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constable and from
The young constable with bulging eyes, fourth from right, is Arbuckle's nephew Al St. John.
Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in his 1904 novel The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, " It seemed to be one of those senseless acts of Hooliganism which occur from time to time, and it was reported to the constable on the beat as such ".
The Book of Pluscarden describes ' a detestable split and most unworthy difference arising from jealosy ' within the Scottish camp and the historian Michael Brown explains that a contemporary source has James appointing his young and inexperienced cousin Robert Stewart of Atholl as the constable of the host ahead of the experienced march wardens the earls of Douglas and Angus.
John Okey, one of the regicides who signed the death warrant of Charles I, was brought back from Holland along with Miles Corbet, friend and lawyer to Cromwell, and John Barkstead, former constable of the Tower of London.
David fails to convince the constable that she is making everything up " from motion pictures she's seen.
The castle was captured on 31 October 1321 by the forces of Edward II from Margaret de Clare, Baroness Badlesmere, wife of the castle's constable, Bartholomew de Badlesmere, 1st Baron Badlesmere who had left her in charge during his absence.
It is revealed in the final episode of the British science fiction and police procedural drama television series Ashes to Ashes ( and by extension its prequel Life on Mars ) that Gene Hunt is the soul of a murdered constable, and part of a supernatural limbo populated by other dead or dying police officers ( often due to injuries sustained in the line of duty ), many of them displaced from their original time periods.
The book is written from the perspectives of several people-Merlin Van Tornhout and Johnny Reeves, both members of the Ku Klux Klan, Sara Chickering, a farmer, Esther Hirsh, a six-year-old Jewish girl, Leonora Sutter, an African American girl, Iris Weaver, a resteraunteur, Harvey and Viola Pettibone, who are shop owners, Reynard Alexander, a newspaper editor, Fitzgerald Flitt, the doctor, and Percelle Johnson, the town constable.
Gerald de Windsor, ancestor of the FitzGeralds of Ireland, was constable of Pembroke Castle from 1102.
A constable policed the town, although without a vehicle he relied on the generosity of locals to transport him from place to place.
In the powder room the constable was found with his throat cut ; he had tried to blow up the ship but his own crew killed him first and drenched the powder, claiming afterwards the man had cut his own throat from pure frustration.
However, Melisende also appointed Manasses of Hierges, constable of Jerusalem, as an advisor, and the two essentially excluded Baldwin from power.
Historically, the title comes from the Latin comes stabuli ( count of the stables ) and originated from the Eastern Roman Empire ; originally, the constable was the officer responsible for keeping the horses of a lord or monarch.
The position of constable originated from the Byzantine Empire ; by the 5th century AD the Count of the Stable (, ), was responsible for the keeping of horses at the imperial court.
Under the Duke of York's government the constable was elected from one of four overseers of the town or parish.
A constable requires an extensive knowledge of civil law, and the criminal law aspects that may arise from civil law violations.
Modern-day New Jersey police officers inherit their authority from the constable.
The duties of a Texas constable generally include providing bailiffs for the justice of the peace court ( s ) within his precinct and serving process issued therefrom and from any other court.
Every police station is to have a Special Branch head constable or Assistant Sub-Inspector ( ASI ) ( working plain clothes or Mufti ), he would be observing the society in general, and also taking reports from the uniformed police constables on general patrol.
Harlech was established with a garrison of 36 men: a constable, 30 men, including 10 crossbowmen, a chaplain, a smith, carpenter and stonemason, and Master James was rewarded by being made the constable of Harlech from 1290 – 93.
Initially, Dixon continued in the same role as in the film The Blue Lamp, a constable based at the fictitious Dock Green police station in the East End of London, which replaced Paddington Green police station from the film.
Mid-July, the constable in Andover invited the afflicted girls from Salem Village to visit with his wife to try to determine who was causing her afflictions.
One night, in the midst of a fierce storm, IRB leader Tim O ' Leary ( Barry Foster )– who had killed a police constable earlier – and a small band of comrades arrive in Ryan's pub and strong-arm him into helping them recover a shipment of German arms from the storm.

constable and England
Back in England, he volunteered to be a special constable in the event of Chartist rioting.
João das Regras was appointed as chancellor and Nuno Álvares Pereira as constable, and requested England to intervene.
His early New England ancestors include Thomas Bascom, constable of Northampton, Massachusetts, who came to America in 1634.
In Paris for an unknown period of time, Hooper returned to England to serve Sir John St Loe, constable of Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire, Arundell's nephew.
When executing a warrant issued in England & Wales or Northern Ireland, a constable may use reasonable force and has specified search powers provided by section 139 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.
A constable from England & Wales has:
* in England and Wales, the same power of arrest as a constable from England & Wales would have under section 24 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 ( necessity test ).
* in England and Wales, the same power of arrest as a constable from England & Wales would have under section 24 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 ( necessity test ).
When a constable arrests a person in England & Wales, the constable is subject to the requirements of section 28 ( informing of arrest ), section 30 ( taking to a designated police station ) and section 32 ( search on arrest ).
Upon taking an oath for one of these forces, they have all the powers and privileges, duties and responsibilities of a constable in one of the three distinct legal systems-either England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, and the territorial waters of that country.
Already on 8 February 1395 / 96 he was, on a commission with several knights and clerks to hear an appeal in a case of John Molton, Esquire v. John Shawe, citizen of London, from Sir John Cheyne kt., sitting for the constable of England in a court of chivalry.
During the reign of king Canute the manor of Saltwood was granted to the priory of Christ Church in Canterbury, but during the 12th century it became home of Henry d ' Essex, constable of England.
For the first time, it introduced controls for long-barrelled shotguns, in the form of Shotgun Certificates which, like Firearm Certificates, were issued by an area's chief constable in England, Scotland, and Wales.
The High Court Tipstaff may appoint three assistants and can call on any constable, bailiff or member of the public to assist in carrying out their duties and their jurisdiction extends throughout England & Wales.
The County Police Act 1839 gave the counties of England and Wales the opportunity to establish full-time police forces, headed by a chief constable who was appointed by the justices of the peace of the county.
* In 2007, UNISON, the union that represents most PCSOs in England and Wales ( there are no PCSOs in Scotland ), called for a standard uniform for PCSOs that would be similar to a constable with the exception of blue and white chequered hat band, blue tie and epaulettes but all other uniform and stab vest police constable standard issue.

constable and &
Some towns with large Resident Trooper & Constable programs will include State Police Sergeants in the Resident Trooper program to provide an appropriate level of supervision to full-time constable forces.

constable and Wales
Barrington disclosed the plot to the captain, and the latter, on reaching New South Wales, reported him favourably to the authorities, with the result that in 1792 Barrington obtained a warrant of emancipation ( the first issued ), becoming subsequently superintendent of convicts and later high constable of Parramatta.
" Sadly we have no record of the words actually used by the police constable as he stood sternly surveying the scene in the Wynnstay Arms, Ruabon, on that May night in 1876 ; but what they amounted to was that even if the gentlemen were busy forming the Football Association of Wales it was past closing time so would they mind forming it somewhere else … "
In another case, Chief Constable of the North Wales Police v. Evans ( 1982 ), a chief constable required a police probationer to resign on account of allegations about his private life which he was given no fair opportunity to rebut.
He was created Earl of Kent on 30 May 1465, shortly after the marriage of his eldest son, Anthony, to the king's sister-in-law, Joan Woodville ( she is sometimes known as Eleanor Woodville ) He was then appointed chief justice of the county of Meryonnyth, North Wales and constable of Harlech.
The badge is a black cloth patch similar to the metal shield used by some other forces ; North Wales Police PCSO's like their constable counterparts wear black baseball caps with a blue band ( originally it was a white and blue chequered band ) with " POLICE SUPPORT " written in both English and Welsh.

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