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; and 1945
But since 1945, Sam Spade has undergone a metamorphosis ; ;
The discovery of americium and curium in 1944 was closely related to the Manhattan Project ; the results were confidential and declassified only in 1945.
* 1945 – U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies while in office ; vice-president Harry Truman is sworn in as the 33rd President.
Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Höss was overall commandant of the Auschwitz complex from May 1940 – November 1943 ; Obersturmbannführer Arthur Liebehenschel from November 1943 – May 1944 ; and Sturmbannführer Richard Baer from May 1944 – January 1945.
His many plays included Nobody's Widow ( 1910 ), starring Blanche Bates ; Fair and Warmer ( 1915 ), starring Madge Kennedy ( filmed in 1919 ); The Gold Diggers ( 1919 ), starring Ina Claire ( filmed in 1923 as The Gold Diggers, in 1928 as Gold Diggers of Broadway and also as Gold Diggers of 1933 ); Ladies ' Night, 1920, starring Charlie Ruggles ( filmed in 1928 ); the famous mystery play The Bat ( with Mary Roberts Rinehart ), 1920 ( filmed in 1926, 1930 and 1959 ); Getting Gertie's Garter ( with Wilson Collison ), 1921, starring Hazel Dawn ( filmed in 1927 and 1945 ); The Demi-Virgin, 1921, also starring Hazel Dawn ; The Alarm Clock, 1923 ; The Best People ( with David Gray ), 1924 ( filmed in 1925 and as Fast and Loose in 1930 ), the song-farce Naughty Cinderella, 1925, starring Irene Bordoni and The Garden of Eden in 1927 ( filmed in as 1928 ).
* 1945 – The Nazi occupation army surrenders and leaves Northern Italy after a general partisan insurrection by the Italian resistance movement ; the puppet fascist regime dissolves and Benito Mussolini tries to escape.
After 1945 the tribal paradigm lost its grip on anthropology ; the " three-tribes-theme " was also fundamentally questioned and slowly faded away.
He managed to beat Eversharp to market in late 1945 ; the first ballpoint pens went on sale at Gimbels department store in New York City on 29 October 1945 for US $ 9. 75 each.
Béla Viktor János Bartók (; ; March 25, 1881 – September 26, 1945 ) was a Hungarian composer and pianist.
Meanwhile, the Browns unexpectedly had Cleveland to themselves ; the NFL's Cleveland Rams, who had continually lost money despite winning the 1945 NFL championship, moved to Los Angeles after that season.
The U. S. Army's last horse cavalry actions were fought during World War II: a ) by the 26th Cavalry Regiment ( PS ) in World War II a small mounted regiment of Philippine Scouts which fought the Japanese during the retreat down the Bataan peninsula, until it was effectively destroyed by January 1942 ; and b ) on captured German horses by the mounted reconnaissance section of the U. S. 10th Mountain Division in a spearhead pursuit of the German Army across the Po Valley in Italy in April 1945.
Included in that collection were “ Judgment Night ” ( first published in August and September, 1943 ), the lush rendering of a future galactic empire with a sober meditation on the nature of power and its inevitable loss ; “ The Code ” ( July, 1945 ), an homage to the classic Faust with modern theories and Lovecraftian dread ; “ Promised Land ” ( February, 1950 ) and “ Heir Apparent ” ( July, 1950 ) both documenting the grim twisting that mankind must undergo in order to spread into the solar system ; and “ Paradise Street ” ( September, 1950 ), a futuristic take on the Old West conflict between lone hunter and wilderness-taming settlers.
Clara Petacci ( born Claretta Petacci ; 28 February 1912 – 28 April 1945 ) was the mistress of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who was twenty-eight years her senior.
Among notable recipients below flag rank are: X-1 test pilot Chuck Yeager and X-15 test pilot Robert M. White, who both received the DSM as U. S. Air Force majors ; Air Force Major Rudolf Anderson, the U-2 pilot shot down during the Cuban Missile Crisis ; director Frank Capra, decorated in 1945 as an Army colonel ; actor James Stewart, decorated in 1945 as an Army Air Forces colonel ( later Air Force Brigadier General ); Col. Wendell Fertig, who led Filipino guerrillas behind Japanese lines ; Col. ( later Major General ) John K. Singlaub, who led partisan forces in the Korean War ; and Maj. Maude C. Davison, who led the " Angels of Bataan and Corregidor " during their imprisonment by the Japanese, and Colonel William S. Taylor, Program Manager Multiple Launch Rocket System.

; and Vannevar
However, according to Nelson, the concept of transclusion had already formed part of his 1965 description of hypertext ; he also interprets the notion of " trails " in Vannevar Bush's 1945 essay As We May Think as describing transclusion rather than hyperlinks.
Vannevar Bush ( ; March 11, 1890 – June 28, 1974 ) was an American engineer, inventor and science administrator known for his work on analog computers, for his role as an initiator and administrator of the Manhattan Project, for founding Raytheon, and for the memex, an adjustable microfilm viewer with a structure analogous to that of the World Wide Web.
; Vannevar Bush's Approach:
Following ideas inspired by Vannevar Bush's famous 1945 article " As We May Think ", Garfield undertook the development of a comprehensive citation index showing the propagation of scientific thinking ; he started the Institute for Scientific Information in 1955.
The other members were: James F. Byrnes, former US Senator and soon to be Secretary of State, as President Truman's personal representative ; Ralph A. Bard, Under Secretary of the Navy ; William L. Clayton, Assistant Secretary of State ; Vannevar Bush, Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development and president of the Carnegie Institution ; Karl T. Compton, Chief of the Office of Field Service in the Office of Scientific Research and Development and president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology ; James B. Conant, Chairman of the National Defense Research Committee and president of Harvard University ; and George L. Harrison, an assistant to Stimson and president of the New York Life Insurance Company.
Seated, left-to-right: Brigadier General George V. Strong, James B. Conant, Vannevar Bush, Richard C. Tolman, Frank B. Jewett ; standing: Karl T. Compton, Irvin Stewart, and Rear Admiral Harold G. Bowen.
The original eight members of the NDRC were: Vannevar Bush, President of the Carnegie Institution ( Chairman ); Rear Admiral Harold G. Bowen ; Conway P. Coe, Commissioner of Patents ; Karl Compton, President of MIT ; James B. Conant, President of Harvard University ; Frank B. Jewett, President of the National Academy of Sciences and President of Bell Telephone Laboratories ; Brigadier General George V. Strong ; and Richard C. Tolman, Professor of Physical Chemistry and Mathematical Physics at California Institute of Technology.

; and Bush
Such an anagram may be a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, or praise ; e. g. George Bush = He bugs Gore ; Madonna Louise Ciccone = Occasional nude income or One cool dance musician ; William Shakespeare = I am a weakish speller, Roger Meddows Taylor = Great words or melody.
Clinton won the 1992 presidential election ( 43. 0 % of the vote ) against Republican incumbent George H. W. Bush ( 37. 4 % of the vote ) and billionaire populist Ross Perot, who ran as an independent ( 18. 9 % of the vote ) on a platform focusing on domestic issues ; a significant part of Clinton's success was Bush's steep decline in public approval.
The first came in an accusation by former United States Secretary of State Colin Powell's chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, who claimed that the Bush administration's foreign policy was run by a " Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal " implying a sinister intent ;
At present, there are five living former first ladies: Rosalynn Carter, wife of Jimmy Carter ; Nancy Reagan, widow of Ronald Reagan ; Barbara Bush, wife of George H. W. Bush ; current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton ; and Laura Bush, wife of George W. Bush.
Lady Bird Johnson pioneered environmental protection and beautification ; Pat Nixon encouraged volunteerism and traveled extensively abroad ; Betty Ford supported women's rights ; Rosalynn Carter aided those with mental disabilities ; Nancy Reagan founded the Just Say No drug awareness campaign ; Barbara Bush promoted literacy ; Hillary Rodham Clinton sought to reform the healthcare system in the U. S .; and Laura Bush supported women's ' rights groups and encouraged childhood literacy.

; and
The species that gains the electron pair is the Lewis acid ; for example, the oxygen atom in H < sub > 3 </ sub > O < sup >+</ sup > gains a pair of electrons when one of the H O bonds is broken and the electrons shared in the bond become localized on oxygen.
" We never challenged the expulsions themselves ; we challenged the way they were being conducted all the beating of people and looting their goods, even sometimes their clothes ," Mende said.
Architecture is often included as one of the visual arts ; however, like the decorative arts, it creates objects where the practical considerations of use are essential in a way that they are usually not for a painting, for example.
Andy Warhol had two older brothers Pavol ( Paul ), the oldest, was born in Slovakia ; Ján was born in Pittsburgh.
" The Old Testament is responsible for more atheism, agnosticism, disbelief call it what you will than any book ever written ; it has emptied more churches than all the counter-attractions of cinema, motor bicycle and golf course.
Until independence, Armenia's economy was based largely on industry chemicals, electronic products, machinery, processed food, synthetic rubber and textiles ; it was highly dependent on outside resources.
The expectation of obtaining these sinecures drew young men towards the church in considerable numbers, and the class of abbés so formed abbés de cour they were sometimes called, and sometimes ( ironically ) abbés de sainte espérance, ( abbés of holy hope ; or the pun, of St. Hope )— came to hold a recognized position.
The 2 exceptions are the " non-standard " or " non-canonical " pyrrolysine found only in some methanogenic organisms but not humans and selenocysteine ; both of these are encoded via variant codons signaled by mRNA instead.
They receive the vows of the nuns of the abbey ; they may admit candidates to their order's novitiate ; they may send them to study ; and they may send them to do pastoral and / or missionary work and / or assist to the extent allowed by canon and civil law in the administration and ministry of a parish or diocese ( these activities could be inside or outside the community's territory ).
Under Ambrose's major influence, emperors Gratian, Valentinian II and Theodosius I carried on a persecution of Paganism .< ref name = " MacMullen1984p100 "> MacMullen ( 1984 ) p. 100: ‘ The law of June 391, issued by Theodosius [...] was issued from Milan and represented the will of its bishop, Ambrose ; for Theodosius recently excommunicated by Ambrose, penitent, and very much under his influence < sup > 43 </ sup > was no natural zealot.
Similar to the view of Leopold Kronecker that " God made the integers ; all else is the work of man ," musicians drawn to the alphorn and other instruments that sound the natural harmonics, such as the natural horn, consider the notes of the natural harmonic series particularly the 7th and 11th harmonics to be God's Notes, the remainder of the chromatic scale enabled by keys, valves, slides and other methods of changing the qualities of the simple open pipe being an artifact of mere mortals.
As Alcott had published earlier, " Our wine is water, flesh, bread ; drugs, fruits.
An acropolis (; akros, akron, edge, extremity + polis, city ; plural: acropoleis or acropolises ) is a settlement, especially a citadel, built upon an area of elevated ground frequently a hill with precipitous sides, chosen for purposes of defense.
However, Sargon took this process further, conquering many of the surrounding regions to create an empire that reached westward as far as the Mediterranean Sea and perhaps Cyprus ( Kaptara ); northward as far as the mountains ( a later Hittite text asserts he fought the Hattite king Nurdaggal of Burushanda, well into Anatolia ); eastward over Elam ; and as far south as Magan ( Oman ) a region over which he reigned for purportedly 56 years, though only four " year-names " survive.
Some have suggested that this was Sargon's original employment for the king of Kish, giving him experience in effectively organising large groups of men ; a tablet reads, " Sargon, the king, to whom Enlil permitted no rival 5, 400 warriors ate bread daily before him ".

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