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case and has
But in our case -- and neither my wife nor I have extreme views on integration, nor are we given to emotional outbursts -- the situation has ruined one or two valued friendships and come close to wrecking several more.
The North should thank its stars that such has been the case ; ;
Our understanding of the solar system has taught us to replace our former elaborate rituals with the appropriate action which, in this case, amounts to doing nothing.
Voegelin has analyzed this experience in the case of the stable, healthy community.
In any case, she told Thompson that she saw no reason why he might not see Katie again, `` now that this frank explanation has been made & no one can misunderstand ''.
In this case he has put the alternatives clearly to Mr. Khrushchev for the third time.
If the case is thus determined by us to be domestic, the court has no jurisdiction.
In particular, Governor Nelson Rockefeller has expressed as cogently and clearly as anyone the case for a resumption of atmospheric tests.
in the case of a partnership or corporation, the existence of which has been terminated and on behalf of which an award is made, payment shall be made, except as provided in paragraphs ( 3 ) and ( 4 ), to the person or persons found by the Comptroller General of the United States to be entitled thereto ; ;
By making inroads in the name of law enforcement into the protection which Congress has afforded to the marriage relationship, the Court today continues in the path charted by the recent decision in Wyatt v. United States, 362 U.S. 525, where the Court held that, under the circumstances of that case, a wife could be compelled to testify against her husband over her objection.
Undoubtedly you have read the case histories of some of his prize-winning pupils ( every pupil has a physique title of some kind or other ).
In each case, having separate systems for living and sleeping areas has the advantage of permitting individual zone control.
Westinghouse has a similar system, with two classifications representing various levels of competence on the strictly technical side: consulting engineer or scientist, as the case may be, and advisory engineer or scientist.
Another less ambiguous case read as follows: `` The bearer of this letter has served me for two years to his complete satisfaction.
De Jager ( 1955 ) has calculated the times required for these particles to reach the atmosphere under the influence of the Poynting-Robertson effect, which in this case causes the orbits to become more and more eccentric without changing the semi-major axis.
Her conclusion has been borne out in the experience of many practitioners: `` short-contact interviewing is neither a truncated nor a telescoped experience but is of the same essential quality as the so-called intensive case work ''.
The leading case, Seaboard Air Line Railway v. United States, held that the transferee could sue for a refund of taxes paid by the transferor, and it has been consistently followed.
In such a case, any attitude would be as fitting or unfitting as any other, which means that the notion of fitness has lost all point.
Merchant has found that the same basic relationships which describe the geometry and force systems in the case of the cutting mechanism can also be applied to the discontinuous chip formation provided the proper values of instantaneous shear angle and instantaneous chip thickness or cross-sectional area are used.
The low cost and ease of fabrication of the dies for three-dimensional foam cutting plus the wide variety of shapes, dimensions, and contours that can be tailor-made to customer requirements has made the technique useful for producing case liners, materials handling containers, packaging and cushioning devices, and such novelties as soap dishes, toys, head rests, arch supports, and gas pedal covers.
As `` a matter of fact no such complete solution of the dream has ever been accomplished in any case,, and what is more, every one attempting such solution has found that in most cases there have remained a great many components of the dream the source of which he has been unable to explain nor is the discussion closed on the subject of the mantic or prophetic power of dreams ''.
`` Unfortunately '', says Chief Postal Inspector David H. Stephens, who has prosecuted many device quacks, `` the ghouls who trade on the hopes of the desperately ill often cannot be successfully prosecuted because the patients who are the chief witnesses die before the case is called up in court ''.
Statistically this has represented a loss to the nation, although one must admit that in an individual case the decision in retrospect may have been a wise one.

case and been
The sentry's saddled horse stood picketed nearby, having been kept handy in case of need.
Curt's visit to the livery stable had been merely a precaution in case anyone should be watching.
Whenever the Secretary of the Treasury, or the Comptroller General of the United States, as the case may be, shall find that any person is entitled to any such payment, after such payment shall have been received by such person, it shall be an absolute bar to recovery by any other person against the United States, its officers, agents, or employees with respect to such payment.
These dosages could have been increased by increasing the source strength which was small in this case.
She clearly agreed that this had been the case.
If anyone asked us, after we made the remark that the suffering was a bad thing, whether we should think it relevant to what we said to learn that the incident had never occurred and no pain had been suffered at all, we should say that it made all the difference in the world, that what we were asserting to be bad was precisely the suffering we thought had occurred back there, that if this had not occurred, there was nothing left to be bad, and that our assertion was in that case mistaken.
In the case of the Borglum statue an Interior aide was obliged to announce that there had been a misunderstanding and that the Secretary had no desire to `` hustle '' it out of Washington.
All the officials on the case seem to have been afflicted with a similar myopia as far as Bridget was concerned, although records in police files contain many reports of servants who have murdered their employers.
William A. Redding asserted that if the case had been heard in open court under rules of evidence, the testimony would have been completed in sixty days instead of five years.
`` I am satisfied that in the Selden case had this power existed and this course ( been ) pursued, it would have shortened the depositions of some of the experts nearly one-half and of some of the other witnesses thereto more than that ''.
One of the A.L.A.M. lawyers observed that if the Selden case had been tried under this simplified procedure, the testimony which filled more than a score of volumes, `` at a minimum cost of $1 a page for publication alone, could have been contained in one volume ''.
But since this is a world in which people disagree about ends and goals and concerning justice and injustice, and since, in a situation where direct action and economic pressure are called for, the justice of the matter has either not been clearly defined by law or the law is not effectively present, there has to be a morality of means applied in every case in which people take it upon themselves to use economic pressures or other forms of force.
If it was designed to put me on the spot, it would have to have been written before Peralta ever called me in on the case ''.
In the two other cases he ruled that the state had been `` unable to make a case ''.
The case of the judges in the 58th precinct of the 23d ward had been heard previously and taken under advisement by Karns.

case and made
Some years ago Julian Huxley proposed to an audience made up of members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science that `` man's supernormal or extra-sensory faculties are ( now ) in the same case as were his mathematical faculties during the ice age ''.
But Mercer's explanation was simple: `` I made out the check and carried it around a few days unsigned -- in case I lost it ''.
Skopas expressed no curiosity over the case, offered no expression of sympathy, made no move to escort McFeely to the door.
In such a case, however, we would encourage the recipient country to get on with its programing task, supply it with substantial technical assistance in performing that task, and make it plain that an expansion or even a continuation of our assistance to the country's development was conditional upon programing progress being made.
cause on-site inspections to be made of promising projects, domestic and foreign, and, in the case of projects located in the United States, cooperate and participate in their development in instances in which the purposes of this Act will be served thereby ; ;
In connection with any claim decided by the Commission pursuant to this Title in which an award is made, the Commission may, upon the written request of the claimant or any attorney heretofore or hereafter employed by such claimant, determine and apportion the just and reasonable attorney's fees for services rendered with respect to such claim, but the total amount of the fees so determined in any case shall not exceed 10 per centum of the total amount paid pursuant to the award.
in the case of any assignment of an award, or any part thereof, which is made in writing and duly acknowledged and filed, after such award is certified to the Secretary of the Treasury, payment may, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, be made to the assignee, as his interest may appear.
In any case, he refused to accept the implications of the analysis, that he needed to be made over.
On that view, nothing good or bad happened in the case until I came on the scene and made my remark.
The duration and other circumstances of the Selden case made it a flagrant example of the gross abuses of patent infringement actions.
Generally, an appeal of the judgment will also allow appeal of all other orders or rulings made by the trial court in the course of the case.
In the case of new evidence, there must be a high probability that its presence or absence would have made a material difference in the trial.
In the United States, both state and federal appellate courts are usually restricted to examining whether the lower court made the correct legal determinations, rather than hearing direct evidence and determining what the facts of the case were.
In such a case, a court will accept an affidavit from the filing attorney in support of the motion, as certain assumptions are made, to wit: The affidavit in place of sworn testimony promotes judicial economy.
In many cases such a selection can be made without invoking the axiom of choice ; this is in particular the case if the number of bins is finite, or if a selection rule is available: a distinguishing property that happens to hold for exactly one object in each bin.
Christie made a point of having Poirot supply false or misleading information about himself or his background in order to assist him in obtaining information relevant to a particular case.
Very little mention is made in Christie's work about this part of his life, but in " The Nemean Lion " ( 1939 ) Poirot himself refers to a Belgian case of his in which " a wealthy soap manufacturer poisoned his wife in order to be free to marry his secretary ".
Likewise, it is Miss Marple herself who poses as a maid to find out the facts of the case, not a young friend of hers who has made a business of it.

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