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1980's and is
This album marked the first time Stonehill and Norman appeared together on a recording since 1980's The Sky is Falling.
The university is located on on what used to be known as the Columbia Point peninsula in the City of Boston, Massachusetts, United States but became known as Harbor Point in the 1980's after development.
Mount Rainier is home to the alternative folk music duo Emma's Revolution and Joe Brewer, lead singer of the rock band / owner of Brewer's Arcade which is a museum quality private collection featuring vintage 1980's era classic arcade and pinball machines.
The pair is well known for their near-obsessive perfectionism in the recording studio, the most extreme example being that Becker and Fagen used at least 42 different studio musicians, 11 engineers, and took over a year to record the tracks that resulted in 1980's Gaucho — an album that contains only seven songs.
This film is loosely based on the pension fund scandal in the St. Louis Police Department in the late 1980's and early 1990's.
Rarely the killer is a woman ; a notable example is 1980's Friday the 13th where Jason's mother, Mrs. Voorhees, was the original killer.
Because the two main singers in Rockpile had recording contracts with different record labels and managers, albums were always credited to either Lowe or Edmunds, so there is only one official Rockpile album, which was not released until the waning days of the collaboration: 1980's Seconds of Pleasure, featuring the Lowe songs " When I Write The Book " and " Heart ".
Based on the existing historical texts and the archaeological iconographic materials discovered since the 1980's, particularly the first-century Buddhist manuscripts recently found in Afghanistan, the commentator believes that the most plausible theory is that Buddhism started from the Greater Yuezhi of northwest India ( present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan ) and took the land roads to reach Han China.
From its origins in the fur trade, the Hudson's Bay Company is the oldest corporation in North America and was the largest department store operator in Canada until around mid 1980's, with locations across the country.
There is also growing anecdotal evidence that the decision in the early 1980's to shift rearing operations of sport fish ( walleye and muskellunge ) from traditional man-made structures to existing shallow water basins in midwestern states ( Minnesota especially ) decimated the invertebrate populations formerly used by migrating hens for forage.
This term is also used within the Godzilla and Gamera film franchises to refer to the films in each series produced during this time, with the Showa Godzilla series lasting from 1954's Godzilla to 1975's Terror of Mechagodzilla and the Showa Gamera series from 1965's Gamera to 1980's Gamera: Super Monster.
The result is a 3. 5 km strip of urban development that mainly acts as a commuter base for Sheffield, Rotherham and Worksop, although with closure of coal and then stell industries, the area has saw a rapid decline in the late 1980's and early 1990's and despite steady growth, still boasted the highest level of unemployment in the UK in 2001.
The WI closed in the 1980's, the hall is now used as a daycare and a community centre.
Indian presence in Sri Lanka was generally welcomed by public in Sri Lanka, except Indian Intervention in 1980's which is considered as a diplomatic blunder in Indo Sri Lankan relation.
Since start of the big tourist boom in the 1980's the whole region is captured by tourism.
Coleman's fate in these types of roles was cemented with roles such as that of Franklin Hart, Jr. in 1980's 9 to 5, a sexist boss whose murder is fantasized about by his office employees ( Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin ).
The original music was the opening bars of " Overture " from Rush's 2112, whereas the current theme song is an interpolation of Pigbag's " Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag ". Pigbag's " Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag " was also used as the show's theme during the early 1980's.
Lake Lure celebrated its Dirty Dancing legacy in the 1980's with the Dirty Dancing Revue featuring the A-Lure Dancers, legendary soul singer Maurice Williams who is best remembered for his Dirty Dancing hit " Stay ", and Billy Scott and the Party Prophets.
Mitsubishi's entry in the lucrative Japanese grand tourer class in the 1980's, the Starion is considered to be one of the originators of the modern Japanese turbocharged performance automobile genre, and the first to use electronic fuel injection.
All that is left on the lands is the extension area used till 1980's by ' live in ' students of the Ard Lughaidh, however this is now under the Donegal Adventure Centre ownership.
The Very Best of Chicago: Only the Beginning is notable for combining almost all of Chicago's greatest successes from their entire recording career up to that point, excerpting material from all of their regular studio albums with the exception of 1979's Chicago 13 and 1980's Chicago XIV.

1980's and considered
They are seen as one of the most influential punk acts of 1980's and are considered one of the pioneers of modern day pop punk, skate punk, and even melodic hardcore.
Prior to the 1980's, Marche was considered a rather poor region, although economically stable in some sectors, thanks particularly to its agricultural output and to the contribution of traditional crafts.
Once they agreed to Foster producing their new album ( The band had considered him for 1980's Chicago XIV ), Foster radically redefined Chicago's sound for the 1980s, with all of the latest technologies and techniques and introducing the significant use of outside songwriters and studio players.
It is now generally considered to be a safe seat for the Labour Party, who won the seat with large majorities in the 1990's and 2000's, although this was not the case in the 1980's when the Conservative Party came close to winning the seat.

1980's and by
1980's Remain in Light, heavily influenced by the afrobeat of Nigerian bandleader Fela Kuti, to whose music Eno had introduced the band, explored West African polyrhythms, weaving these together with Arabic music from North Africa, disco funk, and ' found ' voices.
1980's Breaker Morant starring Jack Thompson and Bryan Brown dramatised the controversial trial of an Australian soldier during the Boer War and was followed by 1981's World War I drama Gallipoli directed by Peter Weir and starring Mel Gibson.
* Early 1980's: Sipson Farm's farm buildings were demolished and replaced by a street called Russell Gardens.
Until 1980's very few books in these genres were written, and even fewer were published, although earlier books, such as by Gogol, were not banned.
Tomlin soon had the greatest hit of her film career with 1980's Nine to Five in which she played a secretary named Violet Newstead who joins coworkers Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton in seeking revenge on their monstrous boss, Franklin M. Hart, Jr., played by Dabney Coleman.
Their number one hit in 1980's " Celebration ", from Celebrate !, co-produced by Eumir Deodato.
The first album, 1980's The Return of the Durutti Column ( title inspired by a 1967 Situationist International poster that includes that phrase ), was produced by Martin Hannett.
* Uzi ( band ), a 1980's band fronted by Thalia Zedek
* A New Zealand version was broadcast in the 1980's, hosted by Peter Sinclair.
1980's The Up Escalator was Parker's highest-charting album in the UK and featured production by Jimmy Iovine and guest vocals from Bruce Springsteen.
* Asteroidal Gravity Optical and Radar Analysis ( AGORA ), a planned spaceprobe by ESA in 1980's
Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks have often been mentioned as the starters of the Hollywood's glam-rock scene, which was then adopted and developed by many 1980's glam -, punk -, and hard rock bands like Mötley Crüe, Jetboy, LA Guns and Poison.
Her next album, 1980's Love Has No Reason ( No. 17 Country ), was produced by Larry Butler who helmed many of Kenny Rogers ' records during the late 1970s.
His personal exhaustion was exacerbated by commercial pressures and the complicated recording process surrounding the final release of Steely Dan's initial career, 1980's Gaucho, leading the duo to suspend their partnership in June 1981.
After the 1980's, detailed genetic evidence analysed by phylogenetic methods became available and while confirmed or clarified some relationships in existing classification systems, it radically changed others.
During the late 1980's Mindsape was unique in the software entertainment arena by establishing a global network.
It was produced by Casio in the mid 1980's as the DH-100 ( silver ) or DH-200 ( black ).
The ward was dominated by the Labour Party between the mid 1980's to 2007 and sent three Labour councillors to Birmingham City Council.
until the early 1990s ; At least 2 series 400 arrived, one residing at Hawthorn Melbourne for many years before residing in Ballarat VIC during late 1970s through 1980's ; At least one Series 500 ( standard car ) arrived in Australia, it was raced by the Parammatta Aurea Mechanic ( in standard form ) in the first, and several successive Warrick Farm ( Sydney ) raceway events.

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