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Completeness and Theorem
Two of Kripke's earlier works, A Completeness Theorem in Modal Logic and Semantical Considerations on Modal Logic, the former written while he was still a teenager, were on the subject of modal logic.
" Another Approach: The Church-Turing ' Thesis ' as a Special Corollary of Gödel's Completeness Theorem ," in Computability: Gödel, Turing, Church, and beyond, Copeland, B. J., Posy, C., and Shagrir, O.
How to Play any Mental Game, or A Completeness Theorem for Protocols with Honest Majority, Proceedings of STOC 1987, pp. 218 229, 1987.

Completeness and Logic
" On The Completeness and Decidability of Intuitionistic Propositional Logic ".
" The Completeness of the First-Order Functional Calculus ", Journal of Symbolic Logic.
" Completeness in the theory of types ", Journal of Symbolic Logic 15: 81 91.
* Zach, Richard, ( 1999 ), " Completeness before Post: Bernays, Hilbert, and the development of propositional logic ", Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 5 ( 3 ): 331-366.

Completeness and ",
Five singles were released from Thirsty Merc: " Emancipate Myself ", " My Completeness ", " Someday, Someday ", " In the Summertime ", and " When the Weather Is Fine ".
Since 2004, Thirsty Merc have released a string of hits in the Australian Music Charts including " Wasting Time ," " My Completeness ", " Someday, Someday ", " In The Summertime ", " When The Weather Is Fine ", " 20 Good Reasons ", " The Hard Way ", " Those Eyes ", " Homesick ", " Mousetrap Heart ", " Tommy And Krista " and " All My Life ".
Tsogyel, though fairly obviously a transformation of an older Bön figure, Bönmo Tso ( female Bön practitioner of the lake ), whom she debates in her " autobiography ", also preserves the Great Completeness traditions shared by Bön with Tibet's earliest Buddhist tradition.

Completeness and
* Completeness all actions can be ranked in an order of preference ( indifference between two or more is possible ).
Completeness is a common property of market models ( for instance the Black Scholes model ).
* Theater Adhoc, A theatrical insight in the ideals and dilemmas of the world of Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine The Humor and Tragedy of Completeness ( mainly in Dutch translations on request )

Completeness and .
Completeness of first-order logic was first explicitly established by Gödel, though some of the main results were contained in earlier work of Skolem.
Completeness states that all true sentences are provable.
Completeness and accuracy is described by the weakest apparent magnitude V ( largest number ) and the accuracy of the positions.
Completeness and accuracy of recall in the diffusion of the news from a newspaper vs a television source.
* Completeness: if the statement is true, the honest verifier ( that is, one following the protocol properly ) will be convinced of this fact by an honest prover.
# Completeness: any statement is either provable or refutable ( i. e. its negation is provable ).
The Completeness theorem establishes an equivalence in first-order logic, between the formal provability of a formula, and its truth in all possible models.
The word Dzogchen has been translated variously as Great Perfection, Great Completeness, Total Completeness, and Supercompleteness.
; Completeness: The design must cover as many important situations as is practical.
Completeness can be sacrificed in favor of any other quality.
; Completeness: The design must cover as many important situations as is practical.
* Lawrence Solum, Default Rules and Completeness, Legal Theory Lexicon.
* Lawrence Solum, Default Rules and Completeness, Legal Theory Lexicon.
Completeness seems to be at the center of shalom as we will see in the meaning of the term itself, in some derivatives from its root, shalam, in some examples of its uses in Jewish and Christian Scriptures, and in some homophone terms from other Semitic languages.
* ( Completeness ) Every universally valid second-order formula, under standard semantics, is provable.
Completeness of the market is also important because in an incomplete market there are a multitude of possible prices for an asset corresponding to different risk-neutral measures.
" The Gelukpa allow that it is possible to take the mind itself as the object of meditation, however, Zahler reports, the Gelukpa discourage it with " what seems to be thinly disguised sectarian polemics against the Nyingma Great Completeness and Kagyu Great Seal meditations.

Theorem and Logic
* Edgar F. Codd-Luminary in Computational Logic and Relational Theory ( Codds Theorem )
These include Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric, Intelligent Computer Mathematics, Interactive Theorem Proving, Journal of Automated Reasoning and the Journal of Formalized Reasoning.
* Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: " Frege's Logic, Theorem, and Foundations for Arithmetic " -- by Edward Zalta.
1990b, Review of V. A. Uspensky, Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, Journal of Symbolic Logic 55: 889-891.
These three ground-breaking articles were " A Functional Calculus of First Order Based on Strict Implication ", Journal of Symbolic Logic ( JSL, 1946 ), " The Deduction Theorem in a Functional Calculus of First Order Based on Strict Implication " ( JSL, 1946 ), " The Identity of Individuals in a Strict Functional Calculus of Second Order ", ( JSL, 1947 ).
* The Craig-Lyndon Interpolation Theorem in 3-Valued Logic, The Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol.
* Rewrite-Based Equational Theorem Proving with Selection and Simplification, Leo Bachmair and Harald Ganzinger, Journal of Logic and Computation 3 ( 4 ), 1994.

Theorem and ",
Since most physicists would consider the statement of the underlying rules to suffice as the definition of a " theory of everything ", most physicists argue that Gödel's Theorem does not mean that a ToE cannot exist.
A few years later, in his seminal 1971 paper " The Complexity of Theorem Proving Procedures ", Cook formalized the notions of polynomial-time reduction ( a. k. a. Cook reduction ) and NP-completeness, and proved the existence of an NP-complete problem by showing that the Boolean satisfiability problem ( usually known as SAT ) is NP-complete.
Contains origins of " Bayesian ", " Bayes ' Theorem ", " Bayes Estimate / Risk / Solution ", " Empirical Bayes ", and " Bayes Factor ".
* Anshel, Iris Lee ; Anshel, Michael, " From the Post-Markov Theorem Through Decision Problems to Public-Key Cryptography ", The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol.
# Mark Fey, " May ’ s Theorem with an Infinite Population ", Social Choice and Welfare, 2004, Vol.
*" The Dynamic Nonsubstitution Theorem ", RES, 1969
* Hugh J. Hamilton, " Mertens ' Theorem and Sequence Transformations ", AMS ( 1947 )
* The Murderous Maths of Everything, ISBN 1-407-10367-9 ( prime numbers, Sieve of Eratosthenes, Pythagoras ' Theorem, triangle numbers, square numbers, the International Date Line, geometry, geometric constructions, topology, Mobius strips, curves ( conic sections and cycloids Golomb Rulers, 4 dimensional " Tic Tac Toe ", The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci sequence, Logarithmic spirals, musical ratios, Theorems ( including Ham sandwich theorem and Fixed point theorem ), probability ( cards, dice etc.
" The Goldstone Theorem in the Jahn-Teller Effect ", Proceedings of the Physical Society of London, Vol.

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