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frequent and particular
A frequent particular case occurs when is a function from to another set ; if whenever, then is said to be a morphism for, a class invariant under, or simply invariant under.
Bleak House in particular is credited with seeing the introduction of urban fog to the novel, which would become a frequent characteristic of urban Gothic literature and film ( Mighall 2007 ).
Sometimes a particular cardroom or casino ( either traditional or online ) will offer a freeroll tournament to frequent players.
Although Fulks never says her name, the line " When the little one took the mike, I knew I'd fallen " suggests the particular " Bangle girl " he pines for is Susanna Hoffs, the shortest member of the group and frequent lead singer.
Auto-ranging meters usually include a facility to hold the meter to a particular range, because a measurement that causes frequent range changes can be distracting to the user.
However, floods ( in particular the more frequent / smaller floods ) can also bring many benefits, such as recharging ground water, making soil more fertile and providing nutrients in which it is deficient.
The Japanese manufacturers have also been frequent visitors to the US sports car scene ( Nissan and Toyota in particular during the heyday of IMSA ) and to the European scene, in particular Le Mans, where despite many years of trying by all the man Japanese marques the only victory to have been scored by a Japanese marque was by Mazda in 1991.
However, certain ideas tinged with Jansenism remained in circulation for much longer ; in particular, the Jansenist idea that Holy Communion should be received very infrequently, and that reception required much more than freedom from mortal sin, remained influential until finally condemned by Pope St. Pius X, who endorsed frequent communion, as long as the communicant was free of mortal sin, in the early 20th century.
" From 1999 – 2001, Western media reports on Falun Gong — and in particular, the mistreatment of practitioners — were frequent, if mixed.
Roman Catholics showed a particular interest in the study of the Samaritan Pentateuch on account of the antiquity of the text and its frequent agreements with the Septuagint and the Latin Vulgate, two Bible translations to which Catholics have traditionally ascribed considerable authority.
He is, however distinguished from his predecessors, whom he so admires, in making less frequent application of Orphic, Hermetic, Chaldean, and other Theologumena of the East ; partly in proceeding carefully and modestly in the explanation and criticism of particular points, and in striving with diligence to draw from the original sources a thorough knowledge of the older Greek philosophy.
The frequent ascription of the action of establishing ( Ydha ) the phenomena of the world to different gods, gradually led to the conception of a separate deity exercising this particular activity.
The film features frequent use of British slang, and in particular the slang of Sheffield.
For comparison, the upper teeth were restored with porcelain veneers. The frequent contact between teeth and gastric acid, in particular, may cause:
A particular therapeutic conundrum is the development of " inhibitor " antibodies against factor VIII due to frequent infusions.
The show featured a multiracial cast, had frequent nude scenes, and featured a long-running gay male relationship that drew no particular interest from any of the show's other characters.
References to its flora, in particular, are frequent in natural history journals of the last century.
DC government's employment and deficits grew even as city services suffered ; in particular, there were frequent press reports of deaths occurring because police lacked cars to get to crime scenes, and EMS services responded slowly or went to the wrong address.
" Also, a team will change its playing personnel on a frequent basis ; the same team may win a particular title or tournament many times over decades, even though the squad of players is partially or completely different.
Another frequent example of VNRs masquerading as news footage is videotapes of particular medical " breakthroughs ," that are really produced and distributed by pharmaceutical companies for the purpose of selling new medicines.
Although jump injuries do occur, they are not frequent, and smokejumper personnel take deliberate precautions before deciding whether to jump a particular fire.
Aspergillosis is, in particular, frequent among horticultural workers that inhale peat dust, which can be rich in Aspergillus spores
Players usually have less experience or have particular issues to work out ; pitching control and batting consistency are the two most frequent reasons for a player to be assigned to Class A baseball.

frequent and case
And certainly, in the case of the beginner or the comparatively uninitiated wine drinker, the palate and the capacity for appreciation will not be ready for the Grands Crus as a steady diet without frequent recourse to crus of less renown.
The first case recorded of the partial exemption of an abbot from episcopal control is that of Faustus, abbot of Lerins, at the council of Arles, AD 456 ; but the exorbitant claims and exactions of bishops, to which this repugnance to episcopal control is to be traced, far more than to the arrogance of abbots, rendered it increasingly frequent, and, in the 6th century, the practice of exempting religious houses partly or altogether from episcopal control, and making them responsible to the pope alone, received an impulse from Pope Gregory the Great.
For the frequent case of propositional logic, the problem is decidable but Co-NP-complete, and hence only exponential-time algorithms are believed to exist for general proof tasks.
This is a frequent occurrence in sitcoms, where networks may agree to continue a show, but only if a certain character is emphasized, leading other minor characters to become victims of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, while the emphasized character ( usually a Breakout Character ) ( as in the case of Frasier Crane ) develops a more complete back story that ignores previous, more simplified back stories.
The most common letters do not necessarily require chording as is the case with the GKOS keyboard optimised layouts ( Android app ) where the twelve most frequent characters only require single keys.
In this case a doctor may recommend frequent blood tests during the first few months of use, followed by three to four tests per year for established patients.
The results vary in each case, with varying degrees of the attenuation of the burning, tingling, and / or shooting component of neuralgic pain being quite frequent, along with a modest reduction in overall pain level in some cases.
In the case of juvenile offenders, the study results also show that people are more likely to be victimized as a result of a serious offense by someone they know ; the most frequent crimes committed by adolescents towards someone they know were sexual assault, common assault, and homicide.
Though this tradition is still in use particularly in tonal music, it may be cumbersome in music that features frequent accidentals, as is often the case in non-tonal music.
In March the same year, Jenny Nicholson, a frequent contributor, wrote a piece on the Italian Socialist Party congress in Venice, which mentioned three Labour MPs " who puzzled the Italians by filling themselves like tanks with whisky and coffee …" All three sued for libel, the case went to trial and The Spectator was forced to make a large payment in damages and costs, a sum well over the equivalent of £ 150, 000 today.
However, in the case of hemochromatosis, which is now recognized as the most common genetic, or inherited, disorder, frequent bloodletting has become an essential, and life-saving procedure.
There are frequent long-distance bus services from Andorra to Barcelona and Barcelona Airport, and also to Toulouse and Toulouse Airport, in each case taking approximately 3 hours.
In accordance with his frequent practice when writing new works, Handel adapted existing compositions for use in Messiah, in this case drawing on two recently completed Italian duets and one written twenty years previously.
Subsequent case reports indicated that sertraline may itself cause syncope in adolescents and that sertraline treatment of syncope may make it more frequent.
A frequent component of such dimorphic ornamentation is sexual dichromatism, meaning that the sexes of a given species differ in coloration, such as is conspicuously the case in many species of birds and reptiles.
The evidence that has been amassed is largely anecdotal or case report based and it has attracted much intra disciplinary debate because of its frequent association with certain approaches to management ( largely described as being traditional or " philosophical " in nature ).
Or perhaps the consonants were simply inverted under the influence of the many settlements of France called Neuilly ( a frequent placename whose etymology is completely different from the special case of Neuilly-sur-Seine ).
Whatever the case, there is a long-standing tradition that George attended the University of Oxford when he was not in attendance at Court, although he does not appear in any of the university's record — a relatively frequent occurrence in the period before the English Civil War, when few of the aristocrats who attended either technically matriculated or graduated.
The curse gathers in the place where that person has died or where he was frequent at ( in the series ' case, the house in Nerima ) and repeats itself there.
During the winter, frequent dramatic changes in temperature, along with drying, gusty winds, makes the cones susceptible to freeze-drying that damages them permanently ; in which case, growth is stunted and they wither away.
Because a ten-minute episode needed 2, 000 drawings, as a cost-cutting measure, the cartoons made frequent use of repeated footage and " in the dark " sequences ( black with eyeballs visible only, or, in Danger Mouse's case, simply one eyeball ).
The most frequent case was that of farmers whose farmland had been flooded and who could not get new farmland in the new locations.
In the case of Irvin v. Dowd, Frankfurter would state what was for him a frequent theme: " The federal judiciary has no power to sit in judgment upon a determination of a state court ... Something that thus goes to the very structure of our federal system in its distribution of power between the United States and the state is not a mere bit of red tape to be cut, on the assumption that this Court has general discretion to see justice done ...".

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