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classified and report
The NSA report remains classified, possibly to spare the blushes of its authors.
According to the article cited, the still classified NSA report is incorrect based on the CIA documents that were declassified which show that Powers ' account of being shot down at altitude was accurate.
Shannon delivered his results in a classified report in 1945, and published them openly in 1949.
At the same time, Vladimir Kotelnikov had independently proven absolute security of the one-time pad ; his results were delivered in 1941 in a report that apparently remains classified .< ref name =" kotelnikov "> PACS numbers: 01. 10. Fv, 03. 67. Dd, 89. 70 .+ c
* Japan: In a court, Segway was classified as a motorcycle, owing to the power output ; however, there is no report of registration.
The report states, " The allegedly missing disks never existed and no compromise of classified material has occurred ".
The BBC's Newsnight observed that it is ironic that the once classified report analysing the construction of MI5's Thames House and MI6's Vauxhall Cross headquarters has been released, but the Al Yamamah report is still deemed too sensitive.
On 15 January 1946, however, a report of the Military Government ( classified as restricted ) stated: " The present procedure fails in practice to reach a substantial number of persons who supported or assisted the Nazis.
The term " code word " was used by the CIA during the 1960s as a partial designation for a Top Secret report on a highly classified and sensitive intelligence topic, and for compartmenting information.
A war-time classified report nicknamed " the yellow peril " because of the color of the cover and the difficulty of the subject.
The US Air Force Historical Division wrote a report in response to the international concern about the bombing, which was classified until December 1978.
The report thus remained classified until 2011.
The US National Security Council described him as an irritation and an obstacle in a classified report from 1958.
Although the status is not changed or the freedom is not limited, German and Belgian government entities have accused Scientology of violating the human rights of its members and therefore called it a " totalitarian cult " and a " commercial enterprise ," while a 1995 parliamentary report in France classified it, along with 172 other religious groups, as a " dangerous cult.
The report suggested that O ' Neill was responsible for losing a briefcase with " highly classified information " in it, containing among other things " a description of every counterespionage and counterterrorism program in New York.
While the details and cost of construction have been released, about ten years after the original National Audit Office ( NAO ) report was written, some of the service's special requirements remain classified.
authored a report ' Survey of the Cuban Operation ', that remained classified
A March 1984 government report had noted that " the unauthorized publication of classified information is a routine daily occurrence in the U. S ." but that the applicability of the Espionage Act to such disclosures " is not entirely clear ".
Handed over to the incoming Labour administration and classified as secret because of Labour fears over the surge in Scottish National Party popularity, the document came to light only in 2005, when the SNP obtained the report under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
Lee admitted that he failed to report this contact and approach by individuals requesting classified information as required by security regulations.
The Danish Defence Intelligence Service ( FE ) had produced a classified report stating that it had no absolute proof of WMDs in Iraq.
The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment conducted their own investigation into the allegation in 2001 and found it unsupported by evidence, though the complete report remains classified.
The report remained classified until the early 1990s, after the end of the Cold War.

classified and written
Similarly, the Norwegian language is classified as a descendant of West Norse, while the written language used by the vast majority in Norway is derived from an older variant of standard Danish.
Extant copies of these early manuscripts written in Greek or Latin and usually dating from the 4th century to the 8th century, are classified according to their use of either all upper case or all lower case letters.
Websites are written in, or dynamically converted to, HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language ) and are accessed using a software interface classified as a user agent.
Much of Sun Ra's music could be classified as free jazz, especially his work from the 1960s, although Sun Ra said repeatedly that his music was written and boasted that what he wrote sounded more free than what " the freedom boys " played.
A common verbal mistake, that becomes evident when written, is made when describing a wound or discharge that could be classified as purulent, full of or pertaining to pus.
It is classified as a Menippean satire, and was almost contemporary with another such satire by John Barclay, Euphormionis Satyricon, with which it shares the features of being written in Latin ( Hall generally wrote in English ), and a concern for religious commentary.
Although much of existing written history might be classified as diplomatic history-Thucydides, certainly, is among other things, highly concerned with the relations among states-the modern form of diplomatic history was codified in the 19th century by Leopold von Ranke, a the leading German historian of the 19th century.
The eigenvalues of the automorphism of the torus generate an order of a real quadratic field, and the sol manifolds could in principle be classified in terms of the units and ideal classes of this order, though the details do not seem to be written down anywhere.
Bengali music traditionally has been classified mainly by the region of origin and the creators of the musical genre, such as Nazrul geeti ( written and composed by Kazi Nazrul Islam ), ghombhira ( unique to a specific area in Bangladesh ), etc.
A few of the surviving characters are preserved in the written histories of Wu Zetian, and a few have found themselves incorporated into modern-day computer standards, classified as either variant or dialect-specific characters.
This policy was written as NSC-68, a classified report issued by the United States National Security Council in April 1950 and written by Paul Nitze, Kennan's successor as director of policy planning.
Though it is classified as a work of historical military fiction ( 軍記物語 ), because of the time in which it was written, it is entirely possible that the author is relating a first person account of the conflagration.
* SWAG, Sourceware Archive Group, a free collection of classified source code and sample programs written in Pascal.
This also meant that the script became more differentiated throughout the Empire, with regional variations which have been broadly classified into three, four or five categories ; however, a definitive classification is not clear, because even on a single inscription, there may be variation in how a particular symbol is written.
D-branes are typically classified by their spatial dimension, which is indicated by a number written after the D. A D0-brane is a single point, a D1-brane is a line ( sometimes called a " D-string "), a D2-brane is a plane, and a D25-brane fills the highest-dimensional space considered in bosonic string theory.
The manuscripts are believed to have been written in the 5th to 6th Century AD, though some more manuscripts were discovered in the succeeding centuries, which were also classified as Gilgit manuscripts.
* Hairs size: Generally classified as either big ( 大楷 dàkǎi ), medium ( 中楷 zhōngkǎi ) or small ( 小楷 xiǎokǎi ); most calligraphy is written with a medium-sized brush.
This disposition followed the order of a tonary, but William of Volpiano wrote not only the incipits of the classified chant, he wrote the whole chant text with the music in central French neumes which were still written in campo aperto, and added a second alphabetic notation of his own invention for the melodic structure of the codified chant.
Steinhardt classified these buildings according to the hall types featured in the Yingzao Fashi Chinese building manual written in the 12th century.
This book was written without access to classified documents.
On 15 June 2009, in response to a lawsuit by the ACLU, the government was forced to disclose a previously classified portion of a CIA memo written in 2006 which recounted how Mohammed told the CIA that he " made up stories " to stop from being tortured.
The Deir Alla Inscription is written in a dialect with Aramaic and South Canaanite characteristics, which is classified as Canaanite in Hetzron.

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