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chronicle and drawn
Initial converts were drawn to the church in part because of the newly published Book of Mormon, a self-described chronicle of indigenous American prophets that Smith said he had translated from golden plates.
In 2006, a retcon of the Phantom's origin called " Legacy " was published, written by Ben Raab and drawn by Pat Quinn, which aimed to look like one of the Phantom's chronicle books.
According to John Morris's textual analysis of the Historia, this tale derived from a north Welsh narrative which was mainly about Emrys ( Ambrosius Aurelianus ), which the compiler of the Historia incorporated into a framework drawn from a Kentish chronicle, together with details from a Life of Saint Germanus.
It matters not that this chronicle is without a hero, or even a villain, for the absence of such worthies, usually extravagantly drawn, causes one to be quite contented to dwell for the moment with human hearts of the old-fashioned days.

chronicle and up
A dead chronicle is one where the author gathers his list of events up to the time of his writing, but does not record further events as they occur.
Fulcher, a participant in the First Crusade and chaplain of Baldwin I, continued his chronicle up to 1127.
During Polish rule of the area in the late 10th century, the chronicle of Thietmar of Merseburg ( 975-1018 ) mentions salsa Cholbergiensis as the see of the Diocese of Kołobrzeg, set up during the Congress of Gniezno in 1000 and placed under the Archdiocese of Gniezno.
The homage is then a separate issue, since, according to the chronicle of Thietmar, Mieszko actually paid tribute to the Emperor from the lands usque in Vurta fluvium ( up to the Warta River ).
After Aramudi, who is mentioned in the Kashmirian chronicle, the Rajatarangini of Kalhana ( 1150 CE ), many Thakuri kings ruled over the country up to the middle of the 12th century AD.
According to the early Slavic chronicle called Tale of Bygone Years, which describes life in Kyivan Rus ' up to the year 1110, he sent his envoys throughout the civilized world to judge at first hand the major religions of the time — Islam, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, and Byzantine Orthodoxy.
The Emergency signals the end of the potency of the Midnight Children, and there is little left for Saleem to do but pick up the few pieces of his life he may still find and write the chronicle that encompasses both his personal history and that of his still-young nation ; a chronicle written for his son, who, like his father, is both chained and supernaturally endowed by history.
He may also have commissioned a vituperative chronicle which vilifies his predecessor for his sacrilegious actions and the Chronicle of Market Prices which mentions the volatile costs of various commodities in reigns up until that of his predecessor.
Jerome brought the Greek chronicle of Eusebius of Caesarea up to date as far as the year 378, after translating it into Latin.
This claim was only recorded in a fifteenth-century chronicle, however, and its details are uncertain, especially the statement that her corpse was in such a state of preservation that " when her paps were pressed with hands, they rose up again.
According to a graphic description in the chronicle the Brut, Hereford was killed as he crossed the bridge by a pikeman hiding underneath, who thrust his spear up through the earl's anus.
In a chronicle of 1652, Matthäus Merian stated that the town had been destroyed by Bogislaw of Pomerania, when after Mestwin's II death in December 1294 the Duke Przemysŀ claimed the town for Pomeralia, as he had done already five years before, and could not be persuaded to peacefully give up his claim and to withdraw from there.
(" Annals of the Old Testament, deduced from the first origins of the world, the chronicle of Asiatic and Egyptian matters together produced from the beginning of historical time up to the beginnings of Maccabes ")
On the internet, a range of weblogs have been set up by journalism students to chronicle or to criticize their journalism colleges.
The subsequent episodes chronicle Arislan's plans on finding an army to back him up.
While locked up, he wrote his Sugamo Diary ( a chronicle of his experience in prison ) and I Was Defeated ( an autobiographical work ).
The term " Guinea " is extensively used in the 1453 chronicle of Gomes Eanes de Zurara, King John II of Portugal took up the title of Senhor da Guiné ( Lord of Guinea ) from 1483.
Picking up where Niland left off, the Park-completed biography is a carefully compiled chronicle of Darcy's short life as seen through the eyes of his contemporaries.
The narrative is often made up of lists that chronicle the events one after the other, without emphasis on character development.
The poems largely chronicle the period leading up to her 1846 marriage to Robert Browning.
The Berner Schilling ( or Amtliche Chronik, also Grosse Burgunderchronik, Great Burgundy chronicle ) is a chronicle of Diebold Schilling the Elder of Berne ( 1480s ), covering the history of the Old Swiss Confederacy up to the Burgundian Wars.
Matteo was the brother of Giovanni Villani, and continued the chronicle up to 1363.

chronicle and just
`` Ring Of Bright Water '' by Gavin Maxwell is just that -- a haunting, warmly personal chronicle of a man, an otter, and a remote cottage in the Scottish West Highlands.
It entailed the recruitment of clerical scholars from Mercia, Wales and abroad to enhance the tenor of the court and of the episcopacy ; the establishment of a court school to educate his own children, the sons of his nobles, and intellectually promising boys of lesser birth ; an attempt to require literacy in those who held offices of authority ; a series of translations into the vernacular of Latin works the king deemed " most necessary for all men to know "; the compilation of a chronicle detailing the rise of Alfred's kingdom and house ; and the issuance of a law code that presented the West Saxons as a new people of Israel and their king as a just and divinely inspired law-giver.
This testimony of the Arab chronicle, the modern name Isla de Tarifa, and the above mentioned toponymic evidence that Andaluz is a name of pre-Roman origin taken together lead to the supposition that the Island of Andalus is the present day Isla de Tarifa, which lies just offshore from the modern day Spanish city of Tarifa.
Villani's work is an Italian chronicle written from the perspective of the political class of Florence just as the city rose to a rich and powerful position.
In the genre of a slightly modified historical novel ( inverted narration and chapter lay-out ), this novel is a chronicle of a Dubrovnik family, but it also covers parts of Herzegovina and Bosnia, as well as some other European cities, while in terms of period it starts with the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878, covers the downfall of the two empires, the two world wars, the rise and fall of socialism and ends just before the war of 1991.
A popular chronicle partly based on the Chronicon Pictum ( entitled just Chronica Hungarorum ) was circulated in a printed form.
In the chronicle he called Khatim al-Awliya, al-Hakim Tirmidhi ( d. 905 ) informs us the Khatim al-Awliya is the person, “ upon whom the leadership ( imama ) of the saints is incumbent, who bears in his hand the Banner of the saints, and whose intercession all the saints have need of, just as prophets have need of Prophet Sidna Mohammed ”.
Gesta Normannorum Ducum ( Deeds of the Norman Dukes ) is a chronicle originally created by the monk William of Jumièges just before 1060.

chronicle and after
Given that John of Worcester wrote his chronicle after the eruption of the Canterbury – York supremacy struggle, the story of Ealdred renouncing any claims to Worcester needs to be considered suspect.
Saxo Grammaticus ' Gesta Danorum was not finished until after the death of Absalon, but Absalon was one of the chief heroic figures of the chronicle, which was to be the main source of knowledge about early Danish history.
A live chronicle is where one or more authors add to a chronicle in a regular fashion, recording contemporary events shortly after they occur.
Lesser Poland supposedly after its incorporation had become the partition of the country assigned to Mieszko's oldest son, Bolesław, which is indirectly indicated in the chronicle of Thietmar.
Some historians, on the basis of the chronicle of Cosmas of Prague, believe that the conquest of the lands around the lower Vistula River took place after Mieszko's death, specifically in 999.
The first, from 722 to 481 BC, is called the Spring and Autumn Period, after a famous historical chronicle of the time ; the second is known as the Warring States Period ( 403 – 221 BC ), after another famous chronicle and initiated by the partitioning of Jin.
A biography of Conrad II in chronicle form, Gesta Chuonradi II imperatoris, was written by his chaplain Wipo of Burgundy, and presented to Henry III in 1046, not long after the latter was crowned.
Another account of his deathbed scene is more credible ; according to one chronicle, Edward gathered around him the earls of Lincoln and Warwick, Aymer de Valence, and Robert Clifford, and charged them with looking after his son Edward.
The chronicle goes on to describe Ælle's battle with the British in 485 near the bank of Mercredesburne, and his siege of Pevensey in 491 after which the inhabitants were massacred.
One theory was later recounted in Edward Hall's chronicle, written a few decades after the event, but partly from first-hand sources, and the contemporary Burgundian Jean de Waurin's chronicle.
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the following entry as part of the entry for 909 or 910 ( in different versions of the chronicle ): " Here Frithustan succeeded to the bishopric in Winchester, and after that Asser, who was bishop at Sherborne, departed.
Another intended aim of its author was to produce a synchronizing chronicle after the manner of Irish historians in his own time.
One place in his chronicle can be understood ( although this is not necessary ) as telling that Svyatopolk escaped from Kiev to Poland immediately after his father's death.
Early translations and adaptations of Geoffrey's Historia, such as Wace's Norman French Roman de Brut, Layamon's Middle English Brut, were named after Brutus, and the word " Brut " came to mean a chronicle of British history.
The first to undertake the versification of the Pahlavi chronicle was Abu-Mansur Daqiqi, a contemporary of Ferdowsi, poet at the court of the Samanids, who came to a violent end after completing only 1, 000 verses.
Hydatius probably died in 468 or shortly after, since at that point his chronicle breaks off abruptly.
Begun in 1995 after a five-year pilot project, the program began digitizing selected collections of Library of Congress archival materials that chronicle the nation's rich cultural heritage.
Some say it is interesting to note that all the other people mentioned in the chronicle are real and this argument is often offered as evidence for the historicity of Arthur, Merlin and Mordred ; however, given that the entries, or at least the insertion of the names of Arthur and Merlin, could have been added arbitrarily as late as 970, long after the development of the early Arthurian myth, it cannot be taken as a particularly conclusive argument.
He also edited ( 1568 ) the geographical lexicon of Stephanus of Byzantium ; the travels of Pausanias ( completed after his death by Friedrich Sylburg, 1583 ); the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius ( 1558, the editio princeps based on a Heidelberg manuscript now lost ; a second edition in 1568 with the addition of Antoninus Liberalis, Phlegon of Tralles, an unknown Apollonius, and Antigonus of Carystus -- all paradoxographers ); and the chronicle of George Cedrenus ( 1566 ).

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