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1 and Most
Most commercial uses of urethane foams require densities between 2 and 30 lb. / cu. ft. for rigid foams, between 1 and 3 lb. / cu. ft. for flexible foams.
( 1 ) Most of the realtors minimized their own understanding of and role in the racial issue, pleading that they only reflect the attitudes and intentions of their society.
* Most alcopops contain 1. 4 – 1. 5 units per bottle.
Most of the population () speaks German ( 477, 093 or 87. 1 %) as their first language, Italian is the second most common ( 17, 847 or 3. 3 %) and Serbo-Croatian is the third ( 10, 645 or 1. 9 %).
Most notable is the Diels – Alder reaction with 1, 3-dienes to give 1, 4-cyclohexadienes.
According to this view, though Mark has Jesus as the Son of God, references occurring at the strategic points in 1: 1 (" The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God ", but not in all versions, see Mark 1 ), 5: 7 (" What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?
The winners are listed ( 1 ) below in the section on " ALCS results ( 1969-present )", in the " Series MVP " column, ( 2 ) at League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award, and ( 3 ) on the MLB website.
Most plant and animal cells are between 1 and 100 µm and therefore are visible only under the microscope.
The paper published by Dr Sudhir Shah makes it clear that dozens of people had access to Hira Ratan Manek during the study and he went on at least one excursion: " Most surprisingly, he had himself climbed the famous Shatrunjay mountain ( Palitana hill ) on 4. 4. 01, on 401st day of his legendary fasting along with 500 fellowmen without anybody ’ s help, within 1. 5 Hrs.
Most single-walled nanotubes ( SWNT ) have a diameter of close to 1 nanometer, with a tube length that can be many millions of times longer.
Most of its ethnically and linguistically diverse population lives in the south, with densities ranging from 54 persons per square kilometers in the Logone River basin to 0. 1 persons in the northern B. E. T.
Most of the 1, 450 km road to the coast is now paved, only a short distance remains.
Most carbonate salts are insoluble in water at standard temperature and pressure, with solubility constants of less than 1 × 10 < sup >− 8 </ sup >.
Most casinos usually charge only $ 1 for a $ 25 green-chip bet ( 4 % commission ), or $ 2 for $ 50 ( two green chips ), reducing the house advantage a bit more.
Most canids bear young once a year, from 1 to 16 or more ( in the case of the African wild dog ) at a time.
Most crochet uses far less than 1 / 3 more yarn than knitting for comparable pieces, and a crocheter can get similar feel and drape to knitting by using a larger hook or thinner yarn.
Most branches of Christianity have historically held abortion to be generally wrong, referring to Old Testament passages such as Psalm 139 and Jeremiah 1, as well as New Testament passages concerning both Jesus and John the Baptist while they were in utero.
Most cubewanos are found between the 2: 3 orbital resonance with Neptune ( populated by plutinos ) and the 1: 2 resonance.
* Most Compactrons ranged in glass envelope diameter from 1 " to 2 " depending upon the internal configuration.

1 and legends
1 ) Every age rewrites the events of its history in terms of what should have been, creating legends about itself that rationalize contemporary beliefs and excuse contemporary actions.
Robert Charles Durman Mitchum ( August 6, 1917 – July 1, 1997 ) was an American film actor, author, composer and singer and is # 23 on the American Film Institute's list of the greatest male American screen legends of all time.
His portrait was on the obverse, with the legend " Maximiliano Emperador ;" the reverse shows the imperial arms and the legends " Imperio Mexicano " and " 1 Peso " and the date.
In 1480, Heinrich von Gundelfingen collected a number of local legends into a book called the Herkommen der Schwyzer und Oberhasler ( Traditions of the Schwyzer and Oberhasler ) which claimed that the land had been settled by 6, 000 Swedes and 1, 200 East Frisians after they rescued the Pope from a barbarian attack in 400 AD.
* Russian translations of Karachay-Balkar Nartic legends ( part 1 )
Josephus records him admitting to using " nameless oral tradition " ( 1. 105 ) and " myths and legends " ( 1. 229 ) into his account, and there is no reason to doubt this, as admissions of this type were common among historians of that era.
As she enumerates in her " Author's Note ", Fraser aims ( 1 ) to test the truth or falsehood of the many legends surrounding the subject ; and ( 2 ) to set Queen Mary in the context of the age in which she lived.
The mytho-poetical tradition of the Komi the word chud ' can also designate ( 1 ) Komi heroes and heathens ; ( 2 ) Old Believers ; ( 3 ) another people different from the Komi ; ( 4 ) robbers — the latter two are the typical legends in Sámi folklore.
Also called the Nimerigar, Native American legends, mainly the Shoshone tribe, speak of an aggressive race of " little people " which ranged in height from around 20 inches to 3 1 / 2 feet tall.
: Released as part of the first wave of movie legends toys, this 3 inch long Pontiac Solstice is 1 / 52 scale to the real vehicle.
The 18-year-old made his debut on 17 April 1982 in the 3 – 1 league win over Leeds United at Elland Road, a game which saw two Saints legends, Kevin Keegan ( 2 ) and David Armstrong, score the goals.
In the semi-final match against Chelsea legends, he scored a goal from the penalty spot, but that didn't save Fulham from losing 1 – 5.
It has one of the oldest Mosque in Tamil Nadu and has unique Islamic heritage more than 1, 000 year old. Some legends say that people from Arab countries like Syria migrated to kilakarai and some other villages in south India
* Devotional hymns and legends of holy places ( stotra / mahatmya ) 1, 360
Aside from the above-mentioned song about bagpipers needing to go to hell, according to János Manga ’ s article ‘ Hungarian Bagpipers ’ ( Acta ethnographica Academiæ Scientiarum Hungaricæ xiv ( 1 – 2 ): 1 – 97 ) there were many legends about bagpipes that could play themselves when hung from the wall on a nail or about pipers summoned to Witches ' Sabbaths to perform for satanic hosts.
The park contains over 1, 000 statues and 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes from Chinese folklore, legends, history and illustrations of various aspects of Confucianism.
He claimed that his venom was a result of snake bites from 1, 000 different species of snakes ( This echoes the Indian legends of Poison-Men or Women, specifically raised to kill by their kiss ) and his other powers evolved when he was treated with ashes of a dead ichchhadhaari snake.
" David Wood, in his book Genisis, likewise ascribes a deeper significance to the Paris meridian and takes it into account when trying to decipher the geometry of the myth-encrusted village of Rennes-le-Château: The meridian passes about 350 meters ( 1, 150 ft ) west of the site of the so-called " Poussin tomb ," an important location in the legends and esoteric theories relating to that place.

1 and are
All four types of message listed in Table 1 are permitted, although decorum and cocktail tradition require holding the commands to a minimum, while exclamations having complimentary intonations are more than customarily encouraged.
Of types of message listed in Table 1, commands and statements are the only ones sent through the vertical network shown in Figure 3.
If we are to believe the list of titles printed in Malraux's latest book, La Metamorphose Des Dieux, Vol. 1 ( ( 1957 ), he is still engaged in writing a large novel under his original title.
And if the foreigners fighting in the Katanga Army are mercenaries then Lafayette and Von Steuben were mercenaries too, as were also the members of the Lafayette Escadrille in the early part of World War 1, and of Chennault's Flying Tigers in the early days of World War 2.
The reasons are obvious: ( 1 ) the state is buying in quantity, and ( 2 ) it has no federal excise or state sales tax to pay.
Taxation of tangible movable property in Rhode Island has been generally of a `` hands off '' nature due possibly to several reasons: ( 1 ) local assessors, in the main, are not well paid and have inadequate office staffs, ( 2 ) the numerous categories of this component of personal property make locating extremely difficult, and ( 3 ) the inexperience of the majority of assessors in evaluating this type of property.
Among the many problems in the taxing of personal property, and of movable tangible property in particular, two are significant: ( 1 ) situs, ( 2 ) fair and equitable assessment of value.
Since accurate base maps are necessary for any planning program, the first step taken by the planning division to implement the long-range state plan has been to prepare two series of base maps -- one at a scale of 1 inch to a mile, and the second a series of 26 sheets at a scale of 1 inch to 2000 feet, covering the entire state.
The mapping of important physical features such as slopes and types of soil and the collection of all available information pertaining to public utility service areas are being conducted as staff projects and, like the other two inventory projects, are scheduled for completion July 1, 1961.
Included in the findings are: 1.
The adjustments needed to establish a uniform and coordinated fiscal tax collection year calendar throughout Rhode Island, based on a July 1 to June 30 year, are shown below.
Six cities and towns are presently on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year and have coordinated their tax collection year with it.
Six cities and towns are now on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year and will need only to adjust their tax collection year calendar to establish uniformity.
Assuming an adjustment to the July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, the required adjustment of the tax collection years and the towns involved are shown in Table 3.
There are hereby created in the Treasury of the United States ( 1 ) a special fund to be known as the Yugoslav Claims Fund ; ;
The following steps are employed in calculations: 1.
The following steps are employed in the calculations: 1.
Important considerations common to each type of shelter are: 1.
We have concluded that petitioner's claims are controlled by the rationale of Gonzales v. United States, 348 U.S. 407 ( 1955 ), and United States v. Nugent, 346 U.S. 1 ( 1953 ), and therefore affirm the judgment.
The wildlife habitat management proposals for the 10-year period are: 1.
Program proposals for forest development roads and trails for the 10-year period 1963-1972 are as follows: 1.
The two Governments agree that the issuance of purchase authorizations for wheat and rice providing for purchase after June 30, 1961, shall be dependent upon the determination by the United States Government that these commodities are in surplus supply and available under Title 1, of the Act at that time.

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