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complete and history
Much criticism has been leveled at this rather forced analogy, but what is equally significant is Adams' complete acceptance of the Biblical record as `` good and trustworthy history ''.
Meanwhile he has been thinking about the facts surrounding the problem, facts which he knows can never be complete, and the general background, much of which has already been lost to history.
So filled was Mel Chandler with the spirit of Garryowen that after Korea was over, he took on the job of writing the complete history of the regiment.
After years of digging, nights and weekends, he put together the big, profusely illustrated book, Of Garryowen And Glory, which is probably the most complete history of any military unit.
* Hansard, George Agar ( 1841 ) The Book of Archery: being the complete history and practice of the art, ancient and modern ... London: H. G. Bohn
( 1983 ); uses advanced " new social history " complete text online free
It reopened on September 27, 2003 after a complete rebuild ( the second in the stadium's history ).
Also, the complete history of the CPAN and all its modules is available as the GitPAN project, allowing to easily see the complete history for all the modules and for easy maintenance of forks.
And support agents require quick and complete access to a client ’ s sales and service history.
One significant eschatological myth, introduced by Gioacchino da Fiore's theology of history, was the " myth of an imminent third age that will renew and complete history " in a " reign of the Holy Spirit "; this " Gioacchinian myth " influenced a number of messianic movements that arose in the late Middle Ages.
( 1967 ), the scholarly history of the entire CCC complete text online
The complete history of The Elements of Style is detailed in Mark Garvey's Stylized: A Slightly Obsessive History of Strunk & White's The Elements of Style.
In his Church History or Ecclesiastical History, Eusebius wrote the first surviving history of the Christian Church as a chronologically-ordered account, based on earlier sources complete from the period of the Apostles to his own epoch.
Additionally, in modern Jewish eschatology, it is believed that history will complete itself and the ultimate destination will be when all mankind returns to the Garden of Eden.
* National Technological University, Argentina, has a complete history program on its offered careers.
The Iron Age in Finland is considered to last from c. 500 BC until c. 1150 AD when the Swedish Conquest of Finland was complete and written history in Finland ( the Middle Ages ) begins.
Below is a complete record of how many teams played in each season throughout the league's history ;
It is also believed that history will complete itself and the ultimate destination will be reached when all mankind returns to the Garden of Eden.
When women do seek medical attention, medical professionals often fail to take a complete medical history.
A patient's complete history helps medical professionals identify higher risk areas and corrects assumptions about the personal histories of women.
In 1993, the club won its first league title since 1967, and a year later, for the first time since 1957, it won a second consecutive title – alongside the FA Cup – to complete the first " Double " in the club's history.

complete and book
My last gift to him is complete silence until the book is out and the first heated discussion dies down.
Andronicus wrote a work upon Aristotle, the fifth book of which contained a complete list of the philosopher's writings, and he also wrote commentaries upon the Physics, Ethics, and Categories.
While the complete title of the book is the Acts of the Apostles, really the book focuses on only two men: The Apostle Peter ( chs.
Steiner described many exercises he said were suited to strengthening such self-discipline ; the most complete exposition of these is found in his book How To Know Higher Worlds.
The book was introduced in Calvin's Commentary as a complete and finished poem:
* The Oxford Book of Ballads, complete 1910 book by Arthur Quiller-Couch
Boris Pasternak wrote his last complete book, When the Weather Clears, in 1959.
The work of 1549 was the first prayer book to include the complete forms of service for daily and Sunday worship in English.
The original form of the theorem, contained in a third-century AD book The Mathematical Classic of Sun Zi ( 孫子算經 ) by Chinese mathematician Sun Tzu and later generalized with a complete solution called Da yan shu ( 大衍术 ) in a 1247 book by Qin Jiushao, the Shushu Jiuzhang ( 數書九章 Mathematical Treatise in Nine Sections ) is a statement about simultaneous congruences ( see modular arithmetic ).
The book was a complete financial and critical failure.
In 1827, the German scientist Georg Ohm expressed his law in this famous book " Die galvanische Kette, mathematisch bearbeitet " ( The Galvanic Circuit Investigated Mathematically ) in which he gave his complete theory of electricity.
The only surviving complete works by Epicurus are three letters, which are to be found in book X of Diogenes Laertius ' Lives of Eminent Philosophers, and two groups of quotes: the Principal Doctrines, reported as well in Diogenes ' book X, and the Vatican Sayings, preserved in a manuscript from the Vatican Library.
Their magnum opus, a book claiming a complete and detailed proof ( with a microfiche supplement of over 400 pages ), appeared in 1989 and explained Schmidt's discovery and several further errors found by others.
In his book " Easy the Hard Way ", Joe Pasternak, head of one of the other musical units within MGM, singled out Kelly for his patience and willingness to spend as much time as necessary to enable the ailing Garland to complete her part.
The early Tintin adventures each took about a year to complete, after which they were released in book form by Le Petit Vingtième and, from 1934, by the Casterman publishing house.
* The Rotting Goddess by Yakov Rabinovich, complete book included in the anthology " Junkyard of the Classics " published under the pseudonym Ellipsis Marx.
His techniques and methods, documented in his book and his USC class, enabled him to complete most of his films on time and under budget.
Richard Dawkins cited Jaynes ' ideas in his book The God Delusion, stating " It is one of those books that is either complete rubbish or a work of consummate genius, nothing in between ...".
This book contains a complete bibliography of articles and books of Dupuis.
The first complete mathematical formulation of this approach is generally credited to John von Neumann's 1932 book Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, although Hermann Weyl had already referred to Hilbert spaces ( which he called unitary spaces ) in his 1927 classic paper and book.

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