of Perl module names ( such as " Apache :: DBI " or " Lingua :: EN :: Inflect ") can sometimes be used to browse modules in the CPAN.
CPAN module distributions usually have names in the form of CGI-Application-3. 1 ( where the :: used in the module's name has been replaced with a dash, and the version number has been appended to the name ), but this is only a convention ; many prominent distributions break the convention, especially those that contain multiple modules.
Even outside the Acme :: hierarchy, some modules are still written largely for amusement ; one example is Lingua :: Romana :: Perligata, which can be used to write Perl programs in a subset of Latin.
:: Sometime the term multi-database is used as a synonym to federated database, though it may refer to a less integrated ( e. g., without an FDBMS and a managed integrated schema ) group of databases that cooperate in a single application.
C ++ requires stating explicitly which parent class the feature to be used is invoked from i. e. " Worker :: Human. Age ".
AdvanceCOMP < tt > advdef </ tt > and Ken Silverman's PNGOUT and Glenn Randers-Pehrson's pngcrush and Image :: Pngslimmer employ DEFLATE compression algorithms that are more exhaustive and produce smaller files than the reference implementation, zlib, that is used by the other compressors.
xYzZY is used as the default boundary marker by the Perl HTTP :: Message module for multipart MIME messages, and was used in Apple's AtEase for workgroups as the default administrator password in the 1990s.
:: A type of network topology in which a network that is based upon the physical star topology has one or more repeaters between the central node ( the ' hub ' of the star ) and the peripheral or ' spoke ' nodes, the repeaters being used to extend the maximum transmission distance of the point-to-point links between the central node and the peripheral nodes beyond that which is supported by the transmitter power of the central node or beyond that which is supported by the standard upon which the physical layer of the physical star network is based.
:: Note: The physical fully connected mesh topology is generally too costly and complex for practical networks, although the topology is used when there are only a small number of nodes to be interconnected ( see Combinatorial explosion ).
:: students at Rutgers University built a 12-inch 1 MeV cyclotron as an undergraduate project, which is now used for a senior-level undergraduate and a graduate lab course.
:: Quick-look: A " quick look " analysis under the rule of reason may be used when " an observer with even a rudimentary understanding of economics could conclude that the arrangements in question would have an anticompetitive effect on customers and markets ," yet the violation is also not one considered illegal per se.
:: Located in Jalan Kianggeh the Lapau ( Royal Ceremonial Hall ) is used for royal traditional ceremonies.
:: Located away from on the banks of Sungei Brunei behind the department store Soon Lee Megamart at Mile One, Jalan Tutong, the Royal Mausoleum and the graveyard have been used by succeeding generations of sultans.
:: At first the name Baʿal was used by the Jews for their God without discrimination, but as the struggle between the two religions developed, the name Baʿal was given up in Judaism as a thing of shame, and even names like Jerubbaʿal were changed to Jerubbosheth: Hebrew bosheth means " shame ".
:: Construction depends on the material used.
:: used in 2 cantatas

:: and define
define method factorial ( n :: < integer >)
define method turn-blue ( w :: < window >)
In short MOF uses the notion of MOF :: Classes ( not to be confused with UML :: Classes ), as known from object orientation, to define concepts ( model elements ) on a metalayer.
:: The Department of Treasury found that Mr. Banister provided erroneous advice to taxpayers, including improperly advising them that tax returns were not required because IRS Code sections 861 through 856 define " source of income " in a manner that excluded the income of United States citizens residing in the United States from United States tax.
:: Use protocol classes to define public interfaces.

:: and way
:: An embedded database system is a DBMS which is tightly integrated with an application software that requires access to stored data in a way that the DBMS is “ hidden ” from the application ’ s end-user and requires little or no ongoing maintenance.
:: An unstructured-data database is intended to store in a manageable and protected way diverse objects that do not fit naturally and conveniently in common databases.
:: The Bird of Time has but a little way
:: Her the way it would turn an ' would leäd:
:: When Keen's babysitter Molly is abducted by the Bloogs, Keen must come to her rescue by fighting his way through the inhabitants of the planet Fribbulus Xax.
:: Many people draw the small loop over facing the wrong way at least half of the time.
:: For his advancement of our understanding of the complexity of computation in a significant and profound way.
:: Without undertaking to survey the intricacies of the ripeness doctrine it is fair to say that its basic rationale is to prevent the courts, through avoidance of premature adjudication, from entangling themselves in abstract disagreements over administrative policies, and also to protect the agencies from judicial interference until an administrative decision has been formalized and its effects felt in a concrete way by the challenging parties.
:: According to legend, Isabella of France and Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March famously plotted to murder Edward II of England in such a way as not to draw blame on themselves, sending a famous order in Latin which, depending on where the comma was inserted, could mean either " Do not be afraid to kill Edward ; it is good " or " Do not kill Edward ; it is good to fear ":
:: Example: We caution, however, that our analysis might have been different if Lanciloti had shown that anyone had been excluded from jury service by the way the boundaries had been drawn ( for example, to save the cost of reimbursing mileage ) or if he had been tried, over objection, before a jury drawn from a district other than where the crime was alleged to have been committed, or if the clear legislative purpose had not been to create a broader and more representative jury pool.
:: Example: To characterize the first element as a " distortion ," however, requires the concurrence to second-guess the way in which the state court resolved a plain conflict in the language of different statutes.
:: Love is nature's way of giving
:: Thus I began my ain way,
:: To loiter by the way.
:: When a character is unfortunate by reversal ( s ) of fortune ( peripeteia ), at first he suffers ( pathos ) and then he can realize ( anagnorisis ) the cause of his misery or a way to be released from the misery.
:: as a verb, " I hope that won't conflíct in any way.
:: An initial way to speak to you.
:: Along the way at a motorway service station, the group encounter a female student who hitch-hikes a lift to Leeds.
:: You've come a long way, baby
:: You've come a long, long way
:: but go thy way in,
:: And there's one sure way to know ;
:: Example: " Poa is the type genus of the family Poaceae " is another way of saying that the family name Poaceae is based on the generic name Poa.

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