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detailed and study
The original electrocardiograph primarily indicates irregularities in the heartbeat, but today's techniques allow exact measurements of the flow of blood through the aorta, dimensioning of the heart and its chambers, and a much more detailed study of each heartbeat.
A detailed study of this latter phenomenon was not attempted in this paper.
Geometric pottery has not yet received the thorough, detailed study which it deserves, partly because the task is a mammoth one and partly because some of its local manifestations, as at Argos, are only now coming to light.
Hot-wire anemometers, while extremely delicate, have extremely high frequency-response and fine spatial resolution compared to other measurement methods, and as such are almost universally employed for the detailed study of turbulent flows, or any flow in which rapid velocity fluctuations are of interest.
The team, led by Dr. Dan Parsons and Dr. Jeff Peakall from the University of Leeds, has been able to study the detailed flow within these channels.
During the past few centuries of detailed, scientific study of the Bronze Age, it has become clear that on the whole, the use of copper or bronze was only the most stable and therefore the most diagnostic part of a cluster of features marking the period.
A recent detailed study of the Regnal List dates the arrival of the West Saxons in England to 538, and favours seven years as the most likely length of Ceawlin's reign, with dates of 581 588 proposed.
To ensure that all aspects of the building's performance in strong winds will be acceptable, a detailed wind tunnel study was carried out by Professor Alan Davenport at the BLWT at the UWO.
In one study, a detailed analysis of historical fire data concluded that fire suppression activities have failed to exclude fire from southern California chaparral, as they have in Ponderosa Pine forests.
Historically, Jews have considered it of central importance: traditionally, children began their study of the Torah with Leviticus, and the midrashic literature on Leviticus is among the longest and most detailed of midrashic literature ( see Bamberger 1981: 737 ).
* Coprophagia in the Canine-Erik Hofmeister ; Melinda Cumming, DVM PhD ; Cheryl Dhein, DVM, MS, DACVIM ; Douglas Island Veterinary Service ; detailed preliminary results of study of behavior and prevention in dogs
The Micropædia is meant for quick fact-checking and as a guide to the Macropædia ; readers are advised to study the Propædia outline to understand a subject's context and to find more detailed articles.
Until recently there was no genetic transfection vector available for this organism and detailed study at the cellular level was not possible.
A study published by Seton Hall Law's Center for Policy and Research, while making no conclusions regarding what actually transpired, asserts that the military investigation failed to address significant issues detailed in that report.
Originally a Cossack born in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Russian Turkestan ( now Kazakhstan ) in a family of Cossack Chorąży and his wife of kazakh origin, Kornilov entered military school in Omsk in 1885 and went on to study at the Mikhailovsky Artillery School in St. Petersburg in 1889. in August 1892, he was assigned as a lieutenant to the Turkestan Military District, where he led several exploration missions in Eastern Turkestan, Afghanistan and Persia, learned several Central Asian languages, and wrote detailed reports about his observations.
It is argued that this work should not be viewed as a detailed study of Protestantism, but rather as an introduction into Weber's later works, especially his studies of interaction between various religious ideas and economic behaviour as part of the rationalisation of the economic system.
As part of his overarching effort to understand the unique development of the Western world, Weber produced a detailed general study of the city as the characteristic locus of the social and economic relations, political arrangements, and ideas that eventually came to define the West.
The ambition of geometric model theory is to provide a geography of mathematics by embarking on a detailed study of definable sets in various mathematical structures, aided by the substantial tools developed in the study of pure model theory.
Lewinsky corresponded in 2009 with scholar Ken Gormley, who was writing an in-depth study of the Clinton scandals, maintaining that Clinton had lied under oath when asked detailed and specific questions about his relationship with her.
However, the first detailed study of the Orion Nebula wouldn't be performed until 1659 by Christian Huygens, who also believed himself to be the first person to discover this nebulosity.
In 1929, the US Interocean Canal Board approved out a two-year detailed study for a ship canal
Dr. Følling was one of the first physicians to apply detailed chemical analysis to the study of disease.
The Penny Red was used in the United Kingdom | UK for many years, and comes in hundreds of variations which are subject to detailed study by philatelists.
Hill commenced a detailed study of these documents, which led him to the publication, in early 1837, of a pamphlet entitled " Post Office Reform its Importance and Practicability ".

detailed and into
Examples among the Egyptian monks of this submission to the commands of the superiors, exalted into a virtue by those who regarded the entire crushing of the individual will as a goal, are detailed by Cassian and others, e. g. a monk watering a dry stick, day after day, for months, or endeavoring to remove a huge rock immensely exceeding his powers.
") He was determined not to fight until he thought there had been sufficient preparation for a decisive victory, and put into action his beliefs with the gathering of resources, detailed planning, the training of troops — especially in clearing minefields and fighting at night — and in the use of 252 of the latest American-built Sherman tanks, 90 M7 Priest self-propelled howitzers, and making a personal visit to every unit involved in the offensive.
A detailed plan into the possibilities of expansion highlighted the Riverside Stand as the only viable area for expansion.
This book is extremely detailed and complex, and later the ideas were developed into the predominant Western view of the chakras by C. W. Leadbeater in his book The Chakras.
More detailed pictures of the tangle of blood vessels that compose an AVM can be obtained by using radioactive agents injected into the blood stream.
It was popularized by German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin ( 1856 1926 ) in 1893, 1896 and 1899 in his first detailed textbook descriptions of a condition that would eventually be reframed into a substantially different disease concept and relabeled as schizophrenia.
Electoral systems are the detailed constitutional arrangements and voting systems that convert the vote into political decision.
Moses goes up the mountain into the presence of God, who pronounces the Covenant Code ( a detailed code of ritual and civil law ), and promises Canaan to them if they obey.
It undertakes research into information security practices and offers advice in its biannual Standard of Good Practice and more detailed advisories for members.
In May 2006, the United Nations Mission in Liberia ( UNMIL ) released a report: “ Human Rights in Liberia ’ s Rubber Plantations: Tapping into the Future ” which detailed the results of its investigation into the conditions on the Firestone plantation in Liberia.
The electrical conductivity, as well as the electrons ' contribution to the heat capacity and heat conductivity of metals can be calculated from the free electron model, which does not take the detailed structure of the ion lattice into account.
Microcode is a layer of hardware-level instructions or data structures involved in the implementation of higher level machine code instructions in many computers and other processors ; it resides in special high-speed memory and translates machine instructions into sequences of detailed circuit-level operations.
He created detailed drawings of his studies of chick embryo development, seed development in plants ( such as the lemon tree ) and the transformation of caterpillars into insects.
#: Now that hostilities in Europe were at an end the Western Allies should have a greater input into the Control Commissions of Central and Eastern Europe, the Annex to this agreement included detailed changes to the workings of the Hungarian Control Commission.
In a much more detailed account, Edward Daniel Clarke stated that a French " officer and member of the Institute " had taken him, his student John Cripps, and Hamilton secretly into the back streets behind Menou's residence and revealed the stone hidden under protective carpets among Menou's baggage.
Meerschaum ( hydrated magnesium silicate ), a mineral found in small shallow deposits mainly around the city of Eskişehir in central Turkey, is prized for the properties which allows it to be carved into finely detailed decorative and figural shapes.
In 1828, Charles Lyell incorporated a Tertiary Period into his own, far more detailed system of classification.
Though Vesalius ' work was not the first such work based on actual autopsy, nor even the first work of this era, the production values, highly detailed and intricate plates, and the fact that the artists who produced it were clearly present at the dissections themselves made it into an instant classic.
For those using Web crawlers for research purposes, a more detailed cost-benefit analysis is needed and ethical considerations should be taken into account when deciding where to crawl and how fast to crawl.
In 2002, a four-part X-Factor mini-series detailed an investigation by the Mutant Civil Rights Task Force into an alleged conspiracy by hate-groups to commit murder against mutants.
The report is divided into five regional sections, with detailed reports by country.
Registrars oversee the accessioning process, which formally accepts objects into the museum's collection with an accession number and detailed record.

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