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conservative and criticism
It became the focus of criticism from social conservatives, such as Michael Medved, while others, such as David Letterman, and the conservative magazine National Review, defended it as a cleverly subversive vehicle for social criticism and a particularly creative and intelligent comedy.
The efforts of Clarke and Lindsey met with substantial criticism to stifle attempts at reform, from the more conservative laity, priests and bishops who held substantial power within the Church of England.
" FDR's attempt to break the " two-term " tradition had also earned criticism from some conservative Democrats ( such as John Nance Garner ), and Willkie hoped to win their support.
He primarily worked for Fraser's Magazine, a sharp-witted and sharp-tongued conservative publication, for which he produced art criticism, short fictional sketches, and two longer fictional works, Catherine and The Luck of Barry Lyndon.
Initiated by Thomas Henry Huxley, the group consisted of such important scientists as Joseph Dalton Hooker, Herbert Spencer, and John Tyndall, along with another five scientists and mathematicians ; these scientists were all avid supporters of Darwin ’ s theory of evolution as common descent, a theory which, during the latter-half of the 19th century, received a great deal of criticism among more conservative groups of scientists.
The criticism of antitrust law is often associated with conservative politics.
For example, conservative legal scholar, judge, and failed Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork is well known for his outspoken criticism of the antitrust regime.
Today interest in literary theory and Continental philosophy coexists in university literature departments with a more conservative literary criticism which the New Critics would probably have approved of.
The series, however, now deals with a wide range of contemporary issues including illicit affairs, drug abuse, rape, and civil partnerships, inviting criticism from conservative commentators such as Peter Hitchens that the series has become a vehicle for liberal and left-wing values and agendas, with characters behaving out of character to achieve those goals.
Lyons ' government was cautious and pragmatic, establishing good relations with business and the conservative government in Canberra, but attracting some criticism from unionists within his own party.
Denver's criticism of the conservative politics of the 1980s was expressed in his autobiographical folk-rock ballad " Let Us Begin ( What Are We Making Weapons For ).
There is criticism of PETA from both the conservative and radical ends of the movement.
Responding to criticism of the newspaper's coverage during the run-up to the 2008 presidential election, Howell wrote: " The opinion pages have strong conservative voices ; the editorial board includes centrists and conservatives ; and there were editorials critical of Obama.
The Central Government did not receive much criticism, although there was a significant rise in letters of conservative advice.
Judith A. Reisman (; born April 11, 1935 ) is an American cultural conservative writer best known for her criticism and condemnation of the work and legacy of Alfred Kinsey.
According to Helen Burns “ Roosevelt met with severe criticism from the liberals and the progressives for not nationalizing the bank during the period of crisis .” She states “ there seems little doubt that he could have done this ” but she also concludes Roosevelt “ did not believe in a government-owned and-operated bank ” and was ultimately pragmatic or even conservative in his approach to banking legislation.
In September 2004 the US conservative blogosphere erupted with criticism of France when a New York Post opinion piece claimed that Le Figaro reported that Raffarin said " the Iraqi insurgents are our best allies ".
Although many of these poets wrote socially-aware criticism of the war, most remained technically conservative and traditionalist.
Although he was regarded as a conservative and a hawk on foreign policies, Fukuda drew international criticism when he caved in to the demands of a group of terrorists who hijacked Japan Airlines Flight 472, saying " Jinmei wa chikyû yori omoi ( The value of a human life outweighs the Earth ).
For its anti-war, pro-immigration, and anti-capital punishment stances, the AFSC receives criticism from many socially conservative groups.
Union Bank of Switzerland, suffering criticism of its conservative business model, was looking for ways to catch up to its key Swiss rivals and viewed LTCM as the type of client that could help accelerate the bank's growth.
Another political text of his was published in Zurich in 1829, this time anonymously: Della riforma della Costituzione ticinese (" On the reform of the Ticino's constitution "), a call for reform, including an outline of how a liberal constitution should be drafted, and a strong criticism of the canton's restaurative and conservative institutions.
Political analysts, however, viewed him as an indispensable member of the cabinet, who would insulate Schröder from conservative criticism on issues of crime and immigration.

conservative and higher
This ratio is higher with more conservative ( i. e., earlier, soon after BDC ) intake cam timing, and lower with more radical ( i. e., later, long after BDC ) intake cam timing, but always lower than the static or " nominal " compression ratio.
The errors introduced will result in conservative results ( i. e., higher transmission losses and lower bandwidths ) than would be realized under equilibrium conditions.
Countries with conservative attitudes towards sex education ( including the UK and the U. S .) have a higher incidence of STIs and teenage pregnancy.
The Ba ' ath won only five percent of the seats on the higher committees, while the more traditional conservative parties “ won ” a significant majority.
Current estimates as to the number of child laborers in the country range from the government's conservative estimate of 12 million children under 13 years of age to the much higher estimates of children's rights activists, which hover around 60 million.
Given the very conservative engineering of the early IBM personal computers and their higher than average prices, this was not a terribly difficult task at first, bar only the great technical challenge of crafting a BIOS that duplicated the function of the IBM BIOS exactly but did not infringe on copyrights.
In recent years Brunel has been the subject of controversy as its approach to higher education has been both market-driven and politically conservative.
Politically, the majority of the district parliament ( Kreistag ) is traditionally conservative ( CDU ), with higher levels of conservative votes the farther the distance from Freiburg ( which has a red-green majority ).
The conservative proponent of institutions the way they are progressing, would, in Rudolph Carnap's words " pretend to teach knowledge which is of a higher level than that of empirical science.
It is particularly common in political arguments: " My opponent is a conservative who voted against higher taxes and welfare, therefore he will also oppose gun control and abortion.
Since conservative replication would result in equal amounts of DNA of the higher and lower densities ( but no DNA of an intermediate density ), conservative replication was excluded.
The Bible Belt is an informal term for a region in the south-eastern and south-central United States in which socially conservative evangelical Protestantism is a significant part of the culture and Christian church attendance across the denominations is generally higher than the nation's average.
Despite being a Republican and a self-styled conservative, Evans became known for his administration's liberal policies on environmental protection ( he founded the country's first state-level Department of Ecology, which became Nixon's blueprint for the federal EPA ) and strong support of the state's higher education system, including founding Washington's system of community colleges.
In this document, the group categorized socialism as " the collective ownership of the means of production for the common good and welfare " and called upon " the wage-workers and all those in sympathy with their historical mission to realize a higher civilization " to sever ties with existing conservative capitalist and reformist political parties and to instead work for " the establishment of a system of cooperative production and distribution.
However reaction against higher criticism in biblical scholarship and the influence of James Dwight Dana led him to become increasingly theologically conservative.
Evidence from the General Social Survey indicates that higher fertility and earlier childbearing among women from conservative denominations explains 76 % of the observed trend: conservative denominations have grown their own.
On the other hand, he incurred the strong opposition of the conservative and landed section of the Catholics, of some of the higher clergy like Cardinal Archbishop Felix von Hartmann of Cologne, and of the Bavarian agricultural interests as represented by the Bavarian Catholic People's Party in the State Diet at Munich and in the Reichstag in Berlin.
A 2004 study found that Canada had a slightly higher mortality rate for acute myocardial infarction ( heart attack ) because of the more conservative Canadian approach to revascularizing ( opening ) coronary arteries.
In patients unfit for open repair, EVAR plus conservative management was associated with no benefit, more complications, subsequent procedures and higher costs compared to conservative management alone.
In his decade in Congress, McEwen compiled a conservative voting record, usually scoring in the single digits in the annual Americans for Democratic Action ratings and 85 % or higher in the American Conservative Union's similar polls, though McEwen was never one of the most conservative Republicans in the House nor the most conservative Republican in the Ohio delegation.

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