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controversial and Amendment
During her first term, Bhutto vowed to repeal the controversial Hudood Ordinance and to revert the Eight Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan.
In 2011, it was announced at the New Zealand First annual convention that if elected to parliament in the 2011 General Election the party would repeal the controversial Crimes ( Substituted Section 59 ) Amendment Act 2007 ( widely known as the Anti-Smacking Legislation ), which a vast majority of New Zealanders rejected in a 2009 citizen-initiated referendum.
Moore joined Aderholt when Aderholt introduced the Constitution Restoration Act, controversial legislation which would remove issues regarding the First Amendment to the Constitution from the reach of the Federal Courts.
The Flag Desecration Amendment, often referred to as the Flag-burning Amendment, is a controversial proposed constitutional amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow the United States Congress to statutorily prohibit expression of political views through the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.
Despite the exceptions, the legal protections of the First Amendment are some of the broadest of any industrialized nation, and remain a critical, and occasionally controversial, component of American jurisprudence.
The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland removed from the constitution a controversial reference to the " special position " of the Roman Catholic Church as well as recognition of certain other named religious denominations.
The Sixth Amendment was introduced by a Fianna Fáil government but was supported by every other major political party and not controversial.
The Amendment has been a controversial law and has resulted in several notorious examples:
Solomon was also the originator and sponsor of the Solomon Amendment, a controversial amendment to United States Code that precluded the receipt of federal government funds by colleges and universities unless they provided equal access to military recruiters as they did private employers.
( First Amendment Exercise Machine ), contains other articles with many controversial remarks that may be offensive.
The controversial subject matter dealing with gays in the United States military provoked the United States Navy to threaten a First Amendment lawsuit — the first time a court would be required to determine whether First Amendment protections afforded to traditional media applied to electronic publishing as well.
As a result of the Civil Rights Movement challenging the restrictions and discrimination practiced against blacks exercise of constitutional rights, a series of US Supreme Court cases, beginning with Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, the 24th Amendment, and federal legislation: the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 had overturned the most controversial aspects of the 1902 Constitution – the provisions restricting voting by African Americans and mandating school segregation.
Rodey's tenure on the bench was controversial and he became involved in the political dispute that culminated in adoption of the Olmsted Amendment and led some prominent Puerto Rican attorneys to unsuccessfully advocate for the abolition of the federal court in Puerto Rico or severely limit its jurisdiction.
The Intelligence Services Amendment Act 2004 was passed by the Parliament of Australia on 1 April 2004 as an amendment to the original Intelligence Services Act 2001 ( ISA ), granting controversial new powers to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service.
In another more serious legal dispute, Plano ISD was found to have violated First Amendment rights of parents during public meetings about the implementation of a controversial new math curriculum, " Connected Math ".
The Workplace Relations Act 1996, as amended by the Workplace Relations Amendment Act 2005, popularly known as Work Choices, was a Legislative Act of the Australian Parliament that came into effect in March 2006 which involved many controversial amendments to the Workplace Relations Act 1996, the main federal statute which regulated industrial relations in Australia.
After the controversial decision, Columbia University president Lee Bollinger spoke out on Khalidi's behalf, writing: " The department's decision to dismiss Professor Khalidi from the program was wrong and violates First Amendment principles ....
Recorded Vote 74 was the controversial Hughes Amendment that called for the banning of machine guns.
The written work typically comments on current events related to controversial legal topics such as The Stolen Valor Act, contraception, and First Amendment rights.

controversial and anti-abortion
Though it is active in many controversial social issues and cases, the Law Center is most widely known for its instigation, litigation and loss of the Dover, Pennsylvania intelligent design case, defending LtCol Jeffrey Chessani against misconduct allegations during the November 2005 Haditha killings, its strong anti-abortion position, and for its current federal lawsuit against the government regarding the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

controversial and clause
In 2005 the government of Premier Jean Charest decided not to renew the clause, abrogate Article 5 of the Public Education Act, modify Article 41 of the Quebec Charter of Rights and then eliminate the choice in moral and religious instruction that existed previously and, finally, impose a controversial new Ethics and religious culture curriculum to all schools, even the private ones.
This move was politically controversial, both among Quebec nationalists who were unhappy with the changes to the Charter of the French Language, and among English-speaking Quebecers who opposed the use of the notwithstanding clause.
The most controversial clause in the act was the abolishment of hereditary rights of temple priests as well as limited right to garner a share of the hundi proceeds.
In 1998, Menem's attempt to stand for re-election a second time, by means of an ad hoc interpretation of a constitutional clause, met with strong resistance among Peronist rank-and-file, who were finding themselves under increasing pressure due to the highly controversial policies of the Menem administration and its involvement in corruption scandals.
The most unusual part of the LPPL — and equally the most controversial — used to be the ' filename clause ': You must not distribute the modified file with the filename of the original file.
The act includes a controversial clause allowing police to make searches and arrest suspects in public places without a warrant.
But, in order to eliminate the ceteris paribus clause in this analysis, a philosopher would need to know every sort of causal event that could possibly override any other sort of causal event — and, even if there is in principle some finite list that exhausts all of these possibilities ( a philosophically controversial claim ), that list is, for certain, not known to the person claiming to be giving a definition of causality.
Ruth Kelly also voted for the introduction of identity cards, voted for replacing Trident and argued against the addition of a sunset clause in part 2 of the controversial Civil Contingencies Act 2004.
Even though Flood was making $ 90, 000 at the time, he likened the reserve clause to slavery ; it was a controversial analogy, even among those who opposed the reserve clause.
An unsigned editorial in the Winnipeg Free Press argued: " The other major pillar of Mr. Lyon's legacy -- the inclusion of the notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a defence of the supremacy of elected parliaments over unelected courts -- was controversial when he first supported it and remains so today.
Similarly controversial is the status of the subordinate clause, often termed the " cleft clause ".
The Israeli government agreed that a controversial draft proposal, clause 5 ( c ) of the Law of Citizenship of 1952, be brought before the Knesset to be legislated.
In a somewhat controversial move the trustees interpreted this clause loosely and declared that the merger would be the only way to prevent the corporation from suffering a long term loss of value.
In 2001, as with legislation restricting tobacco sponsorship in Hong Kong, the tournament sponsorship was proven to be controversial, when its official logo was altered to include the logo of Perrier, causing anti-smoking campaigners to claim that the organisers exploited a loophole in its sponsorship clause.

controversial and ),
* Adrian von Walenburch ( died 1669 ), auxiliary bishop of Cologne and controversial Dutch Roman Catholic theologian
The largest genera are Draba ( 365 species ), Cardamine ( 200 species, but its definition is controversial ), Erysimum ( 225 species ), Lepidium ( 230 species ), and Alyssum ( 195 species ).
His silent films usually centred on the Tramp's plight in poverty and his run-ins with the law, but also explored controversial topics, such as immigration ( The Immigrant, 1917 ), illegitimacy ( The Kid, 1921 ) and drug use ( Easy Street, 1917 ).
As recently as the late 1990s it was rather run-down ; it underwent a controversial gentrification in recent years ( in conjunction with the development of the nearby University Park at MIT ), and continues to grow more expensive.
, two years after its implementation began, the security situation of inside Colombia has shown some measure of an improvement and the economy, while still fragile, has also shown some positive signs according to observers, but relatively little has yet to have been accomplished in structurally solving most of the country's other grave problems, possibly in part due to legislative and political conflicts between the administration and the Colombian Congress ( including those over the controversial project to eventually re-elect Uribe ), and a relative lack of freely allocated funds and credits.
__NOTOC__The current Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile, approved by Chilean voters in a controversial and tightly controlled plebiscite on September 11, 1980, under the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, partially effective March 11, 1981, fully effective 11 March 1990 and amended considerably on August 17, 1989 ( via referendum ) and on September 22, 2005 ( legislatively ), and also in 1991, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, replaced the earlier constitution of 1925.
Despite the drop on popularity of the romantic dramas, some of them have enjoyed big box office and critical success, as the controversial, groundbreaking Brokeback Mountain ( 2005 ) for example, that won several awards and Slumdog Millionaire ( 2008 ), a critically acclaimed romantic-drama that has been nominated for ten Academy Awards, and went on to win eight of them, including Best Picture.
After signing a letter of submission and promising never to write anything prejudicial against the religion again ( with the result that his most controversial works were henceforth published only after his death ), Diderot was released from the dungeons of the Vincennes fortress after three months.
* Averil Cameron ( professor at King's College and Oxford ) and Stuart Hall ( historian and theologian ), in their recent translation of the Life of Constantine, point out that writers such as Burckhardt found it necessary to attack Eusebius in order to undermine the ideological legitimacy of the Habsburg empire, which based itself on the idea of Christian empire derived from Constantine, and that the most controversial letter in the Life has since been found among the papyri of Egypt.
In insulin potentiation therapy ( IPT ), insulin is a controversial supplement to low-dose chemotherapy.
They are issued in response to questions by ordinary Muslims, and go unnoticed by those not concerned, while the much smaller number of fatwā issued on controversial subjects, such as war, jihad, and dhimmis ( particularly by extremist preachers ), sometimes get wide coverage in the media because of their political content ( see examples below ).
Criticizability, in contrast to falsifiability, and thus rationality, may be comprehensive ( i. e., have no logical limits ), though this claim is controversial even among proponents of Popper's philosophy and critical rationalism.
In 1941 Capra directed Meet John Doe ( 1941 ), considered by some to be Capra's most controversial movie.
With the release of the Linux kernel in 1991, the primary user of GNU's userland components soon became operating systems based on the Linux kernel ( Linux distributions ), prompting the coining of the controversial term GNU / Linux.
Members of the Mountain went on to establish the Committee of Public Safety in April 1793 under Robespierre, which would be responsible for The Terror ( 5 September 1793 – 28 July 1794 ), the bloodiest and one of the most controversial phases of the French Revolution.
He was also nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in the controversial film Missing in 1982, and for his roles in Some Like It Hot ( 1959 ), The Apartment ( 1960 ), Days of Wine and Roses ( 1962 ), The China Syndrome ( 1979 ), and Tribute ( 1980 ).
On a national level, this is controversial in many countries due to technical mistrust of the security of the escrow arrangement ( due to a long history of less than adequate protection of others ' information by assorted organizations, public and private, even when the information is held only under an affirmative legal obligation to protect it from unauthorized access ), and to a mistrust of the entire system even if it functions as designed.
There are at least two ways to interpret " the relativist fallacy ": either as identical to relativism ( generally ), or as the ad hoc adoption of a relativist stance purely to defend a controversial position.
The most controversial cuts were the scenes involving Otto, initially a recurring character, who had a thin Adolf Hitler-esque moustache and spoke with a German accent, shouting accusations of " racial impurity " at people whose conceptions were similar to Brian's ( Roman centurion rape of native Judean women ), and other Nazi-based phrases.

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