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# and descendant
# Every simple path from a given node to any of its descendant leaves contains the same number of black nodes.
# Tricolonus ( descendant of another Tricolonus, who was a son of Lycaon )
# Agelaus, son of Temenus and descendant of Heracles.
# Known as Birkat David (" Blessing of David ") Asks God to bring the descendant of King David, who will be the messiah.
# About 160 of the Romanian substratum words have cognates in Albanian and therefore may be of Illyrian origin rather than Dacian, as many contemporary scholars consider Albanian to be a modern descendant of the ancient Illyrian language.
A 30th-century descendant of Mxyzptlk appeared in Adventure Comics # 310 ( July 1963 ) with similar abilities.
# Son, daughter, stepchild, foster child, adopted child, or a descendant of any of them.
The character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men # 191 ( March 1985 ), and was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist John Romita, Jr. Hailing from the " Days of Future Past " timeline, Nimrod is a powerful, virtually indestructible descendant of the robotic mutant-hunting Sentinels.
As revealed in DC Comics Presents # 28 ( 1980 ), Johnny eventually retired from action, marrying the similarly-retired outlaw ( and another All-Star Western feature ) Madame. 44 ( Jeanne Walker ), and the couple bore a daughter, Rebecca, and a son, Chuck ; by presumed coincidence, Chuck Taine ( with an I ) is the real name of Bouncing Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but it has never been suggested in-canon that the latter is a descendant of the former.
By the time of the Roman occupation, however, many Jews also used the term to refer to a descendant of King David who would restore God's kingdom ( see the passage from II Samuel quoted above Cultural and historical background of Jesus # Priests and Kings.
Another possible descendant appears in Superman # 689.
* Adam Strange has a descendant, also named Adam Strange, in the future of the Space Ranger, as seen in Mystery in Space # 94 ( September 1964 ).
First appearing in World's Finest Comics # 251 ( July 1978 ), Count Vertigo is the last descendant of the royal family that ruled the small eastern European country of Vlatava that was taken over by the Soviets and later became devastated by the Spectre.
# Flannacan mac Cellach ( descendant of Congalach ), d. 896
# First Cousin Twice Removed ( the descendant of Great-Great Grandparent )"
# Actor, son of Zeus, descendant of Phrixus, was ruler of the Minyans of Orchomenus.
# It continues beyond the initial leader's lifetime by succession ( usually by a family descendant );
# Beolln mac Ciarmac ( descendant of Máel Dáin?
# The descendant of Garga, Sauryayanee
# Lady Harriet Margaret Le Poer Trench ( b. 13 October 1799, d. 1885 ), married Thomas Kavanagh " the MacMurrough ", a descendant of Art mac Art MacMurrough-Kavanagh

# and Eleazar
# One of the descendants of Aaron by Eleazar ( 1 Chr.
# REDIRECT Eleazar Ben Killir
# REDIRECT Eleazar
# REDIRECT Eleazar
# REDIRECT Eleazar Wheelock
# REDIRECT Eleazar of Worms
# REDIRECT Eleazar of Worms
# REDIRECT Eleazar
# Eleazar

# and son
# Abijah ( king ) of the Kingdom of Judah, also known as Abijam ( אבים ' aḄiYaM " My Father is Yam "), who was son of Rehoboam and succeeded him on the throne of Judah.
# A son of Becher, the son of Benjamin.
# The second son of Samuel.
# A son of Jeroboam, the first king of Israel.
# The beginning of 2 Chronicles ( chapters 1 – 9 ) is a history of the reign of King Solomon, son of David.
# The Old Testament, in which a line of kings was created by God through the prophecy of Jacob / Israel, who created his son Judah to be king and retain the sceptre until the coming of the Messiah, alongside the line of priests created in his other son, Levi.
Following the retirement of Tim Watson and Simon Madden in the early 1990s, the team was built on new players such as Gavin Wanganeen, Joe Misiti, Mark Mercuri, Michael Long, Dustin Fletcher ( son of Ken ) and James Hird, who was taken at # 79 in the 1992 draft.
# Gundred of England ( 1114 – 46 ), married 1130 Henry de la Pomeroy, son of Joscelin de la Pomerai.
# A son ( before 25 December 1208 – 1214 / 17 ).
# Augustus was the great-nephew of Julius Caesar and his posthumously adopted son.
# Caligula was the great-nephew of Tiberius and his adopted son.
# Nero was the great-nephew of Claudius and his adopted son.
As outlined in a backup profile in the 52 weekly series, the post-Action Comics # 850 Lex Luthor in this continuity is the son of business mogul Lionel Luthor and his socialite spouse, Leticia.
Lex Luthor himself later marries Ardora of the planet Lexor and, in Action Comics # 544 ( June, 1983 ), first learns of his infant son by Ardora, Lex Luthor, Jr. A short time later, Lexor is destroyed and both Ardora and Lex, Jr. die as a direct result.
# Sarah Caldwell " Sally " Lee ( 1775 – 1837 ), who married Edmund Jennings Lee I ( 1772 – 1843 ), son of Maj. Gen. Henry Lee II ( 1730 – 1787 ) and Lucy Grymes ( 1734 – 1792 ).
James, son of Zebedee # Spain | Santiago the Moor-slayer
# 8r: " King Tyro of Scotland and Fridebrant his son " ( not the name of a singer, but the title of an epic poem, dated to the first half of the 13th century )
# Dona Isabel d ' Ataide da Gama, only daughter, married Ignacio de Noronha, son of the first Count of Linhares.
# A son ( 9 June 1748 ).
# Stillborn son ( 1762 ).
# A son ( b. ca.
Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the sixth child and third son of John Stairs and Mary Morrow, he attended school at Fort Massey Academy in Halifax, Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, Student # 52

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