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classical-subject and .
In 1862 Alma-Tadema left Leys's studio and started his own career, establishing himself as a significant classical-subject European artist.
He is now regarded as one of the principal classical-subject painters of the nineteenth century whose works demonstrate the care and exactitude of an era mesmerized by trying to visualize the past, some of which was being recovered through archaeological research.

painter and became
Akira, who at this point planned to become a painter, moved in with him, and the two brothers became inseparable.
Around 1511 or earlier, he travelled down the river and south into the Alps, where the scenery moved him so deeply that he became the first landscape painter in the modern sense, making him the leader of the Danube School, a circle that pioneered landscape as an independent genre, in southern Germany.
While it is assumed that the younger Cuyp did work with his father initially to develop rudimentary talents, Aelbert became more focused on landscape paintings while Jacob was a portrait painter by profession.
John became a painter and illustrator ; Richard was an actor in films such as Yankee Doodle Dandy and later an Emmy-nominated television director of such shows as The Beverly Hillbillies.
Berthe Morisot ( January 14, 1841 – March 2, 1895 ) was a painter and a member of the circle of painters in Paris who became known as the Impressionists.
Originally hired as an easel painter, in 1935 Alston became the first African American supervisor to work for the WPA's Federal Art Project in New York, which would also serve as his first mural work.
Camille's granddaughter ( Lucien Pissarro's daughter ) Orovida Pissarro became a painter.
After the proclamation of the Empire in 1804, David became the official court painter of the regime.
Initially a musician who achieved artistic and commercial success in the 1970s and 1980s, he has been called " the Netherlands ' greatest and only rock ' n ' roll star ," later in life he became a well-known painter.
In the 1940s Lawrence was given his first major solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and became the most celebrated African American painter in the country.
The painter Ustad Mansur became one of the best artists to document the animals and plants which Jahangir either encountered on his military exhibitions or received as donations from emissaries of other countries.
There he became court painter to Ferdinand VI of Spain and director of the Royal Academy of Saint Fernando.
John W. became a naturalist, writer and painter in his own right.
Generally, it is agreed that while he was still a child, he became a pupil of the painter Toriyama Sekien.
His sons, Andreas Feininger and T. Lux Feininger, both became noted artists, the former as a photographer and the latter as a photographer and painter.
Before leaving school, towards the end of 1855, he became assistant to the painter and professor Louis ( Lodewijk ) Jan de Taeye, whose courses in history and historical costume he had greatly enjoyed at the Academy.
Although de Taeye was not an outstanding painter, Alma-Tadema respected him and became his studio assistant, working with him for three years.
Anna became a painter and Laurence became a novelist.
The Butler Yeats family were highly artistic ; his brother Jack became an esteemed painter, while his sisters Elizabeth and Susan Mary — known to family and friends as Lollie and Lily — became involved in the Arts and Crafts Movement.
His brother also became a painter.
On his return from studying in Italy in 1731, he was admitted to the Académie de peinture et de sculpture as a historical painter, and became a faculty member in 1734.
Marquise de Pompadour ( mistress of King Louis XV ), whose name became synonymous with Rococo art, was a great fan of Boucher's, and had the painter under her protection: it is particularly in his portraits of her that this style is clearly exemplified.

painter and famous
It is this reluctance which was felt by the Rijksmuseum to reattribute works to other painters ( Abraham van Calraet does not even appear in a Museum catalogue until 1926, and even then he is not given his own entry ) which shows how important it is to art historians that painters are accurately connected to their works — and this is continuously necessary for those of Aelbert Cuyp, as Dordrecht ’ s most famous painter may not in fact be Dordrecht ’ s most famous painter.
Erasmus wrote a glowing encomium about the artist, likening him to famous Greek painter of antiquity Apelles.
His book, Opticorum Libri Sex philosophis juxta ac mathematicis utiles ( Six Books of Optics, useful for philosophers and mathematicians alike ), published in Antwerp in 1613, was illustrated by famous painter Peter Paul Rubens.
Producers at HBO asked Busey to play a " character " on the show who was the self-named actor who is also a famous painter and sculptor.
There were many renowned Ming Dynasty artists ; Qiu Ying is an excellent example of a paramount Ming era painter ( famous even in his own day ), utilizing in his artwork domestic scenes, bustling palatial scenes, and nature scenes of river valleys and steeped mountains shrouded in mist and swirling clouds.
Because of his popularity as a portrait painter, Reynolds enjoyed constant interaction with the wealthy and famous men and women of the day, and it was he who first brought together the famous figures of " The " Club.
Joseph Severn ( 7 December 1793 – 3 August 1879 ) was an English portrait and subject painter and a personal friend of the famous English poet John Keats.
He is thought of as a painter of northern England, but his most important period was when he settled in Lamorna, Cornwall in 1902, and many of his most famous pictures date from this time and the beautiful Lamorna Cove is usually their subject matter.
Dixit has been the muse for the famous Indian painter M. F.
The famous Flemish-French painter Jean-Baptiste van Mour visited the Ottoman Empire during the Tulip Era and crafted some of the most renowned works of art depicting scenes from daily life in the Ottoman society and the imperial court.
* Georgia O ' Keeffe, a famous painter, survived
* Su Shi, famous Chinese poet, calligrapher, painter, travel writer, pharmacologist, and statesman
* Yi Yuanji – Chinese Northern Song painter famous for his realistic paintings of animals ( d. 1064 )
* Wen Tong, Chinese Northern Song painter famous for his ink bamboo paintings ( d. 1079 )
* Huang Tingjian, famous Chinese calligrapher, painter, and poet ( d. 1105 )
The city of Dresden had a distinctive silhouette, captured in famous paintings by Bernardo Bellotto and by Norwegian painter Johan Christian Dahl.
* Yi Yuanji – Chinese Northern Song painter famous for his realistic paintings of animals ( b. 1000 )
* Huang Tingjian, famous Chinese calligrapher, painter, and poet ( born 1045 )
Daniel Niklaus Chodowiecki ( 16 October 1726 – 7 February 1801 ) was a Polish-German painter and printmaker with Huguenot ancestry, who is most famous as an etcher.
( Georg ) Daniel Schultz the Younger ( 1615 – 1683 ) was a famous painter

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