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columnist and once
In May 1999, Terry Keane, gossip columnist and once wife of former Chief Justice, Ronan Keane, revealed on The Late Late Show that she and Haughey had conducted a 27-year extramarital affair.
On the contrary, advice columnist Ann Landers once commented, " Navels are neither sexy nor obscene.
On the contrary, American columnist Kathleen Parker in an article about Katharine Hepburn once commented, " Young movie-going girls today don't have access to many in the mold of Katherine Hepburn.
A columnist wrote in the Plain Dealer on July 8: " Cleveland's man in the street is the right sort of American, as was evidenced right solidly once more by the response to the question: ' How does the signing of Larry Doby by the Indians strike you?
Graig Nettles wrote in his book ' Balls ' ( 1984 ) co-written with sports historian Peter Golenbock ( who also wrote Number 1 with Martin, and the 1994 Martin biography Wild, High and Tight ) that Billy was once analyzed by Dr. Joyce Brothers, psychologist and advice columnist.
Matt Weinstock, a Los Angeles newspaper columnist, once remarked that Fowler's chili " was reputed to open eighteen sinus cavities unknown to the medical profession.
It was once a favourite watering-hole of the painter Francis Bacon, whose house on Queens Road still remains as it was when he died, and several journalists and writers have been based in the lower end of the town: George Gale ( former editor of The Spectator, Daily Telegraph cartoonist and Daily Express columnist ) parodied by Private Eye magazine as ' George G. Ale ', and Peregrine Worsthorne, ( former editor of the Sunday Telegraph ) both had homes there.
Despite her relatively low public profile, Aline Chrétien was also recognized as a powerful advisor to her husband ; Maclean's magazine once wrote, " Never mind calling her the power behind the throne — she shares the seat of power ", and columnist Allan Fotheringham later called her the second most powerful political figure in Canada, behind her husband but ahead of any elected Member of Parliament or any staffer in the PMO.
She began her career as a cleanliness counselor as a columnist for a Michigan newspaper, and she once owned a restoration business for homes that had suffered fires in her native state.
Because a large area of hair is removed at once, it could be painful, though a Guardian columnist has declared that when done professionally " with a cat's cradle of fine thread " it can be quick and painless.
Logan, TV Guide's soap columnist, once called McKinsey "… the greatest actress ever to grace daytime drama ".
According to legend, he once admitted to the gossip columnist Lucius Beebe: “ The trouble with me is that I start with a big message and end up with nothing but good entertainment .”
Writers once closely associated with the Weekly but let go by the paper's current management include Meyerson, classical music critic Alan Rich, theater critic Steven Leigh Morris, film critic Ella Taylor, and columnist Marc Cooper.
" New York Times columnist Safire updated his description of Hillary Clinton to " habitual prevaricator ", saying " the evidence that she has been lying all along is damning " and comparing her dark side to that of Richard Nixon, in whose White House he had once worked.
Brennan said at his retirement that he considered it the most important case he'd ever decided ; conservative columnist David Frum once opined that the case was a major factor in New York City's 1975 budget meltdown.
William L. Strickland, professor of political science at University of Massachusetts Amherst says " Rankin was an equal opportunity bigot ", he once called the Jewish newspaper columnist Walter Winchell ' the little kike '.
In an analysis of the 15-second teaser spots, Stuart Elliott, advertising columnist of The New York Times, called Mayhem " a throwback to a kind of ad character that was once hugely popular: the bad guy who causes problems that the product being advertised solves ," comparing Winters ' character to the Noid in ads for Domino's Pizza in the 1980s, or the Spotmaker in early Calgonite ads.
Self-syndicated newspaper columnist Michael McManus once said that his goal in writing his weekly column was " to suggest answers to problems of the old industrial states.
Her impact as a dancer was so profound that columnist Mark Hellinger once said of her in 1922: " Only two people in America would bring every reporter in New York to the docks to see them off.

columnist and labeled
In 1985, as U. S. support was flowing to the mujahideen, Savimbi's UNITA, and the Nicaraguan contras, columnist Charles Krauthammer, in an essay for Time magazine, labeled the policy the " Reagan Doctrine ," and the name stuck.
While the media sometimes labeled him a " turncoat ", some commentators, such as the Canberra Times columnist John Warhurst, defended his need to be a " team player " if he was going to play the political game " from the inside ".
In the final years of the Cold War, Johns and other conservatives helped develop, implement and sustain a vastly more aggressive U. S. foreign policy, in which the U. S. consciously and pro-actively challenged the Soviet Union's global military engagements and alliances in Africa, Asia and Latin America in what columnist Charles Krauthammer, in a Time magazine column, first labeled the " Reagan Doctrine.
The Indians again faced Ed Lopat and the Yankees on September 14 in what Associated Press columnist Jack Hand labeled " one BIG game.

columnist and him
Later, George W. Bush was symbolized by a Stetson hat atop the same invisible point, because he was Governor of Texas prior to his presidency ( Trudeau accused him of being “ all hat and no cattle ”, reiterating the characterization of Bush by columnist Molly Ivins ).
Frank Costello helped encourage this view by feeding Hoover, " an inveterate horseplayer " known to send Special Agents to place $ 100 bets for him, tips on sure winners through their mutual friend, gossip columnist Walter Winchell.
Following a screening of the Zanuck version, columnist Walter Winchell approached the studio head and told him, " I didn't get ending.
Dunne was a columnist whose Mr. Dooley satires won him national recognition.
He was known as the King of the One Liners, a title bestowed upon him by columnist Walter Winchell.
Scott Ostler, another Los Angeles Times columnist, wrote of Dávila, " There's nothing marketable about him, except for one thing.
Walter Winchell credited Guinan with opening the insider Broadway scene and cafe society to him when he was starting as a gossip columnist.
Webb was in his mid-fifties when actor / director Otto Preminger chose him over the objections of 20th Century Fox chief Darryl F. Zanuck to play the elegant but evil radio columnist Waldo Lydecker, who is obsessed with Gene Tierney's character in the 1944 film noir Laura.
Movie columnist Louella Parsons, upon first being introduced to him, asked, " What's the joke?
In 1979, an out-of-state columnist, Mike Royko, at the Chicago Sun-Times, picked up on the nickname from Brown's girlfriend at the time, Linda Ronstadt, who was quoted in a 1978 Rolling Stone magazine interview humorously calling him " Moonbeam ".< ref >
" Veja columnist Roberto Pompeu de Toledo deemed him " the perfect oligarch ".
" A salary dispute ended the column: Allen wanted only $ 60 a week to give up his theater work to become a full-time columnist, but his editor tried a sleight-of-hand based on the paper's ad rates to deny him.
Shortly after the Indians had honored Doby by naming a nearby street after him, The Plain Dealer columnist Bill Livingston wrote, " The Larry Doby way of pioneering was the same as the Jackie Robinson way in the National League, only Doby's debut occurred six short weeks later and with almost no advance preparation by Doby or the Indians.
" Washington columnist Joseph Alsop, like Jenkins a closeted homosexual, wrote publicly in support of Jenkins and sent him a letter of support as well.
In September 1966, Mário Rodrigues Filho, a Brazilian journalist, columnist and sports figure, died, leading to the administrators of the stadium renaming the stadium after him to Estádio Jornalista Mário Rodrigues Filho.
In 2010, Lee, together with the two former prime minister preceded him, Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong, threatened legal action against The New York Times Company which owns the International Herald Tribune regarding an Op-Ed piece titled ‘ All in the Family ’ of 15 February 2010 by Philip Bowring, a freelance columnist and former editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review.
Though Vaughn's powerful personality and extensive charity work made him a popular figure in Boston, he had many issues with the Red Sox management and local media ; his disagreements with Boston Globe sports columnist Will McDonough and Red Sox general manager Dan Duquette were particularly acute.
He was even implicated in both scandal and controversy when, during World War II, Scotland Yard suspected him of fifth columnist sabotage and mounted a surprise raid to seize works thought to contain coded messages to the enemy.
Journalist Carl Rowan commented in a June 10 column that the guilty plea came " at a time when the judge was making noises about dismissing the charges against him " and speculated that Colson was preparing to reveal highly damaging information against Nixon, an expectation shared by columnist Clark Mollenhoff ; Mollenhoff even went so far as to suggest that for Colson not to become a " devastating witness " would cast doubt on the sincerity of his conversion.
Described in 1997 by The Times columnist Matthew Parris as a " classic House of Commons bore ", his speeches were compared by Labour MP Stephen Pound with " root canal surgery without anaesthetic ", but Parris added in 2001 " You underestimate him at your peril.
The Times columnist Daniel Finkelstein has condemned those who attempt to belittle Cameron by calling him ' Dave '.
A regular columnist of the Catholic Herald newspaper, she launched a sharp attack in 1996 on Derek Worlock, the former Archbishop of Liverpool, shortly after his death, accusing him of being responsible for a strong fall in Mass attendance in the previous decade.
The newspaper took him in as illustrator, probably as a result of intercessions from Vinea, its literary columnist.
When Enright subsequently told him the promise could not be kept because he had sold his shows to NBC itself, Stempel called Jack O ' Brian, a columnist who covered television for the Journal-American.

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