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1 and PARA
Major General Robert Ford, then Commander of Land Forces in Northern Ireland, ordered that 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment ( 1 PARA ) should travel to Derry to be used to arrest possible rioters during the march.
The report concluded, " The firing by soldiers of 1 PARA on Bloody Sunday caused the deaths of 13 people and injury to a similar number, none of whom was posing a threat of causing death or serious injury.
A patrol of 1 PARA were ambushed at the same time but were successfully extracted from the area.
The report stated, " The firing by soldiers of 1 PARA on Bloody Sunday caused the deaths of 13 people and injury to a similar number, none of whom was posing a threat of causing death or serious injury ," and also said, " The immediate responsibility for the deaths and injuries on Bloody Sunday lies with those members of Support Company whose unjustifiable firing was the cause of those deaths and injuries.

1 and arrived
Pierre-Simon Laplace and Antoine Lavoisier, in their 1780 treatise on heat, arrived at values ranging from 1, 500 to 3, 000 below the freezing-point of water, and thought that in any case it must be at least 600 below.
He finally arrived at Algeciras on 1 June 914.
When Nelson's fleet arrived off Egypt on 1 August and discovered Brueys's dispositions, he ordered an immediate attack, and his ships advanced on the French line.
Scholars speculate that the total Araucanian population may have numbered 1 million at most when the Spaniards arrived in the 1530s ; a century of European conquest and disease reduced that number by at least half.
Some 2. 1 million tourists arrived in the country in 1999, not including visiting Dominicans.
The first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island was Annie Moore, a 15-year-old girl from Cork, Ireland, who arrived on the ship Nevada on January 1, 1892.
The British commander, Lowe, worked slowly, unsure of the size of the force he was up against, and with only 1, 269 troops in the city when he arrived from the Curragh Camp in the early hours of Tuesday 25 April.
The Guatemalan region of Mesoamerica was dominated by the Maya civilization ( 2, 000 BC – AD 250 ), before the Spanish arrived in the 16th century ; although most of the great, Classic-era ( AD 250 – 900 ) Maya cities of the Petén Basin region, in the northern lowlands of Guatemala, had been abandoned by the year AD 1, 000 ; however, the states in the Guatemalan central highlands, flourished until the arrival of Pedro de Alvarado, the Spanish Conquistador who began subjugating the Indian states of Guatemala in 1525.
As a vanguard of the official U. N. force, a force of about 1, 000 U. S. Marines arrived in Haiti within the day, and Canadian and French troops arrived the next morning ; the United Nations indicated it would send a team to assess the situation within days.
Windows NT 3. 1 ( Microsoft marketing wanted Windows NT to appear to be a continuation of Windows 3. 1 ) arrived in Beta form to developers at the July 1992 Professional Developers Conference in San Francisco.
European colonization of the island began earnestly the following year, when 1, 300 men arrived from Spain under the watch of Bartolomeo Columbus.
On the early morning hours of 1 March 1953, after an all-night dinner and a movie Stalin arrived at his Kuntsevo residence some 15 km west of Moscow centre with interior minister Lavrentiy Beria and future premiers Georgy Malenkov, Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev where he retired to his bedroom to sleep.
On August 31, Mihdhar closed an account at Hudson United Bank in New Jersey, having opened the account when he arrived in July, and was with Hanjour when he made a withdrawal from an ATM in Paterson on September 1.
After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, thousands of Biharis and Bengalis from Bangladesh arrived in the city, and today Karachi is home to 1 to 2 million ethnic Bengalis from Bangladesh ( see Bangladeshis in Pakistan ), many of whom migrated in the 1980s and 1990s.
On 20 May 1932 Baba arrived in New York and provided the press with a 1, 000-word written statement, which was described by devotee Quentin Tod as his Message to America.
To seal the merger, Rozelle arrived in New Orleans within a week, and announced on November 1, 1966 that the NFL officially had awarded the city of New Orleans an NFL franchise.
Murray had American philologist and liberal-arts-college professor Francis March manage the collection in North America ; 1, 000 quotation slips arrived daily to the Scriptorium, and by 1882, there were 3, 500, 000.
Pedrarias arrived in June 1514 with a 22 vessel, 1, 500 men armada.
Studies of bacteria frozen in Antarctic glaciers have shown that DNA has a half-life of 1. 1 million years under such conditions, suggesting that while life may have potentially moved around within the Solar System it is unlikely that it could have arrived from an interstellar source.
The U-Bahn arrived first, from the south ; begun on 10 September 1896, it opened on 18 February 1902, with a new and better sited station being provided on 29 September 1907, and the line itself being extended north and east on 1 October 1908.
On June 1, Clyde Sukeforth, a coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates, arrived in Richmond, where the Royals were about to start a 5-game series.

1 and Derry
Derry Brownson, formerly of the band EMF is frequently seen around town and helps run a music studio in the town called Yard 1 studios.
The Township of Derry was incorporated on August 1, 1729, when Lancaster County divided the territory for tax purposes.
Beginning on Rockingham Road in Derry, travel east on Lawrence Road for approximately 1 / 2 mile.
A group was formed by university-based activists including Bernadette Devlin and Michael Farrell, named People's Democracy, which began a four-day march from Belfast to Derry on 1 January 1969.
A 1 / 4 mile paved racetrack, the Hudson Speedway, lies near the northern edge of town by the intersection of Old Derry Road and Robinson Road.
Frederick Augustus Hervey, 4th Earl of Bristol, PC ( 1 August 1730 – 8 July 1803 ), known as The Earl-Bishop, was Bishop of Cloyne from 1767 to 1768 and Bishop of Derry from 1768 to 1803.
Approximately 1, 000 pounds of explosives contained within Gillespie's vehicle was detonated remotely when it reached the permanent checkpoint on Buncrana Road, near Derry, wounding many and killing Lance-Corporal Burrows and Kingsmen Beecham, Scott, Sweeney and Worrall.
Whilst in London one platoon was detached to 1 KINGS OWN BORDER in Derry whilst two platoons were attached from the newly formed The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment, abbreviated PWRR.
* Country Life, 1 July 1999, profile, with a photo by Derry Moore.
John Derry joined Zimmer and Hedges during the release cycle of Painter 1. 2.
2006 saw a change in fortunes for Shelbourne, with ' The Reds ' winning the title on the last day of the season on goal difference from Derry City, they also managed to reach the Intertoto Cup semi-finals in the Northern Region after beating Lithuanian club FK Vėtra 5 – 0 on aggregate, the largest victory in European Competition's for Shelbourne, but they were knocked out of the competition by Danish side Odense BK 3 – 1 on aggregate, ' The Reds ' had been beaten 3 – 0 in the first leg at Fionia Park in Odense but earned a very respectable 1 – 0 win at Tolka Park, remaining undefeated at home in Europe for 8 games, an Irish record.
File :( 1 ) _Derry ( former home of May Gibbs ) 1. jpg | Derry, home of May Gibbs before she lived at Nutcote
The Roof Gardens ( formerly known as Derry and Toms Roof Gardens and Kensington Roof Gardens ) is a roof garden covering 6, 000 m² ( 1. 5 acres ) on top of the former Derry and Toms building on Kensington High Street, in central London, in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.
A force of about 1, 200 Scottish Catholic " Redshanks " then set out for Derry.
In October 2006, the Irish government announced it was funding infrastructure costing € 1 billion in Northern Ireland, and one possible project to be funded is the upgrading of the A5 Derry – Omagh – Aughnacloy road to motorway standard for a distance of.
The station broadcasts from BBC's Northland Road studios on 93. 1 FM and 792 MW in Derry, County Londonderry.
However, Derry won the game 2 – 1 on aggregate after extra-time at the Brandywell and remained in the top-flight, avoiding further damage.
By the end of October 2010 Derry had clinched the First Division title and with it, promotion back to the premier division after winning 1 – 0 away at Monaghan United in the last game of the season.
Derry City's first game at the Brandywell was a 2 – 1 loss to Glentoran on 22 August 1929.
The game was broadcast on RTÉ's Network 2 and finished 11 with Gary Beckett scoring for Derry.

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