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2nd and Overall
* Kristyn Sandberg-Softball Player ; Drafted 2nd Round, 5th Overall in 2012 NPF Draft
* 1979 Mr. Olympia-IFBB, HeavyWeight ( over 200 pounds ) 1st, Overall 2nd
2nd Place-The Daily Californian, Best Overall Design
2nd place, Overall Design
The awards show hands out eight awards: Best Fight, Best Fire Stunt, Best High Work, Best Overall Stunt by a Stunt Man, Best Overall Stunt by a Stunt Woman, Best Speciality Stunt, Best Work with a Vehicle and Best Stunt Coordinator and / or 2nd Unit Director.
: 2nd Overall Tour de l ' Eurometropole
: 2nd, Overall, Giro d ' Italia
: 2nd Overall, Giro del Trentino
: 2nd Overall, Tirreno – Adriatico
: 1st mountains classification, 2nd Overall, Giro d ' Italia ( and stage 20 win )
: 2nd Overall, Tour de France ( Combativity award and stage 18 win )
: 2nd, Overall, Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré
: 2nd Overall Deutschland Tour
: 2nd Overall Tour de Wallonie
: 2nd Overall Tour de Georgia
: 2nd Overall Tour of the Gila
: 2nd Overall Tour de Romandie
: 2nd Overall GP du Midi-Libre
: 2nd Overall Tour de Suisse
: 2nd Overall Tour de France
: 2nd Overall Giro d ' Italia
She finished the Grand Prix season in 2nd place in the Woman's Overall competition.
Overall, areas not accessible to guests have remained the same as they were during the time of Nickelodeon, including the wall murals in the main hallway ( a picture of a Nickelodeon Weinerville taping with faces blurred out ), 2nd floor tube ( Blue's Clues ), 2nd floor hallway by the elevator ( SpongeBob SquarePants ), 2nd floor hallway ( original Nickelodeon Studios Mural ), the guest escalator, which is now closed off by storage and a temporary wall that makes a rehearsal area ( The Wild Thornberrys ).

2nd and Japan
As of 2010, Japan possesses 13. 7 % of the world's private financial assets ( the 2nd largest in the world ) at an estimated $ 14. 6 trillion.
In November 1974, he received orders to report to the 3rd Marine Division at MCB Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan, where he served as the commander of Company H, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, until December 1975.
" Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan 2nd ser.
* 2nd International Symposium on Mixed Reality ( ISMR ' 01 ), Yokohama, Japan, March 2001.
* 2nd International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality ( ISMAR 2003 ), Tokyo, Japan, October 2003.
The test weapon was of the same magnitude as the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in the 2nd World War, ( confirmed South Korea and Russia ).
* Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star ( 2nd class ) ( Japan, 2003 )
The Mongols, who controlled China at the time under the Yuan Dynasty, attempted to invade Japan twice in the 13th century, marking the key military events of the Kamakura period, and two of the very few invasion attempts upon Japan in the 2nd millennium.
* 1964: 13th International Stoke Mandeville Games for the Paralysed, Tokyo, Japan – later known as the 2nd Paralympic Games
Upon his return to Japan, he was assigned to the Imperial Japanese Army General Staff Headquarters and eventually rose to the rank of major general, having successively served as commander of the 5th Infantry Brigade ( 1930 – 1934 ), the IJA 4th Division ( 1934 – 1937 ), and after the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service ( 1937 – 1938 ), and the IJA 2nd Army stationed in China from 1938 – 1939.
He served as Secretary to Garter Mission, Japan, in 1906, as 2nd Secretary at Tokyo, Japan, between 1908 and 1910, as 2nd Secretary at Sofia, Bulgaria in 1911, as 1st Secretary at Peking in 1916, as Acting British High Commissioner in Siberia in 1920 and as British Minister to China between 1926 and 1933.
After qualifying 8th in Japan, Räikkönen finished 2nd while Michael Schumacher just slipped into the points to win his 6th World Championship.
was the 2nd shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who reigned from 1358 to 1367 during the Muromachi period of Japan.
For the pioneering, introduction, and implementation of Kaizen in Japan, the Emperor of Japan awarded the 2nd Order Medal of the Sacred Treasure to Dr. Deming in 1960.
Eduniversal ranked Hokkaido as 2nd in the rankings of " Excellent Business Schools nationally strong and / or with continental links " in Japan.
She was elected to the House of Representatives, the lower house of the Diet, as a member of the Japan Socialist Party ( JSP ) in 1969, representing the 2nd district of Hyōgo.
According to the Asia Top MBA Business Schools Ranking by Asiaweek, Waseda Business School is ranked 2nd in Japan.
Eduniversal also ranked Japanese business schools and Waseda is 2nd in Japan ( 93rd in the world ).
The university is also ranked 2nd in Japan for the number of alumni holding the position of executive in the listed companies of Japan.

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