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former and nineteenth
In the nineteenth century, the United States government made numerous treaties to buy and extinguish Native American claims to land in the former Northwest Territory and the Southeast.
Located in Meade is the former hideout of the Dalton Gang, who robbed banks and trains in the nineteenth century.
With the canal gone and the railroad seeing only a portion of its former business, and as the interstate system and other high speed roads have turned the all day trip of the nineteenth century into an hours's drive, East Syracuse has become fully a suburb of Syracuse.
A number of the churchyard memorials are made of cast iron: these were manufactured at the former foundry in The Street at around the end of the nineteenth century using a common mound into which individual letters were inserted to spell out the details.
On February 1985, he made history by beating the former world bantamweight champion Jorge Luján to defend his title for the nineteenth time.
Papp went on to produce four more of Hwang's plays, including the Pulitzer Prize-nominated drama The Dance and the Railroad, which tells the story of a former Chinese opera star working as a coolie laborer in the nineteenth century, and Family Devotions, a darkly comic take on the effects of Western religion on a Chinese family.
In the nineteenth century, the nationalist movement that had risen against both the former Ottoman rule and contemporary Austro-Hungarian occupation temporarily revived the arms from the Fojnica armorial.
Various proposals for reform emerged during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: Alexander I formed a Privy Committee to investigate introducing a parliament and ministerial system ; the latter was eventually introduced, but the former foundered due to the Napoleonic wars and opposition from conservative members of the nobility.
The former Jeremiah Donovan's pub has stood at the corner of Washington and Water streets since the late nineteenth century.
It is named after the former Colorado Party leader, Venancio Flores, who was born in Trinidad in the nineteenth century.
His play and leadership abilities were recognized, when on February 8, 2008, Brewer was named as the nineteenth captain in the history of the St. Louis Blues, filling the vacancy created when former Blues captain Dallas Drake had his contract bought out following the 2006 – 07 NHL season.
Mir Mosharraf Hossain was born in the village of Lahinipara in Kumarkhali PS of Kushtia ( former Nadia District ) now in Bangladesh. His widely accepted date of birth is 13 November 1847. But some researchers also claim his date of birth is 26 October 1847. His father Mir Moazzem Hossain was one of the few Muslim zamindars ( landlord ) of nineteenth century Bengal. His mother's name is Daulatunnesa.
In the Jim Crow era of the late nineteenth century, he was one of only five African Americans elected to Congress from the South before the former Confederate states passed constitutions that essentially eliminated the black vote.
By the first half of the nineteenth century, Zeila was a shadow of its former self, having been reduced to " a large village surrounded by a low mud wall, with a population that varied according to the season from 1, 000 to 3, 000 people.
Nationalism has provided a significant framework for historical writing in Europe and in those former colonies influenced by Europe since the nineteenth century.
Attractions in the city include the nineteenth century Tigu Egyptian fort, the St Maryam Deari chapel, lying in a baobab tree, the 1930s former railway station, the old mosque, Sayed Bakri Mausoleum, British Army and Italian Army cemeteries and local markets.
fortified manor house, in ruins since the nineteenth century southwest of Merthyr Mawr, former Glamorgan, Wales, and just northwest of Ogmore Castle, separated by the River Ogmore.
Notable examples include David Davis of Illinois ( a former Republican ) in the nineteenth century, and Harry F. Byrd, Jr. of Virginia ( who had been elected to his first term as a Democrat ) in the twentieth century.
The Medical University of Warsaw ( Polish name: Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny ) was founded in January 1950, building on the University of Warsaw's former Faculty of Medicine, which had been established in the early nineteenth century.
The seat of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic is a complex of buildings at the former plant of the late nineteenth century, located on the island of Ołowianka in Gdansk.
The Verne Prison opened in 1949 on the site of a former military barracks dating from the end of the nineteenth century.
This is legendarily the former grave stone of St Cenydd and, until the nineteenth century remodelling, was set flat in the chancel floor.
During the nineteenth century there were many other finds of former soils throughout Europe and North America.

former and century
On Fridays, the day when many Persians relax with poetry, talk, and a samovar, people do not, it is true, stream into Chehel Sotun -- a pavilion and garden built by Shah Abbas 2, in the seventeenth century -- but they do retire into hundreds of pavilions throughout the city and up the river valley, which are smaller, more humble copies of the former.
In The Quest, Schweitzer reviewed all former work on the " historical Jesus " back to the late 18th century.
The VFA, still in existence a century after the original schism, merged with the former VFL reserves competition in 1998.
Little is known of the family with certainty ; the Chambers Biographical Dictionary records that they arrived in Spain in the 8th century but the name is familiar from the romance by Ginés Perez de Hita, Guerras civiles de Granada, which celebrates the feuds of the Abencerrages and the rival family of the Zegris, and the cruel treatment to which the former were subjected.
Throughout the 19th century and early 20th century, the area adjoining today's Battery Park City was known as the Greek quarter ; a long-standing reminder of the ethnic past was the former St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was destroyed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
In the 20th century there were close to four hundred manuscripts still surviving, a testament to its former popularity.
By the crusader period, a cistern under the former basilica was rumoured to have been the location that Helena had found the True Cross, and began to be venerated as such ; although the cistern later became the Chapel of the Invention of the Cross, there is no evidence for the rumour prior to the 11th century, and modern archaeological investigation has now dated the cistern to the 11th century repairs by Monomachos.
Around AD 75, work on the civitas forum and basilica had commenced on the site of the former principia and by the late 2nd century the civitas walls had been completed.
Today Asmara is worldwide known for its early twentieth century Italian buildings, including the Art Deco Cinema Impero, " Cubist " Africa Pension, eclectic Orthodox Cathedral and former Opera House, the futurist Fiat Tagliero Building, neo-Romanesque Roman Catholic Cathedral, and the neoclassical Governor's Palace.
The large-scale housing developments of the 20th century saw residential areas being built on former agricultural lands and woods, former heaths that had been turned into cultivable lands in the 19th century.
The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Gallery, a permanent installation set within the restored former Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital building that now forms part of the new UNISON Centre, uses a variety of media to set the story of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, her hospital, and women ’ s struggle to achieve equality in the field of medicine within the wider framework of 19th and 20th century social history.
Since the mid-nineteenth century, the Imperial Palace has been called " Kyūjō " ( 宮城 ), then Kōkyo ( 皇居 ), and located on the former site of Edo Castle in the heart of Tokyo.
* With reference to Gibbon's comments, Joseph Barber Lightfoot ( late 19th century theologian and former Bishop of Durham ) pointed out that Eusebius ' statements indicate his honesty in stating what he was not going to discuss, and also his limitations as a historian in not including such material.
As of the 13th century, the following states, among others, had formed in the territory of the former Duchy:
Monzie Square ( named after the Cameron Campbells of Monzie, Perthshire, former landowners in the town ), Station Square, where the long-since demolished railway station used to be, Gordon Square ( named for the Gordons, who owned land where the town now stands in the late 18th century, during which time the town was named Gordonsburgh ), and Cameron Square — formerly known as Town Hall Square.
A struggle for succession in the mid-twelfth century gave the Fujiwara an opportunity to regain their former power.
However, it was not until the start of the 19th century that Brask's proposals were put into action by Baltzar von Platen, a German-born former officer in the Swedish Navy.
He explained that he thought that the 18th and 20th centuries were the " best "; the former being a period of noble grace, and the latter a century of science.
After the 13th century, Moscow came to dominate the former cultural center.
" A former term for " incunable " is " fifteener ," referring to the fifteenth century.

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