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chase and scene
20th Century Fox's 1939 feature Hollywood Cavalcade had Buster Keaton in a Keystone chase scene.
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops ( 1955 ) included a lengthy chase scene, showcasing a group of stuntmen dressed as Sennett's squad.
It is played on a silent film era style " honky tonk " piano, and accompanies a climactic scene in which the incompetent police detective Inspector Clouseau is involved in a multi-vehicle chase with the antagonists.
In Kimio Yabuki's Puss in Boots ( 1969 ), Miyazaki again provided key animation as well as designs, storyboards and story ideas for key scenes in the film, including the climactic chase scene.
** Farce – aims at entertaining the audience by means of unlikely, extravagant, and improbable situations, disguise and mistaken identity, verbal humour of varying degrees of sophistication, which may include word play, and a fast-paced plot whose speed usually increases, culminating in an ending which often involves an elaborate chase scene.
The chase scene featured Lola T70 Mk. IIIs with dummy turbine engines racing against Yamaha TA125 / 250cc 2-stroke race replica motorcycles through two San Francisco Bay Area automotive tunnels: the Caldecott Tunnel between Oakland and Orinda, and the underwater Posey Tube between Oakland and Alameda.
Spielberg originally had planned the chase to be a short sequence shot over two days, but he drew up storyboards to make the scene an action-packed centerpiece.
and Carousel, was hired as choreographer, and her work for Brigadoon incorporated elements of traditional Scottish folk dance ; her dances for the musical included a traditional sword dance, a chase scene, and a funeral dance.
The film was shot on location in and around Kentucky ; parts of the " truck chase scene " were shot at Natural Bridge State Resort Park.
A van was being towed along a street upside-down as part of a chase scene ; he was supposed to roll safely out, but apparently struck his head.
* When the Frankenstein Monster breaks free of his bonds on the operating table in the climactic chase / fight scene, one of his neck electrodes clearly pulls off of his neck.
The car chase scene in which Thornhill is drunkenly careening along the edge of cliffs high above the ocean, supposedly on Long Island, was actually shot on the California coast, and in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, according to DVD audio commentary.
The chase sequence was also created, and Spielberg also suggested having the scene where E. T.
Lucas created an opening chase scene that had Indiana Jones on a motorcycle on the Great Wall of China.
Scenes such as the fight scene in Shanghai, escape from the airplane and the mine cart chase came from original scripts of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Nicoli attempts to assassinate Doyle, but botches the job, leading to a car chase scene that culminates with Nicoli's hijacking an elevated train.
However, Gleason, at that time, was considered box-office poison by the studio after his film Gigot had flopped several years before, and Breslin refused to get behind the wheel of a car, which was required of Popeye's character for an integral car chase scene.
Scenes of Bubble Boy ( 2001 ), the chase scene in Enough ( 2002 ) starring Jennifer Lopez, scenes from Torque ( 2004 ) and the final scene for Van Helsing ( 2004 ) were shot in Piru.
Malcolm X was also filmed here, as well as the highway chase scene in Die Hard with a Vengeance.
* Part of the memorable and lengthy car chase scene in the movie " The Seven-Ups " was filmed in this area on the Taconic State Parkway, notably the ending.
The first bank robbery and chase scene in the movie Bandits ( starring Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton ) was filmed in Silverton.
In theatre, a farce is a comedy which aims at entertaining the audience by means of unlikely, extravagant, and improbable situations, disguise and mistaken identity, verbal humor of varying degrees of sophistication, which may include word play, and a fast-paced plot whose speed usually increases, culminating in an ending which often involves an elaborate chase scene.
He is recognized for performing many of his own stunts, but one of the most widely claimed and cherished examples of this — that he did the majority of the stunt driving for his character during the high-speed chase scene in Bullitt — was revealed not to be true by his most trusted stuntman and stunt driver Loren James.
McQueen as Detective Frank Bullitt in the film's iconic car chase scene.

chase and involves
A snipe hunt, a form of wild-goose chase that is also known as a fool's errand, is a type of practical joke that involves experienced people making fun of credulous newcomers by giving them an impossible or imaginary task.
His chase involves running through a park, into a neighbor's house, and more.
This chase involves an unusual amount of Mack Sennett-type slapstick stunts for a Marx Brothers movie.
Territorial males sometimes become aggressive towards intruders, kicking and biting at them, but more commonly chase them away after a threat display that involves flattening the ears and braying.
But this con job involves some dangerous international criminals ; Shyam's cover is blown and he is forced to flee ; the gangsters chase Shyam to kill him.
The opening car chase sequence, which involves a 1974 Bricklin SV-1, is part of the storyline of Deadline Auto Theft.
The system involves both sides of the chase picking maneuvers with specific game effects and then rolling a contest of skill to determine which takes effect.
As an aspect of their trade, the Ursari have established and encouraged various folk beliefs and customs involving the bear ; these include displaying bears in the courtyards of village houses as a means to protect livestock from attack by smaller wild animals, and călcătura ursului (" the bear step ") or călcătura lui Moş Martin (" Old Boy Martin's step ", based on a common nickname for the animal ), which involves allowing bears to tread on a person's back ( in the belief that it can ensure the fertility of young people or chase away evil spirits ).
The 1st movie of the series and the only one which involves Police car chase.

chase and path
Goodenough gave chase, but in attempting to lose him Mainz came back across the path of Arethusa and her destroyers.
The yingim consists of the sacrifice of cows, or other valuable animals, and large mock battles performed in order to help chase the spirit, known as the nyama, from the deceased body and village and towards the path to the afterlife ( Davis, 68 ).
Electrodes are stationary objects that are lethal to the in-game characters, and Grunts are simple robots that chase the protagonist by plotting the shortest path to him.
Dogs are still permitted to chase ( flush ) game into the path of a waiting gun, as long as the maximum number of dogs used is no greater than two.
Dark will be his path and God's angel will chase him.

chase and completely
* Stage 6 ; In Ancient Egypt, Dirk finds what appears to be Daphne ( wrapped completely in linen bandages ) but is actually Mordroc in disguise, leading Dirk on a wild goose chase as he explores an ancient tomb while narrowly avoiding poison gas, spiders, giant bats, flesh-eating acid, cockroaches, and a giant mummy.
To give chase without being detected, Zordon and Alpha give the Rangers new Turbo powers, Turbo Zords and a ship they are sent to find that would be completely undetectable by Divatox's sonar.

chase and under
He was alone with the tiger for about 10 minutes, and was attacked on his shoulder, arms, legs, and back, before he was rescued by zoo officials ( who used fire extinguishers to chase the tiger away and told him to escape by rolling under a wire ), according to Zoo Director Jim Breheny.
The city of Akron, Ohio was willing to give full access to Route 59, the stretch of freeway known as the " Innerbelt ", for filming of the freeway chase when it was under consideration.
After an hour of pursuit, the Italian cruisers broke off the chase, as the distance had not been reduced, and turned northwest under orders to rejoin Vittorio Veneto.
The real Hitler tried to escape from Berlin, was captured by Soviet commandos after the long chase making most of the book, and was secretly kept under horrible and degrading conditions in the Kremlin basement until the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953, when he was secretly executed.
It is set during the Second Seminole War in the 1840s, with Cooper playing an Army captain who destroys a fort held by the Seminole Indians then retreats into the Everglades while under chase.
Stewart is also the only driver to win both the Winston Cup under the old points system and the Nextel Cup under the chase playoff format, winning those championships in 2002 and 2005 respectively.
Then on 22 August 1812,, under the command of Captain Thomas Huskisson, captured the USRC James Madison after a chase of seven hours.
In very recent history, the club have also been in the chase for promotion from the fourth tier via the play-offs five times, twice reaching the finals ( 2002 – 03 & 2004 – 05 ) and three times getting knocked out in the semi-finals ( 2003 – 04, 2005 – 06 & 2006 – 07 ), each time under the guidance of Keith Alexander with the exception of the 2006 – 07 play-offs.
General Howe, after consolidating British positions around New York harbor, detached 6, 000 men under the command of two of his more difficult subordinates, Henry Clinton, and Hugh, Earl Percy to take Newport, Rhode Island ( which they did without opposition on December 8 ), while he sent General Lord Cornwallis to chase Washington's army through New Jersey.
The Swedes under Charles thought that the Lithuanians and supporting Poles were retreating and therefore advanced, spreading out their formations to give chase.
He had led the army of King Henry IV on ' a wild goose chase ' under the pretence of leading them to a secret rebel camp and an ambush of Glyndŵr's forces.
With the slower Cornelie in pursuit, Jack attempts to outwit her in the Salibabu Passage but is outmanoeuvred and nearly outgunned until, at the height of the chase, Nutmeg encounters the Surprise, under the temporary command of Commander Thomas Pullings, accompanied by the Triton, a British privateer.
Three armies, under the influence of an enchantment, chase each other in an endless campaign until the heroes shatter the cycle on their quest.
Dismissed for only 5 playing a rash shot in Australia's run chase in the second Test, his place in the side came under increasing scrutiny in the media, although he received several statements of support from members of the Australia team, notably Mike Hussey and Justin Langer.
The Swedes under Charles thought that the Lithuanians with small support of Poles were retreating therefore, they advanced, spreading out their formations to give chase.
The famous chase scene from " The French Connection " ( 1971 ) was filmed under the West End line in Brooklyn, and the opening scene of " Saturday Night Fever " ( 1977 ) features Tony Manero ( John Travolta ) walking down 86th Street, with the West End elevated line above.
" As to the third version, the report described it as one of several " duplicate citations " that were issued in 1985 after " considerable correspondence indicating efforts over the years to chase down various citations ," and stated that the ones under Lehman's name were likely signed by machine.
The Simpsons must give chase, but hundreds of suit wearing goons under Mr. Burns ' employ stand in their way.
Here most work studied conjunctive queries, which admit query optimization even under constraints using the chase algorithm.
Early in the movie, Bond gets into a car chase with her, meets her at a casino, and places her under surveillance.
** Two UK soldiers under arrest by Iraqi police in Basra following a car chase.
Both sides accept a temporary agreement to work together to eliminate a pirate who is plaguing local commerce under the assumption neither frigate can chase him.
The Bell JetRanger used in the climactic chase was flown by veteran film pilot James W. Gavin ( who played the character of the pilot as well ), and was actually flown between rows of trees and under powerlines as seen in the film.

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