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cardinal and who
The Providence Daily Journal answered the Daily Post by stating that the raid of John Brown was characteristic of Democratic acts of violence and that `` He was acting in direct opposition to the Republican Party, who proclaim as one of their cardinal principles that they do not interfere with slavery in the states ''.
Papal troops had invaded the Neapolitan kingdom, but Alfonso corrupted the cardinal Giovanni Vitelleschi, who commanded them, and his successes waned.
In Rome he submitted to Martin V who made him cardinal bishop of Tusculum.
Under modern canon law, a man who is appointed a cardinal must accept ordination as a bishop, unless he already is one, or seek special permission from the pope to decline such ordination.
Pope Paul VI also increased the number of cardinal bishops by giving that rank to patriarchs of the Eastern Catholic Churches who are made cardinals.
In 1965 Pope Paul VI decreed in his motu proprio Ad Purpuratorum Patrum that patriarchs of the Eastern Catholic Churches who were named cardinals would also be part of the episcopal order, ranked after the six cardinal bishops of the suburbicarian sees ( who had been relieved of direct responsibilities for those sees by Pope John XXIII three years earlier ).
The three Eastern patriarchs who are now cardinal bishops are the following:
Those who are named cardinal priests today are generally bishops of important dioceses throughout the world, though some hold Curial positions.
In modern times the name " cardinal priest " is interpreted as meaning a cardinal who is of the order of priests.
Originally, however, this referred to certain key priests of important churches of the Diocese of Rome, who were recognized as the cardinal priests, the important priests chosen by the pope to advise him in his duties as Bishop of Rome ( the Latin cardo means " hinge ").
The cardinal who is the longest-serving member of the order of cardinal priests is titled cardinal protopriest.
When elevated to cardinal priests, they take their precedence according to the day they were first made cardinal deacons ( thus ranking above cardinal priests who were elevated to the college after them, regardless of order ).
Until 1917 it was possible for someone who was not a priest, but only in minor orders, to become a cardinal ( see " lay cardinals ", below ), but they were enrolled only in the order of cardinal deacons.
Consequently, canon 351 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law requires that a cardinal be at least in the order of priesthood at his appointment, and that those who are not already bishops must receive episcopal consecration, a rule from which dispensation may be obtained from the pope, as by Cardinals Roberto Tucci, Albert Vanhoye, Domenico Bartolucci and most recently Karl Josef Becker.
When he died in 1899 he was the last surviving cardinal who was not at least ordained a priest.
Since the time of Pope John XXIII a priest who is appointed a cardinal must be consecrated a bishop, unless he obtains a dispensation.
Starting in July 1636, from the country of the lower Meuse, he raided far and wide, and even urged the cardinal infante, who commanded in chief, to " plant the double eagle on the Louvre.

cardinal and is
It would challenge sharply not the cult of the motor car itself but some of its ancillary beliefs and practices -- for instance, the doctrine that the fulfillment of life consists in proceeding from hither to yon, not for any advantage to be gained by arrival but merely to avoid the cardinal sin of stasis, or, as it is generally termed, staying put.
I wrote a few years ago that one of the cardinal rules of writing is that the reader should be able to get some idea of what the story is about.
The only cardinal sin which may be committed in warming a wine is to force it by putting it next to the stove or in front of an open fire.
He has a pleasant sense of humor and is modest enough to admit mistakes and even `` a cardinal error ''.
It is also consistent with ZF + DC that every set of reals is Lebesgue measurable ; however, this consistency result, due to Robert M. Solovay, cannot be proved in ZFC itself, but requires a mild large cardinal assumption ( the existence of an inaccessible cardinal ).
ZF + DC + AD is consistent provided that a sufficiently strong large cardinal axiom is consistent ( the existence of infinitely many Woodin cardinals ).
One of the highlights of the facade is a tower topped with a cross of four arms oriented to the cardinal directions.
Related to the argument from morality is the argument from conscience, associated with eighteenth-century bishop Joseph Butler and nineteenth-century cardinal John Henry Newman.
This is a building with circular tower and doors facing the cardinal directions.
; Cardinal: In Roman Catholicism, a cardinal is a member of the clergy appointed by the pope to serve in the College of Cardinals, the body empowered to elect the pope ; however, on turning 80 a cardinal loses this right of election.
The Roman Breviary has undergone several revisions: The most remarkable of these is that by Francis Quignonez, cardinal of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme ( 1536 ), which, though not accepted by Rome ( it was approved by Clement VII and Paul III, and permitted as a substitute for the unrevised Breviary, until Pius V in 1568 excluded it as too short and too modern, and issued a reformed edition ( Breviarium Pianum, Pian Breviary ) of the old Breviary ), formed the model for the still more thorough reform made in 1549 by the Church of England, whose daily morning and evening services are but a condensation and simplification of the Breviary offices.
The walls defining the enclosures of Khmer temples are frequently lined by galleries, while passage through the walls is by way of gopuras located at the cardinal points.
" Venerable / Heroic in Virtue " When enough information has been gathered, the congregation will recommend to the pope that he make a proclamation of the Servant of God's heroic virtue ( that is, that the servant exhibited the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, and the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance, to a heroic degree ).
* The cardinal is also a fairy chess piece, also known as the archbishop
Two sets have the same cardinal number if and only if there is a bijection between them.
A fundamental theorem due to Georg Cantor shows that it is possible for infinite sets to have different cardinalities, and in particular the set of real numbers and the set of natural numbers do not have the same cardinal number.
There is a transfinite sequence of cardinal numbers:

cardinal and bishop
A cardinal is a senior ecclesiastical official, usually an ordained bishop, and ecclesiastical prince of the Catholic Church.
Since then, cardinals have been advanced to cardinal bishop exclusively by Papal appointment.
The influence of the grateful new queen being actively exerted on Alberoni's behalf — the princesse des Ursins having been chased out — within not much more than a year Alberoni was made a duke and grandee of Spain, a member of the king's council, appointed bishop of Málaga, and in 1715 prime minister, and was made cardinal by Pope Clement XI, under pressure from the court of Spain, in July 1717.
The recipients of these letters included Philippe de Cabassoles, bishop of Cavaillon ; Ildebrandino Conti, bishop of Padua ; Cola di Rienzo, tribune of Rome ; Francesco Nelli, priest of the Prior of the Church of the Holy Apostles in Florence ; and Niccolò di Capoccia, a cardinal and priest of Saint Vitalis.
His successor, Pope Paschal II, made Lamberto a Canon of the Lateran before elevating him to the position of cardinal bishop of Ostia in 1117.
In 1238 he was made cardinal bishop of Sabina.
The cardinal bishop of Sabina was finally elected Pope Celestine IV by seven cardinals only on 25 October 1241.
* Bonaventure, Franciscan theologian, bishop, and cardinal
* November 20 – Thomas Langley, cardinal bishop of Durham and lord chancellor of England ( b. 1363 )
** Thomas Langley, cardinal bishop of Durham and lord chancellor of England
Under Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary ( 1490 – 1516 ) he became successively bishop of Eger, the richest of the Hungarian sees, archbishop of Esztergom ( 1497 ), cardinal ( 1500 ), and titular Latin Patriarch of Constantinople ( 1510 ).
The pallium was formerly conferred in Rome by a cardinal deacon, and outside of Rome by a bishop ; in both cases the ceremony took place after the celebration of Mass and the administration of an oath.
He soon became cardinal bishop of the suburbicarian see of Frascati.
Titles in the Bajoran religion include a " Prylar " ( roughly equivalent to a Christian monk ), " Ranjen " ( a rank falling between Prylars and the next rank, and responsible for a variety of tasks ), " Mylar " ( priest or minister, mentioned in " Ties of Blood and Water "), " Vedek " ( cardinal, bishop ) and " Kai " ( equivalent to the pope in Roman Catholic theology or Patriarch in the Eastern Orthodox theology ).
Jean du Bellay ( c. 1493 – 16 February 1560 ) was a French cardinal and diplomat, younger brother of Guillaume du Bellay, and bishop of Bayonne in 1526, member of the privy council in 1530, and bishop of Paris in 1532.
In the exercise of these functions Joachim quarrelled with Eustache du Bellay, bishop of Paris, who prejudiced his relations with the cardinal, less cordial since the publication of the outspoken Regrets.
* Aymery of Châlus ( died October 31, 1349 in Avignon ), canon of the chapter of Limoges Cathedral in 1314, archbishop of Ravenna in 1322, then bishop of Chartres in 1332, cardinal in 1342, named legate in Lombardy in 1342, then in Romagne, Corsica, Sardinia, then in Sicily where he steered 2-year-old in the name of the pope, was born in Châlus.
* Alessandro Farnese ( cardinal ) ( 1520 – 1589 ), Paul's grandson, Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal-nephew

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