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Roaring and Forties
" ( from " Romance in the Roaring Forties ")
* Romance in the Roaring Forties and other stories ( 1986 )
In English, proper names in their primary application cannot normally be modified by an article or other determiner ( such as any or another ), although some may be taken to include the article the, as in The Gambia, The Roaring Forties, or the Rolling Stones.
* Roaring Forties
Berkeley, California: Roaring Forties Press, 2006.
Leaving there, Hartog set off across the Indian Ocean for Batavia ( present-day Jakarta ), utilising ( or perhaps blown off course by ) the strong westerly winds known as the " Roaring Forties " which had been earlier noted by the Dutch navigator Henderik Brouwer as a quicker route to Java.
The Roaring Forties in the Cook Strait produce high waves, and they erode the shore as shown in this image.
The Roaring Forties is the name given to strong westerly winds found in the Southern Hemisphere, generally between the latitudes of 40 and 50 degrees.
The Roaring Forties was a major aid to ships sailing from Europe to the East Indies or Australasia during the Age of Sail, and in modern usage is favoured by yachtsmen on round-the-world voyages and competitions.
The boundaries of the Roaring Forties are not consistent, and shift north or south depending on the season.
Unlike the northern hemisphere, the large tracts of open ocean below 40th parallel south ( interrupted only by Tasmania, New Zealand, and the southern part of South America ) mean that higher windspeeds — the Roaring Forties — can develop.
The latitude ranges for the Roaring Forties and similar winds are not consistent, shifting towards the South Pole in the southern summer, and towards the Equator in the southern winter.
The Clipper Route, taken by ships sailing from Europe to Australia in order to take advantage of the Roaring Forties
During the Age of Sail, ships travelling from Europe to the East Indies or Australasia would sail down the west coast of Africa and round the Cape of Good Hope to use the Roaring Forties to speed their passage across the Indian Ocean, then on the return leg, continue eastwards across the Pacific Ocean and under Cape Horn before sailing up the east coast of the Americas to home.
" To run the easting down " was the phrase used to describe the fast passages achieved in the Roaring Forties.
Round-the-world sailors also take advantage of the Roaring Forties to speed travel times, in particular those involved in record attempts or races.
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On this trip he devised the Brouwer Route, a route from South Africa to Java that reduced voyage duration from a year to about 6 months by taking advantage of the strong westerly winds in the Roaring Forties ( the latitudes between 40 ° and 50 ° south ).
The species is seldom seen because of its deep, offshore distribution in waters where sighting conditions can be difficult ( the " Roaring Forties " and " Furious Fifties ").
The strongest westerly winds in the middle latitudes can come in the Roaring Forties between 30 and 50 degrees latitude.
It is located in the Roaring Forties of Bass Strait, off the north-western tip of the main island of Tasmania, about half way between Tasmania and the mainland state of Victoria.

Roaring and replica
It has been suggested that this was a reaction to offence caused by the Governor-General of Canada, Harold Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis who was of Northern Irish descent and who allegedly arranged to have placed symbols of Northern Ireland, notably a replica of the famous Roaring Meg cannon used in the Siege of Derry, in front of Costello at a state dinner.
It has been suggested that it was a spur of the moment reaction to offence caused by the Governor-General of Canada, Harold Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis who was of Northern Irish descent and who allegedly placed symbols of Northern Ireland, notably a replica of the famous Roaring Meg cannon used in the Siege of Derry, before an affronted Costello at a state dinner.

Roaring and 1965
In 1965 he played the medicine man, Roaring Chicken, in the sitcom F Troop.

Roaring and Ford
The federal Works Progress Administration ( WPA ) oversaw the construction of the Twin Lakes Tunnel, which diverted water from Grizzly Reservoir, on Lincoln Creek, a southern tributary of the Roaring Fork, to Twin Lakes, where it was used for irrigation purposes by beet and watermelon farmers in the Rocky Ford and Ordway areas.

Roaring and on
He also had a great interest in ferryboats, at his fiancee's suggestion, their marriage was performed on the Roaring Bull boat, part of the Millersburg Ferry, in the middle of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.
* Brighton, Catherine, Keep Your Eye on the Kid: The Early Years of Buster Keaton ( 2008 ) Roaring Brook Press ( An illustrated children's book about Keaton's career )
Great Lakes piracy occurred, from 1900 – 1930, on Lake Michigan, through the exploits of " Roaring " Dan Seavey.
Chicago cabaret focused intensely on the larger band ensembles and reached its peak during Roaring Twenties, under the Prohibition Era, where it was featured in the speakeasies and steakhouses.
The spaghetti western Four of the Apocalypse is based on " The Outcasts of Poker Flat " and " The Luck of Roaring Camp ".
Waitiri Station is the major ranch of the Kawarau Gorge and runs from the Bungy Bridge to the Roaring Meg on SH6.
Manfred Mann's Earth Band released a version of " Blinded by the Light " on their album The Roaring Silence, which reached # 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 on 19 February 1977 and # 1 on the Canadian RPM chart the same day.
This one is still in use on the Roaring Camp and Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad in Felton, California
* Lodge on the Roaring Fork
The greenbelt along the Snake River hosts many community events, such as the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration ( on the Fourth of July ), the Roaring Youth Jam, and the Farmers ' Market, among others.
Roaring Brook Falls, on the Giant Mountain trail, near St. Huberts
It was thinly disguised as " West Egg ," in counterpoint to Manor Haven / Sands Point, which was the inspiration for the more posh " East Egg " ( the next peninsula over on Long Island Sound ), Great Neck symbolized the decadence of the Roaring Twenties as it extended out from New York City to then-remote suburbs.
The canal made use of the Kiskiminetas River using a system of slackwater dams, and the boats floated on the river, entering a lock located at the mouth of Roaring Run.
The Roaring Spring Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.
This decorative practice, fairly common on houses built from 1900 to 1920 by the Roaring Spring Planing Mill Co., can be seen in other period buildings around the Morrisons Cove area where the Planing Mill's contractors are known to have worked.
These are substantial yet loosely eclectic variations on the Queen Anne and Gothic Revival styles as rendered by builders from the Roaring Spring Planing Mill.
Operated as a heating coal and building supply business with a contracting service on the side, the mill is credited with constructing most of the houses and other buildings of note in Roaring Spring between 1887 and the early 1950s.
And while Roaring Spring's patriarchal management may have desired orderly community development, it did not impose a blatantly class-structured environment on its work force.
The new worker housing built from that year forward took on the same architectural character as Roaring Spring's after 1878.
One of the borough's early leading citizens, he is credited with building many pre-1887 structures in Roaring Spring before the Roaring Spring Planing Mill's founding, including a number of houses on the south side of E. Main Street between Spang and Poplar Streets.

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