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community and Augustinian
This was long in the custody of the community of Augustinian canonesses who until 1983 lived at the convent at Abbotskerswell Priory, Devon.
The abbey was originally served by a community of Augustinian Canons Regular from Merton Priory and the layout of the original church at Holyrood, now known only from excavations, probably came from the 1125 church at the priory.
Kilburn Priory was a small community of nuns, probably Augustinian canonesses.
Popular pious legend recalls that Rita was flown into the convent by Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Augustine, where she subsequently joined an Augustinian community of religious sisters.
The boys of the Rice family obtained an education at home through Patrick Grace, a member of the small community of Augustinian friars in Callan.
The abbey was founded on St. John's hill in 1076 by Hughes Le Blanc for a community of Augustinian Canons.
It was founded as a community of Augustinian Canons, the canons regular of the Order of Saint Augustine.
St Serf's Inch is the largest of Loch Leven's seven islands and it was the home of a Culdee and then an Augustinian monastic community, St Serf's Inch Priory.
A community of Augustinian canons built a priory here, known as Anglesea or Anglesey Priory, some time during the reign of Henry I ( i. e., between 1100 and 1135 ), and acquired extra land from the nearby village of Bottisham in 1279.
In the 12th century the church was enlarged to serve a community of Augustinian canons.
Augustinian communities often began as small gatherings around a noted hermit before growing into established monasteries, or even small religious orders: the Abbey of Arrouaise in northern France, which had a Shropshire community at nearby Lilleshall Abbey, is an example.
There is a cluster of dedications in the West Midlands region, including the original parish churches of Bridgnorth ( now a redundant church and used for community purposes ) and Bilston, as well as White Ladies Priory, a ruined Augustinian house.
On June 2, 2006, together with the San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders, the Auxiliary Bishop of San Diego Salvatore Cordoleone, the school's President John Keller O. S. A., ASB President Alexander Guittard, and various members of the Augustinian and general school community, the school broke ground for the first phase of the school's building campaign.
It appears however that this community was the one previously established as St. Olav's Abbey, Stavanger, one of the earliest Augustinian monasteries in Norway if not the very earliest: the exact date of its foundation is unknown, but it was well established by 1160.
In 1073, King Sancho installed a community of Augustinian canons, and it was from Loarre that he prepared for the conquest of Huesca in 1094.
As a young man he entered a community of Augustinian canons regular, who served the cathedral, and eventually was professed in that Order and received Holy Orders.
The Roman Catholic Saint Thomas of Villanova Parish run by the Augustinian Order also ran a parochial school, which closed in the 1980s, adjacent to their Rosemont chapel and serving the Rosemont community.
She suggests that a group of reformed Augustinian friars led by the high ranking Giovanni Antonio de Carbonariis, accompanied Cabot on his second voyage in 1498 to establish a religious community in Newfoundland for the Augustinian order of the Carbonara.
However, in 1578, this community was placed under the evangelical visitations of Father Gerónimo Marin, an Augustinian priest who had taken charge of the Christianization of the natives of Binalbagan since the year 1572.
The members live in community under the Augustinian Rule.
Canons Regular are members of certain bodies of priests living in community under the Augustinian Rule (" regula " in Latin ), and sharing their property in common.
The main two areas of contention within the Augustinian community are whether Matthew was originally written in Aramaic using Hebrew script ( see Aramaic primacy ), or if the Greek text is the original, and whether it was Mark or Luke who wrote second.

community and monks
An abbot ( from Old English abbod, abbad, from Latin abbas (“ father ”), from Ancient Greek ἀββᾶς ( abbas ), from Aramaic ܐܒܐ / אבא (’ abbā, “ father ”); confer German Abt ; French abbé ) is the head and chief governor of a community of monks, called also in the East hegumen or archimandrite.
Since the beginnings of the Buddhist community, monks and nuns have had to commit themselves to Five Precepts of moral conduct.
Among his principal miracles are: ( 1 ) procuring of food for a sick monk and curing the wife of his benefactor ; ( 2 ) escape from hurt when surrounded by wolves ; ( 3 ) obedience of a bear which evacuated a cave at his biddings ; ( 4 ) producing a spring of water near his cave ; ( 5 ) repletion of the Luxeuil granary when empty ; ( 6 ) multiplication of bread and beer for his community ; ( 7 ) curing of the sick monks, who rose from their beds at his request to reap the harvest ; ( 8 ) giving sight to a blind man at Orleans ; ( 9 ) taming a bear, and yoking it to a plough.
Arriving at Nazianzus, Gregory found the local Christian community split by theological differences and his father accused of heresy by local monks.
i. e. since the time when Badrabahu, a preacher of this religion and the head of the monks ' community, came to Karnataka from Bihar.
The Sangha or community of ordained Buddhist bhikkhus ( similar to monks ) and original bhikkhunis ( similar to nuns ) was founded by Gautama Buddha during his lifetime over 2500 years ago.
The transmigration of souls became a Manichaean belief, and the quadripartite structure of the Manichaean community, divided between male and female monks ( the " elect ") and lay followers ( the " hearers ") who supported them, appears to be based on that of the Buddhist sangha.
In examining the origins of the monastic cloister, Walter Horn found that " as a manorial entity the Carolingian monastery ... differed little from the fabric of a feudal estate, save that the corporate community of men for whose sustenance this organization was maintained consisted of monks who served God in chant and spent much of their time in reading and writing.
Benedict's concerns were the needs of monks in a community environment: namely, to establish due order, to foster an understanding of the relational nature of human beings, and to provide a spiritual father to support and strengthen the individual's ascetic effort and the spiritual growth that is required for the fulfillment of the human vocation, theosis.
* Chapter 61 provides for the reception of strange monks as guests, and for their admission to the community.
Sangha ( Pali: सन ् घ ; Sanskrit: स ं घ ; Wylie: ' dus sde ) is a word in Pali and Sanskrit meaning " association ", " assembly ," " company " or " community " and most commonly refers in Buddhism to the monastic community of ordained Buddhist monks or nuns.
Some lay practitioners in the West these days use the word " Sangha " as a collective term for all Buddhists, but the Pali Canon uses the word parisā ( Sanskrit, parisad ) for the larger Buddhist communitythe monks, nuns, lay men, and lay women who have taken the Three Refuges — reserving ‘ Sangha ’ for a more restricted use .”
** As one of the reprisals for the attempted assassination of Italian viceroy Rodolfo Graziani, a detachment of Italian troops massacres the entire community of Debre Libanos, killing 297 monks and 23 laymen.
* Saint Winnin, an Irish monk, lands at the mouth of the River Garnock, where he establishes a community or cell of monks, termed cella or " Kil " in Gaelic.
The proven origins are that in the 960s or early 970s, Saint Dunstan, assisted by King Edgar, installed a community of Benedictine monks here.
Increased endowments supported a community increased from a dozen monks in Dunstan's original foundation, up to a maximum about eighty monks, although there was also a large community of lay brothers who supported the Monastery's extensive property and activities.
Monastery ( plural: monasteries ) denotes the building, or complex of buildings, comprising the domestic quarters and workplace ( s ) of monastics, whether monks or nuns, and whether living in community or alone ( hermits ).
In English usage, the term " monastery " is generally used to denote the buildings of a community of monks.
It may be a community of men ( monks ) or of women ( nuns ).
* A cenobium is a monastic community where monks live together, work together, and pray together, following the directions of an abbot and the elder monks.

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