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band and is
The present proceeding is concerned with the standard broadcast ( AM ) band, from 540 kc. to 1600 kc..
With no set standards, there is the tendency to promote to the next highest level when the top of a salary band is reached regardless of performance.
When in place, a well-cemented band actually protects the part of the tooth that is covered.
Usually this is a thin band of wire attached to the molars and stretching across the teeth.
As a finale is appended a close-up of one of the band taking aim and firing his revolver straight at the audience.
Everywhere there are little touches of humor, and the leader of the on-stage band of musicians is an ebullient comedian who plays all sorts of odd instruments with winning warmth.
Several times it came near breaking, and there were in fact some lovely peals of thunder from Jerry Mulligan's big band, which is about as fine an aggregation as has come along in the jazz business since John Hammond found Count Basie working in a Kansas City trap.
But what is equally impressive is the delicacy and wonderful lyric quality of both the band and Mulligan's baritone sax in a fragile ballad like Bob Brookmeyer's arrangement of `` Django's Castle ''.
Possibly the most notable current version of " America the Beautiful " is the setting for band and symphonic orchestra by the late arranger / conductor / composer Carmen Dragon.
Aztlan Underground is a fusion band from Los Angeles.
The band is set to begin writing a new record this year.
Beginning with Reginald Fessenden's audio demonstrations in 1906, it was also the original method used for audio radio transmissions, and remains in use today by many forms of communication —" AM " is often used to refer to the mediumwave broadcast band ( see AM radio ).
The tempo of their arrangement was slowed to allow for the bagpipes, but it was based on Collins ': it began with a bagpipe solo introduction similar to her lone voice, then it was accompanied by the band of bagpipes and horns, whereas in her version she is backed up by a chorus.
It hit number 1 in the UK singles chart in April 1972, spending 24 weeks total on the charts, topped the RPM national singles chart in Canada for three weeks, and rose as high as number 11 in the U. S. It is also a controversial instrumental, as it combined pipes with a military band.
* The garage folk band David's Doldrums references Absalom in their song, " my name is Absalom.
* " Absalom " is an album by the Experimental / Progressive band " Stick Men " featuring Tony Levin, Markus Reuter and Pat Mastelotto.
Alexander's band, an optical phenomenon, is named after him.
Absolute magnitude ( also known as absolute visual magnitude when measured in the standard V photometric band ) is the measure of a celestial object's intrinsic brightness.
BrE: The Clash are a well-known band ; AmE: The Clash is a well-known band.
Proper nouns that are plural in form take a plural verb in both AmE and BrE ; for example, The Beatles are a well-known band ; The Saints are the champions, with one major exception: largely for historical reasons, in American English, the United States is is almost universal.

band and shown
The song " Baby Doll " was used in the film Tapeheads, with newly recorded Swedish lyrics, and was credited to ( and shown in a music video by ) a fictitious Swedish band called Cube-Squared.
It is shown that there are higher amounts of beta-1 frequency band ( 13 – 19 Hz ) experienced by lucid dreamers, hence there is an increased amount of activity in the parietal lobes making lucid dreaming a conscious process.
To this end, the band was pressured into producing a video for the song, and they made one cheaply with the band members filmed running down a quarry, shown in slow motion.
The level 3 is sometimes referred to as the pump level or pump band, and the energy transition E < sub > 1 </ sub > → E < sub > 3 </ sub > as the pump transition, which is shown as the arrow marked P in the diagram on the right.
Upon attempting to play the downloaded files, users were shown a video from the band explaining why they had taken this route.
However, as shown in band theory, energy bands are actually made up of many discrete energy levels which are too close together to resolve.
The previous border claimed by the British Raj | British Indian Empire is shown in the two-toned purple and pink band with Shahidulla and the Kilik, Kilian and Sanju Passes clearly north of the border.
The song's video was shown on Beavis and Butt-Head, where the band was described as " chicks " who are " cool.
While initially displaying a sound typically identified as grunge early on in its career, further releases from the band have shown a variety of influences, including psychedelic rock, bossa nova and classic rock.
In 2006, Australian rock band Eskimo Joe's Black Fingernails Red Wine's original video was not shown on music video channels during the day, given an MA15 + classification and restricted to night-time airplay due to its criminal themes.
He has shown initiative in taking a businesslike approach to earning money, starting his own " hippie control " and " parental revenge " operations, as well as a Christian Rock and a boy band, a basketball team of crack babies ( parody of the NCAA ) and his own church.
A term arises due to Zeeman splitting of the ground or excited degenerate states, like what is shown in the ( 2 ) in figure 1 The small Zeeman splitting would make the oppositely signed transitions RCP light and LCP light almost cancel out with each other, which leads to the derivative shape of the band.
Arthur Ruoff and Chandrabhas Narayana from Cornell University in 1998, and later Paul Loubeyre and René LeToullec from Commissariat à l ' Énergie Atomique, France in 2002, have shown that at pressures close to those at the center of the Earth ( 3. 2 to 3. 4 million atmospheres or 324 to 345 GPa ) and temperatures of 100 – 300 K, hydrogen is still not a true alkali metal, because of the non-zero band gap.
The band performed a couple of dates of the Penthouse and Pavement tour in March 2010, one of which was in Sheffield and was filmed and shown on BBC Two on 16 May 2010.
Because of the professionalism they had shown and because he planned to use them further vocally, Oakey and manager Bob Last made Sulley and Catherall full members of the band, to be paid on a salary basis.
The album was almost completely stripped of the band's punk and hardcore roots, instead featuring a thrash-oriented sound with more complex song structures and a greater emphasis on instrumental skill than the band had ever shown previously.
The band played in the Central TV studios in Nottingham ( the film was shown as part of the Independent TV series " Bedrock " and a few years later it was repeated in the Cue Music series ) and celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a series of compilations and re-issues.
For a typical 2 meter satellite dish operating on C band ( 4 GHz ), like the one shown here, this formula gives a beamwidth of about 2. 6 °.
The 27 MHz band frequency allocation is shown here: 27 MHz CB27 / 81 Bandplan.
Roy and Wang are shown as sheriffs and ride off to catch a new band of train robbers.
Stigmata was also used in a key scene in Richard Stanley's 1990 film Hardware, although the band shown performing the song was Gwar.
This ruling stemmed from the conflict that arose when the band, who had commissioned the film, decided that its content was embarrassing and potentially incriminating, and did not want it shown.
Singles from below the top 40 ( within the top 75 ) were shown if the band were up and coming or had a strong selling album.

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