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chief and measure
It would give him an opportunity to take the measure of his chief adversary in the cold war, to try to probe Mr. Khrushchev's intentions and to make clear his own views.
EIJ leader hoped this would be a temporary measure but later confided to one of this chief assistants that joining with bin Laden had been ` the only solution to keeping the Jihad organization abroad alive .`"
In 1736 Maupertuis acted as chief of the French Geodesic Mission sent by King Louis XV to Lapland to measure the length of a degree of arc of the meridian.
Gen. Mohammad Hejazi, chief of the Guards ' joint staff, called the missile tests a " defensive measure against invasions.
Gen. Mohammad Hejazi, chief of the Guards ' joint staff, called the missile tests a " defensive measure against invasions.
Although the Ovambo had depended in part on cultivation for a much longer time, dairy products had been an important source of subsistence, and cattle were the chief measure of wealth and prestige.
At Cherche-Midi Dreyfus was turned over to the governor of the prison, Major Forzinetti, who had received orders to keep his imprisonment secret, even from his chief, General Saussier-an unheard-of measure.
While, however, Dalhousie was content with a mutual engagement with the Afghan chief, binding each party to respect the territories of the other, he saw that a larger measure of interference was needed in Baluchistan, and with the Khan of Kalat he authorized Major Jacob to negotiate a treaty of subordinate co-operation on 14 May 1854.
He has also been noted for his activism on gay rights issues ; for example, Meehan is the chief sponsor of the measure repealing the don't ask, don't tell policy.
She and John " the Virgin " ( Parthenos ) are noted ( 231 ) as the chief disciples of Christ, that is, as those furnished with the greatest measure of Gnosis.
Historically the Huvadu atoll chief had a great measure of self-government.
Mirkarimi was the chief sponsor of a measure to require most employers to give pre-tax commuter checks to employees, with the intention of getting workers out of commuting via private car and into using public transportation ; the measure is unlike many others involving regulation of businesses in that it was not opposed by the Chamber of Commerce.
A concurrent resolution is a resolution ( a legislative measure ) adopted by both houses of a bicameral legislature that lacks the force of law ( is non-binding ) and does not require the approval of the chief executive.
He was the chief plenipotentiary at the abortive congress of Durovicha, which met in 1664, to terminate the Russo-Polish War ( 1654-1667 ); he negotiated the Truce of Niemieża and it was due in no small measure to his superior ability and great tenacity of purpose that Russia succeeded in concluding with Poland the advantageous Truce of Andrusovo ( 1667 ).
Others suggest that it was the Delaware chief White Eyes who proposed the measure, hoping that the Delaware and other tribes might become the fourteenth state of the United States.
The book was criticized by Michael Scheuer, former CIA chief of the Bin Laden station, in his book Imperial Hubris for offering a platform for government leaks, which he deemed harmful to national security: " After reading Mr. Woodward's Bush at War, it seems to me that the U. S. officials who either approved or participated in passing the information — in documents and via interviews — that is the heart of Mr. Woodward's book, gave an untold measure of aid and comfort to the enemy.
According to the Dictionary of National Biography, " Since his chief, Lord Crewe, was in the Lords, important work fell to the under-secretary, in particular the introduction of the measure which brought about the Union of South Africa.
Historically the Huvadu atoll chief had a great measure of self-government.
In the compilation of this work the chief burden seems to have been borne by Facciolati's pupil Forcellini, to whom, however, the lexicographer allows a very scanty measure of justice.
At court chief minister Zhang Jun, said to have been secretly bribed by Zhu Quanzhong, supported the measure, but the majority of the bureaucracy were against.

chief and price
For example, illegal insider trading would occur if the chief executive officer of Company A learned ( prior to a public announcement ) that Company A will be taken over, and bought shares in Company A knowing that the share price would likely rise.
After backing out of a conference that he himself had demanded, John eventually bargained at Thouars for a two year truce, the price of which was his agreement to the chief provisions of the judgment of the Court of Peers, including the loss of his patrimony.
The chief requirement of these non-government purchases was that one-quarter of the purchase price had to be paid in gold or silver ; the remaining balance could be paid in bonds, acceptable scrip, etc.
Shortly after they arrived, they purchased a piece of land from the local Pennacook tribal chief Cutshamache for the price of " six pounds of currency and a coat " and on the condition that Roger, a local Pennacook man, would still be allowed to plant his corn and take alewives from a local water source.
Elizabeth, whose prudence and parsimony were averse to so formidable an undertaking as the complete subjugation of the powerful Irish chief, desired peace with him at almost any price ; especially when the devastation of his territory by Sussex brought him no nearer to submission, after Shane's dramatic destruction of much of Sussex's withdrawing army at the Battle of the Red Sagums, 18 July 1561.
When the Grangers turned to politics around the start of the 1870s, railroad price reform was chief on its agenda, with currency reform making it easier for debtors to repay their loans a distinctly lesser concern.
I conceive his Majesty should do well to set a good price on his head and all the heads of the chief commanders in Ireland and also in Scotland ...
After the crucifixion of Christ, Judas returns the payment to the chief priests, who “ took the silver pieces and said, ‘ It is not lawful for to put them into the treasury, because it is the price of blood .’”
But the chief priests, having taken the pieces of silver, said: " It is not lawful to put them into the corbona, because it is the price of blood.
In August 2009, the bankruptcy court awarded the company to Creative Loafing's chief creditor, Atalaya Capital Management, which had loaned $ 30 million to pay for most of the purchase price for the Reader and the Washington City Paper.
County Hall Properties bought the structure from Parc two years later and renamed it Westminster House, alluding to the government that abolished the Greater Manchester County Council ; the managing director of County Hall ( Manchester ) Management, the former GMCC economic development chief and former Parc consultant Leslie Boardman, declined to disclose the purchase price in 1992, but press reports put it at about £ 22million.
The price for his release was the end of the rebellion and for the chief to convert to Christianity.
Although limited in tone by comparison, Cinecolor's chief advantages over Technicolor were that color rushes were available within 24 hours, that the process itself only cost 25 percent more than black-and-white photography ( the price grew cheaper as larger amounts of Cinecolor film stock were bought ), and could be used in modified black-and-white cameras.
According to Brolin ’ s agent, the club would not meet their price, but the Hearts chief Chris Robinson decided to pull the plug on the deal due to the player ’ s lack of fitness.
The chief beneficiaries of the float, apart from the University, were the clients of the underwriters, JB Were and CommSec, some of whom made massive stag profits when the stock peaked at $ 8. 20 on the day of its float, compared with the IPO price of $ 2. 20.
Nevertheless, the decision came at a price as the party's deputy president, one of its vice-president, and its youth chief ( who chose to remain within the BN fold ) all opposed to the move, withdrew from the party.
The price point for I-Cybie was set at 200USD, significantly less than the price for its chief robotic competitor at the time, the Sony Aibo ERS 111 then priced at more than 1500 USD.
However, Apsyrtos, the chief of the pirate stronghold, is struck by the beauty of the young couple and concludes that they would bring an excellent price on the slave market.
Carmike Cinemas Inc .' s board of directors removed Michael Patrick as its chief executive on January 20, 2009, citing struggles with earnings and the company's $ 1 a share stock price, down from $ 26 a share in January 2007.
Indeed, the price of admission is several years of graduate education, during which the chief dogmas are inculcated.
On Tuesday, Parkway purchased 89. 7 million shares, for a 22. 5 per cent stake, from Pantai's chief executive officer, Datuk Lim Tong Yong, for RM2. 45 each at a 50 per cent premium to Pantai's closing price of RM1. 63 on Monday, it said in a statement on Tuesday.

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