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Page "fiction" ¶ 702
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

cold and supper
Traditionally, this dessert will be served with milk perfumed with orange flower water, or it can be served plain with buttermilk in a bowl as a cold light soup for supper.
For the past few decades, it has included a cold plate supper, followed by a parade down Hilton Road and Marks Street.

cold and was
Cabot turned back to the men and he was drunk with the thing they would do, wild to break from the cloying warmth of the saloon into the cold of the ebbing night.
The wind of their running was cold and wild, the horses were lathered and their manes streamed like stiff black pennants in the wind.
Dill was silent as if he hated to answer, and Barton had a cold, sick feeling of apprehension.
He was a big man, wearing a neat flannel shirt against the cold foothill air.
Directly opposite the door was a roaring log fire, a welcome sight on that bitterly cold day.
The freight car was cold, early in the morning.
I fled, however, not from what might have been the natural fear of being unable to disguise from you that the things about my bridegroom -- in the sense you meant the word `` things '' -- which you had been galvanizing yourself to tell me as a painful part of your maternal duty were things which I had already insisted upon finding out for myself ( despite, I may now say, the unspeakable awkwardness of making the discovery on principle, yes, on principle, and in cold blood ) because I was resolved, as a modern woman, not to be a mollycoddle waiting for Life but to seize Life by the throat.
It was on the eve of a momentous U.N. session to come to grips with cold war issues.
And one cannot but wonder whether Marshal Malinovsky, who was blowing hot and cold, exalting peace but also almost openly considering the possibility of preventive war against the West, wasn't trying to keep the Chinese quiet.
The cold, mysterious presence of God was all around him.
I didn't hurry though it was cold and the Pedersen kid was in the kitchen.
He was cold all right.
He was cold all right.
He was cold all right, and wet.
And she was made to fall in love with him again there in the rutted dirt driveway standing in the cold fog, mad as she was at his going away when he really didn't have to, mad at their both having got older in a life that seemed to have taken no more than a week to go by.
The night was cold but the crowd kept one warm.
That cold frame was my morale builder ; ;
Mr. Crumb was laid up with a bad cold.
For the low-temperature measurements the sample was cooled by a cold nitrogen gas flow method similar to that of Andrew and Eades.
The serum was measured volumetrically and subsequently dialyzed in the cold for at least 24 hr against three to four changes, approximately 750 ml each, of `` starting buffer ''.
The precipitate was washed twice with an 80% saturated solution of Af, dissolved in a small quantity of 0.1 M neutral phosphate buffer, dialyzed against cold distilled water till free from ammonium ions, and lyophilized using liquid nitrogen.
( 1 ) When an object was placed in the patient's hand, he had no difficulty determining whether it was warm or cold, sharp or blunt, rough or smooth, flexible, soft, or hard ; ;

cold and ordered
Finnish Defence Forces reported on 3 September 2012 that the United States has not delivered any of the AMRAAM anti-aircraft missiles they had ordered due to a mysterious engine malfunction in cold weather that the manufacturer, Raytheon, has not been able to determine the fault of.
The third vision also occurs at Kaaba in a spiritual conversation with the Ḥaram and the Zamzam stream ; Kaaba ordered him to circumambulate it and the Zamzam told him to drink this pure water but a soft refusal made Kaaba angry and he took revenge on a cold and rainy night in the year 600 AH.
After taking all the money, Gilmore was said to have ordered Bushnell to lie down on the floor and then to have shot him in cold blood.
However, in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader murdered the Federation's rulers, Gunray and Haako, along with all the other members of the Separatist Council ( like Shu Mai and Wat Tambor ) in cold blood under orders from Sidious, who also ordered the remaining droid armies to stand down.
Additionally, any creature, human or animal, that has been exposed to constant chaos ( such as those that live in Fairhaven ) that comes into contact with an ordered object will experience a " burn " ( like when a person touches an extremely cold object ), the severity of which is directly proportional to the amount of chaos residing in said creature.
There he made some men, who went to find another spring, that exited a large, old and smooth pebble, and was so precious and cold, that he ordered a flask filled in order to take to the Infante ; and because of this port ( wherein he found the same ), the Port of the Pebble, which is today called, became the small port's lands that constituted the future parish of Água de Pena.
In addition doctors ordered that patients be douched with hot or cold water and given a select diet to promote a cure.
He ordered that cook stoves be extinguished at Taps which was a hardship during cold weather.
Powers believed a biopsy of his organs would show why the procedure failed, and ordered Doctor Lake ( who had been feigning romantic feelings for Freeze ) to kill Freeze, but he escaped and later returned to Wayne-Powers, wearing a suit he had " kept in cold storage ", ultimately freezing Powers and Lake.

cold and bottle
One said, `` When I get a cold I buy a bottle of whiskey for it, and within a few hours it's gone ''.
`` Why the two damned fools got all excited when they saw the bottle, and knocked each other out cold '', Shayne said good-humoredly.
Water vapor condenses into a liquid after making contact with the surface of a cold bottle.
In laboratories and industry, vacuum flasks are often used to store liquids which become gaseous at well below ambient temperature, such as oxygen and nitrogen ; in this case, the leakage of heat into the extremely cold interior of the bottle results in a slow " boiling-off " of the liquid so that a narrow unstoppered opening, or a stoppered opening protected by a pressure relief valve, is necessary to prevent pressure from building up and shattering the flask.
Port, like other wine, should be stored in a cool but not cold, dark location ( as light can damage the port ), with a steady temperature ( such as a cellar ), laying the bottle on its side if the bottle has a cork, or standing up if stoppered.
A cold bottle of Unicum
Highly unsaturated oils, and especially poor quality oils, can spontaneously oxidize and turn rancid within a short period of time when they are not stored properly ; i. e., in a cool / cold, dark place, preferably in a dark glass bottle.
Jonge jenever is sometimes served cold from a bottle kept in a freezer.
Some red wines, particularly those designed for early drinking, are cold stabilized so as to prevent the precipitation of unsightly tartrate crystals in the bottle.
The majority of the coffees offered in the vending machines is either served warm or cold for roughly 120 yen for a can or bottle.
Released onto the New Zealand market in 1997 and Australia a short time later, V was something particularly different in the cold drinks market, with a distinct bottle and can it served as a contrast against other caffeinated cold drinks that were on the market in 1997.
' Both the glass and the bottle of cold beer had been brought to him by Caroline.
The bottle was forgotten and left in the cold water over the Winter.
A star-lit feast of fresh oyster with a cold beer or a bottle of bubbly is a uniquely Mayesien experience!
Another way is to place the cup / bottle into a cold water bath, which is called 冰鎮奶茶.
The story is told from the perspective of three different individuals, whose tales are interspersed with the chorus: " So pass around the bottle boys, let's talk about old times / Night's rollin ' in, it's cold as sin / Here on the welfare line ".
* A simple, double-walled or otherwise insulated container that keeps a chilled bottle of wine cold is called a glacette.
A tab in the shape of a frog ( the company's mascot ) is white when the bottle is warm and becomes blue when the bottle is cold, indicating that the soju is ready to drink.

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