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from Brown Corpus
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clearly and recognized
It certainly looks like a waste of time to speculate about an object which is clearly recognized as inconceivable "
The term epískopos was not from the earliest times clearly distinguished from the term presbýteros (" elder ", " senior ", nowadays used to signify a priest ), but the term was already clearly used in the sense of the order or office of bishop, distinct from that of priest in the writings of Ignatius of Antioch ( died c. 108 ), and sources from the middle of the 2nd century undoubtedly set forth that all the chief centres of Christianity recognized and had the office of bishop, using a form of organization that remained universal until the Protestant Reformation.
The role of judgment and disagreement in science has been recognized since Aristotle and even more clearly with Francis Bacon.
Renowned New Testament scholar J. B. Lightfoot also objects to this view since it " clearly implies that his Apostolic office and labours were well known and recognized before this conference.
The correspondence of single consonants had been more or less clearly recognized by several of his predecessors including Friedrich von Schlegel, Rasmus Christian Rask and Johan Ihre, the last having established a considerable number of literarum permutationes, such as b for f, with the examples bœra = ferre, befwer = fiber.
In terms of its wide cultural impact across society in the US and elsewhere, Bill Haley's " Rock Around the Clock ", recorded in April 1954 but not a commercial success until the following year, is generally recognized as an important milestone, but it was preceded by many recordings from earlier decades in which elements of rock and roll can be clearly discerned.
Read recognized that the top half of several tall letters and the bottom half of several deep letters clearly distinguish those letters.
Further, some groups of dogs which clearly share a persistent set of characteristics and documented descent from a known foundation stock may still not be recognized by some clubs as breeds.
" A clearly defined geographical space, recognized, dedicated and managed, through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values.
Chiang clearly recognized Yan as the de facto ruler of Shanxi by 1934.
In circumstances like these, where the margin of error is so minute, the performance may need to be aided by a click track, or it will completely fall apart, and it can become a blur in which the downbeats can't be clearly recognized, with the overall rhythm possibly in ruins.
Even in Koch's time, it was recognized that some infectious agents were clearly responsible for disease even though they did not fulfill all of the postulates.
His bass sound was recognized by the aggressive picked tone he developed with his Chris Squire Signature Rickenbacker 4001CS, which can clearly be heard on Tool's first full length album, Undertow.
Although the date of della Robbia's first work in colored glazed terra-cotta is not known, his control of this medium was clearly enough recognized to justify two major commissions for the duomo of Florence: the large reliefs of the Resurrection ( also from 1445 ) and the Ascension of Christ ( 1446 ).
The courts have recognized the Bill of Rights as having the intention of rights of privacy and the separation of church and state, even though it is not clearly stated.
This pattern of findings is consistent with the arousal-cost-reward model, which proposes that dangerous emergencies are recognized faster and more clearly as real emergencies, thereby inducing higher levels of arousal and hence more helping.
" He concluded that hostages of terrorists qualified for the medal because " Americans captured there were clearly held captive ( vice merely being under house arrest, for example )," and " the law does not require that the captors be members of the military of a recognized state, but only that they be organized as an armed force hostile to the US.
Many critics considered the plot sophomoric, compounding the fact that there were several " disguises " that would clearly not be recognized by youngsters ( Tony Montana from Scarface, for example ).
Thomas Hobbes is recognized as the first to clearly formulate the problem, to answer which he conceived the notion of a social contract.
The College's first two leaders, John Blair Smith and Jonathan Edwards, Jr., clearly recognized that this was the primary significance of the name.
All rights and freedoms recognized or conferred by common law, customary law, and legislation, are deemed to be granted unless clearly inconsistent with the Bill of Rights.
As it was clearly his next objective, Florence forestalled him by signing a treaty, by which Ladislaus ' conquest of the Papal States ( only Todi and Bologna had not fallen ) were recognized.
The patent clearly does not describe the product recognized as Portland cement today.

clearly and exception
" It is true that the moneylender Moses is portrayed in a comparatively positive light, but the way he is described ( as a " friendly Jew " and an " honest Israelite " by Rowley in III. 1 ) suggest that he is in some way to be considered an exception to Jews in general ; also, his own usurious business practices as stated to Sir Peter are clearly less than exemplary ( e. g., his statement " If he appears not very anxious for the supply, you should require only forty or fifty per cent ; but if you find him in great distress, and want the moneys very bad, you may ask double " ).
The exception is the scimitar oryx, which lacks dark markings on the legs, only has faint dark markings on the head, has an ochre neck, and horns that are clearly decurved.
The Marienthal study was an exception, being biased toward the community, but in all the studies carried out in localities after Marienthal ( Sandusky, Elmira, and Decatur, for example ), the individual was much more clearly the unit of analysis.
The exception is the State Bar of California ; however, a few sections of the California Rules of Professional Conduct were clearly drawn from the ABA models.
This is based on the assumption that if a ringfort is a status symbol, then it is not in the interests of a dynasty to allow the lower echelons to construct their own, in particular as most ringforts, with the exception of multiple banked ringforts, fail to clearly highlight the varying levels of society.
With the exception of Eastern Shuttle and services to Boston ( all of which use clearly marked buses ), many Chinatown bus companies use wet leases to provide overflow capacity during the weekend.
In the Rosciad he had praised Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Cibber and Mrs Clive, but no leading London actor, with the exception of David Garrick, had escaped censure, and in the Apology Garrick was clearly threatened.
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven-without exception they live clearly and palpably in their music, and speak forcefully to us, purifying us, refining us, and awakening in us the highest joy and emotion.
All television stations in the country must clearly show the ratings at the beginning of a show ( with the exception of news programs ).
Most of these ranks clearly follow those for the rikishi, or wrestlers, with the exception of the tate and fuku-tate ranks, which stand for chief and deputy chief, respectively.
The band is clearly tighter and more comfortable with strong melodies, but with the exception of the omission of sub-30 second goof offs like ' Coffee Mug ' and ' Weinerschnitzel ', there is little that will alienate old fans.
However, with the exception of No. 5, the songs were clearly intended to be published with the original English texts as well.
With the exception of some exceedingly old soils which have a clayey, grey-green horizon that is quite unlike any present soil and clearly formed in the absence of O < sub > 2 </ sub >, most fossil soils can be classified into one of the twelve orders recognised by this system.
The western part of the valley is influenced by trade winds in summer, and, as the rest of the country with the exception of the Caribbean region, there are two climate seasons clearly defined, wet and dry.
The concept of O & O is more clearly defined in North America ( and to some extent, several other countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil ), where network-owned stations had historically been the exception rather than the rule.

clearly and is
At the same time, he is plainly sympathetic, clearly friendly.
And it is clearly argued by Lord Percy of Newcastle, in his remarkable long essay, The Heresy Of Democracy, and in a more general way by Voegelin, in his New Science Of Politics, that this same Rousseauan idea, descending through European democracy, is the source of Marx's theory of the dictatorship of the proletariat.
The maturity in this point of view lies in its recognition that no basic problem is ever solved without being clearly understood.
Thus Burns's `` My love is like a red, red rose '' and Hopkins' `` The thunder-purple sea-beach, plumed purple of Thunder '' although clearly intelligible in content, hardly present ideas of the sort with which we are here concerned.
That fact is very clearly illustrated in the case of the many present-day intellectuals who were Communists or near-Communists in their youth and are now so extremely conservative ( or reactionary, as many would say ) that they can define no important political conviction that does not seem so far from even a centrist position as to make the distinction between Mr. Nixon and Mr. Khrushchev for them hardly worth noting.
The need here is most clearly felt and our capacity to recruit and train qualified volunteers in a short period of time is greatest.
`` A serious problem accompanying the technical-ladder approach is the difficulty of clearly defining responsibilities and standards of performance for each level.
The innocence that they tried to conceal at the beginning is clearly destroyed forever when one of them, asking for a piece of lemon-meringue pie, gets a plate of English muffins instead.
The Maturity Chart for each sex demonstrates clearly that Onset is a phenomenon of infancy and early childhood whereas Completion is a phenomenon of the later portion of adolescence.
This is clearly a deficiency in T.
But it is true that the therapist can sense, when he hears this stereotype, that there are at this moment many emotional determinants at work in it, a blurred babel of indistinct voices which have yet to become clearly delineated from one another.
When ity is added, real clearly has two syllables.
The presumption in the literature would appear to be that the basic wage rate would be unchanged in this case, on the grounds that it is `` clearly '' not in the interest of the industry to raise wages gratuitously.
Although it is in some ways comparable to a voluntary sale of assets for cash, to which section 203 quite clearly applies, the courts and Treasury have held that acquiring corporations in several types of non-taxable reorganizations may sue for refund of taxes paid by transferors.
Furthermore, in a C reorganization the continuing interest of stockholders of the corporation which paid the tax must be greater than is necessary in a statutory merger, to which the statute is clearly inapplicable.
Seldom is there an issue in which class lines can be clearly drawn.
It also overlooks the fact that in a rational lexicon, and quite clearly in More's lexicon, the opposite of serious is not gay but frivolous, and the opposite of gay is not serious but solemn.
The sequence of equations ( 6 ) can be solved for Af when Af is known, and clearly Af, the maximization being over all admissible Af.
Even less regard for mom and mom's apple pie goes with: Af In other words, the way the speaker relates to mother is clearly indicated.

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