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draugr and also
The draugr's ability to increase its size also increased its weight, and the body of the draugr was described as being extremely heavy.
The draugr could also move magically through the earth, swimming through solid stone as does Killer-Hrapp:
The draugr is also often shown as haunting its living family.
The greed of a draugr causes it to viciously attack any would-be grave robbers, but the draugr also expresses an innate jealousy of the living, stemming from a longing for the things of the life it once had.
* The draugr is also one of the inspirations behind " Serpent's Mound " by Ceri Norman.
He is also courageous ; he takes on and defeats the draugr Glámr, an undead being that is, in a sense, a corporeal ghost, strong and formidable.

draugr and modern
One of the best-known draugr in the modern world is Glámr, who was defeated by the hero of the Grettis Saga.
The modern and popular connection between the draugr and the sea can be traced back to the author Jonas Lie and the story-teller Regine Nordmann, as well as the drawings of Theodor Kittelsen, who spent some years living in Svolvær.

draugr and one
The creation of a draugr is not exactly clear, but in the Eyrbyggja saga, a shepherd is killed by a draugr and rises the next night as one himself.
This desire for the friendship experienced in life is one example of the manifestation of this aspect of the draugr.

draugr and who
But, though the draugr usually presages death, there is an amusing account in Northern Norway of a Nordlending who managed to outwit him:

draugr and after
As the graves of important men often contained a good amount of wealth, the draugr jealously guards his treasures, even after death.

draugr and is
Although iron could injure a draugr, as is the case with many supernatural creatures, it would not be sufficient to stop it.
The preferred method is to cut off the draugr's head, burn the body, and dump the ashes in the sea ; the emphasis being on making absolutely sure the draugr was dead and gone.
A variation of the draugr is the haugbui.
A somewhat ambivalent, alternative view of the draugr is presented by the example of Gunnar in Njál's saga:
In the Eyrbyggja Saga a shepherd is assaulted by a blue-black draugr.
In more recent folklore, the draugr is often identified with the spirits of mariners drowned at sea.
* The draugr is the inspiration for the main character in the webcomic " Draugr " by Patrick Grant.
* The villain Surt, in the Norse-inspired novel " The Sword and the Satchel " by Elizabeth Boyer, is a draugr.
But the draugr curses him, and this is seen by the author as the cause of his later misfortunes.
The saga is about Hrómundr serving king Óláf Warrior-King ( Óláfr konungr liði ) and Hrómund's battles with the berserker Hröngvið and as well as the undead witch-king Þráinn, a draugr ( he was a former king of Gaul, Valland ).

draugr and creature
The draugr Thrain shape-shifted into a " cat-like creature " ( kattakyn ) in Hromundar saga Greipssonar:
The resting place of the draugr was a tomb that served much as a workable home for the creature.

draugr and from
A recorded legend from Trøndelag tells how a corpse lying on a beach became the object of a quarrel between the two types of draugr.
* The wights of A Song of Ice and Fire are reminiscent of the draugr as they are ice cold zombies from utmost north.

draugr and .
Draugar were believed to live in the graves of the dead, with a draugr being the animated body of the dead.
Animals feeding near the grave of a draugr may be driven mad by the creature's influence.
Among the creatures that a draugr may turn into are a seal, a great flayed bull, a grey horse with a broken back but no ears or tail, and a cat that would sit upon a sleeper's chest and grow steadily heavier until the victim suffocated.
While the draugr certainly preferred to be active during the night, it did not appear to be vulnerable to sunlight like some other revenants.
In legends the hero would often have to wrestle the draugr back to his grave, thereby defeating him, since weapons would do no good.
The motivation of the actions of a draugr was primarily jealousy and greed.
The words " dragon " and " draugr " are not linguistically related.
The shepherd rises the next night as a draugr.

draug and used
Arne Garborg describes land-draugar coming fresh from the graveyards, and the term draug is even used of vampires.
Due to this trend, the term " draug " has come to be used to describe any type of revenant in Nordic folklore.

draug and who
The draug is a terrible creature who sails through the sea in half a boat.

draug and is
In other tellings, the draug is described as being a headless fisherman, dressed in oilskin and sailing in half a boat.
) The notion of mountain-habiting draug is present in the poetic works of Henrik Ibsen ( Peer Gynt ), and Aasmund Olavsson Vinje.
If a man happens to see a draug, he is in mortal danger unless he races the draug and wins.

draug and .
In the depths of the Baltic Sea, lives the draug.

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