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1993 and compilation
* 1993, The Rediscovery of Man ( definitive & complete compilation of short science fiction writings )
In addition to the original albums, two compilation albums have been released: Double Hipness ( 2000 ), a collection of early tracks with the 1993 reunion demos ; and Singles ( 2004 ), an extended version of Popera-The Singles Collection which caught up with post-1990 material and included the cover of Bowie's " Boys Keep Swinging ".
To date, Akiko has released 27 original albums, of which 3 albums were released by Nonesuch Records: AKIKO YANO, a compilation album selected by Robert Hurwitz and John Zorn ( 1990 ), LOVE LIFE ( 1993 ) and PIANO NIGHTLY ( 1996 ).
A Simon & Garfunkel reunion took place in 1993, and in another attempt to capitalize on the occasion, Columbia released Paul Simon 1964 / 1993 in September, a three-disc compilation that received a reduced version on the two-disc album The Paul Simon Anthology one month later.
After two failed attempts in 1990 and 1991, Warner Bros. finally released a greatest hits compilation with the three-disc The Hits / The B-Sides in 1993.
Another compilation album, The Best of Van Morrison Volume Two was released in January 1993, followed by Too Long in Exile in June, another top five chart success.
The term IDM is said to have originated in the United States in 1993 with the formation of the IDM list, an electronic mailing list originally chartered for the discussion of music by ( but not limited to ) a number of prominent English artists, especially those appearing on a 1992 Warp Records compilation called Artificial Intelligence.
* Stories, 1993 compilation, with 3 new tracks produced by Terry Scott Taylor
In 1993, Nintendo released an enhanced SNES compilation titled Super Mario All-Stars.
The original version appears on the We Are the World album, while the video version was released in 1993 on Prince's compilation The Hits / The B-Sides.
In 1994, the band released the album No Come Down, a compilation of b-sides plus a live version of " Gravity Grave " performed at Glastonbury Festival in 1993.
In late 1992, a remix of " Temptation " reached Number 4 and was followed by the compilation album Higher and Higher The Best of Heaven 17 in 1993.
Camper Vantiquities, a compilation album packaging the Vampire Can Mating Oven EP with outtakes, demos, and rarities, was compiled by several members and released in 1993.
* Camper Vantiquities ( 1993 ) rarities compilation
The single was recorded to promote the " greatest hits " compilation, A Slight Case of Overbombing ( 1993 ).
( 1993 ) Airborne Weapons: A Defence Handbook: A compilation of articles from Defence magazine over the last five years, charting the development of Airborne Weapons since 1987 Cardiff Publishing Company, Englewood, Colorado, ISBN 1-881289-11-7, 44 pages
The compilation debuted at No. 17 with a first week sales total of 39, 721, which marked Poison's return to the top 20 charts for the first time since 1993.
The 2 CD 1993 Legacy Recordings compilation Vintage: The Very Best of Moby Grape includes their entire first album and most of Moby Grape ' 69, selected tracks from Wow and Truly Fine Citizen, as well as studio outtakes and alternate versions, in much better quality.
* Highlights — The Very Best of Yes, 1993 ( compilation )
A compilation album was released in 1993, Heart and Soul The Very Best of T ' Pau, which charted within UK's Top 40.
* The Complete Brass Monkey ( 1993 ) compilation of the previous two albums
Repertoire Records in Germany released their own compilation, titled Elenore, in 1993, as well as re-releasing the original Happy Together album.
Category: 1993 compilation albums

1993 and called
The party used to be called The Greens since its foundation in 1980 until its unification with Alliance ' 90 in 1993.
A biography of Carangi by Stephen Fried called Thing of Beauty ( the title of John Keats ' famous poem ) was published in 1993.
These refugees were held in a detainment area called Camp Bulkeley until United States district court Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. declared the camp unconstitutional on June 8, 1993.
In 1993 the company demerged its pharmaceutical bioscience businesses: pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, specialities, seeds and biological products were all transferred into a new and independent company called Zeneca Group ( which subsequently merged with Astra AB to form AstraZeneca PLC ).
Major called another vote on the following day, 23 July 1993, which he declared a vote of confidence.
He released an EP called Fire It Up in December 1993.
In 1993 Discovery Communications made a documentary called Loch Ness Discovered that featured a digital enhancement of the Dinsdale film.
In 1990, Downey resurfaced on CNBC with an interview program called Showdown, which was followed by three attempted talk radio comebacks: first in 1992 on Washington, D. C. radio station WWRC ; then in 1993 on Dallas radio station KGBS, where he would scream insults at his callers.
Starting in 1993, a small group of American volunteers called The BentProp Project has searched the waters and jungles of Palau for information that could lead to the identification and recovery of these remains.
He later called Santiago and subsequently notified Deal and Lovering via fax, in January 1993.
That conflict reached a climax in September and October 1993, when President Boris Yeltsin used military force to dissolve the parliament and called for new legislative elections ( see Russian constitutional crisis of 1993 ).
Next, Kurzweil published a book on nutrition in 1993 called The 10 % Solution for a Healthy Life.
A consensus text was agreed upon on 7 May 1993 and a referendum to approve it called for 15 June-18.
The Three-Year Economic Salvation Programme ( 1990 1993 ), adopted by the Government of Sudan, emphasized the role of telecommunications in the socio-economic development process and called for the removal of the monopolistic environment in the sector and for the involvement of the private sector-whether local or foreign-in the telecommunication sector as well as in other sectors of the economy in an endeavour to overcome the persistent shortfalls in investment and performance.
In 1993, he founded a club night called " SLAW " at CBGB's 313 Gallery, which was meant to emulate the popular jazz and hip hop club Giant Step, but eventually became a showcase for Soul Coughing.
In 1993 the way that Stonehenge was presented to the public was called ' a national disgrace ' by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee.
* In the 1993 Denis Leary song " Asshole ", Leary states he is " going to get the Duke ( John Wayne ), John Cassavetes, Lee Marvin, Sam Peckinpah and a case of whiskey then drive down to Texas " before being cut off by a bandmate and getting called an asshole.
The annual national championship for Club Racing is called the SCCA National Championship Runoffs and has been held at Riverside International Raceway ( 1964, 1966, 1968 ), Daytona International Speedway ( 1965, 1967, 1969 ), Road Atlanta ( 1970 1993 ), Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course ( 1994 2005 ), and Heartland Park Topeka ( 2006 2008 ).
* Kate Bush wrote a song called The Song Of Solomon, containing lines from the book, which appears on her 1993 album The Red Shoes.
* In the 1993 cyberpunk PC roleplaying game Bloodnet, the Plaza Hotel is host to a debauched private gathering called the Hellfire Club, having U. S. senators, the mayor and even vampires as members.
The Unified Team was sometimes informally called the CIS Team ( Commonwealth of Independent States ), although Georgia did not join the CIS until 1993.
In 1993 the government owned newspaper The Times of Zambia reported a story about a secret UNIP plan to take control of government by unconstitutional means, called the " Zero Operation Plan ".
The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer ( often called simply 3DO ) is a video game console originally produced by Panasonic in 1993.

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