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fringe and housing
The Administration's proposals, complex and sweeping as they are, all deal with fringe areas of the housing market rather than its core, stated Caron S. Stallard, first vice-president of the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.
Clinton is considered an exurb of New York City, as Hunterdon County lies on the western fringe of the New York City Metropolitan Area, which is mainly rural with scattered housing developments and old farm homes.
Salisbury, like most of the Hempstead Plains, was a largely unpopulated grassland until after World War II, when all but the northwest quadrant became the western fringe of the massive William Levitt housing development.
East Caln Township is very developed, containing several shopping centers, including the regionally important Brandywine Square Center, several recently constructed housing developments varying from condominiums to large single family homes, and some industry in the southern fringe of the township.
It lies on the northwestern fringe of Greater Glasgow, approximately from the City Centre, and is effectively a suburb, with housing development coinciding with the introduction of a railway line in 1863, and from where the town gets its name ( Bearsden station was named after a nearby cottage ).
The town is experiencing rapid housing growth, especially on its eastern fringe towards Andover.
Throughout the 1990s there were massive housing developments in this part of the Urban / rural fringe of Glasgow that drastically increased the population of the suburb to some 8300 people.
With the building boom of the post-World War II years taking newer populations to the city fringe or new suburban communities, most of the Alamo Placita neighborhood continued to draw those who needed more affordable housing.
With the group's support, Gordon Street was widened, Interstate 20 was built across West End's northern fringe, and the old business district ( along with large amounts of residential housing ) was demolished in favor of a mall development.
Since its foundation as a number of separate villages, it has grown greatly over the decades and is now characterised by a mix of dense terraced housing, semi detached housing estates from the mid 20th century and larger detached houses on the fringe from the last 20 years.

fringe and gardens
The college itself is on the fringe of the campus, lying next to Heslington Hall, and close to the gazebo and gardens known collectively as The Quiet Place.

fringe and bearded
Modern advocates of fringe theories however such as a pre-Columbian European migration to Peru continue to cite these bearded ceramics and Viracocha's beard as being evidence for an early presence of a non-Amerindian race in Peru.

fringe and top
* < cite id =" fn_1 "> Note 1 :</ cite > The old, winding course of the Great Ouse was from the bottom of the map, along the green-dotted footpath, just south of the roundabout, along the Holmes River, westwards through the northern fringe of Littleport and northwards between the two brown 0 metre contour lines, until it passed out of the top of the map.
The top coat forms a ruff of hair on the neck and back, and they also have a fringe of feathery hair on the hindquarters.
" " The reductio ad absurdum of ... anti-colonialist logic was the attempt by an extremist Jewish fringe group in Palestine to negotiate with the Germans ( via Damascus, then under the Vichy French ) for help in liberating Palestine from the British, which they regarded as the top priority for Zionism.
It is often seen with a gold fringe on the top, bottom, and right, which is one-ninth the height of the white field.
* MacRae is mentioned in the song Oklahoma U. S. A. by The Kinks, as the song's subject daydreams of " riding in the surrey with the fringe on top " with " Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae .."
Ipswich Town's resurgence has seen them creep to the fringe of the top six, but Rotherham United's playoff hopes are evaporating.
In the USA, it is very similar to Pennsylvania smartweed, but Redshank has a fringe of hairs at the top of the ocrea, something which Pennsylvania smartweed lacks.
It has no cape, yet originally was the busiest of all the Legionnaires ' costumes, with a red top that had black striped cuffs and the aforementioned emblem in light green, a light green weight belt with three slots, black shorts, green leggings, and red-topped, black boots with a crenelated fringe.
A horo was around 1. 8 m ( 6 ft ) long and made from several strips of cloth sewn together with a fringe on the top and bottom edges.
* Genie In a Bottle-Orange pants and white top with blue fringe Outfit from video
The official uniform is a red tunic decorated with two rows of gilt buttons, black velvet collar and cuffs embroidered in gold, black trousers with gold side stripes, epaulettes ornamented with gold fringes and surmounted on top with the emblem of the order, gold spurs, oblong two-peaked hat trimmed with gold and bearing the papal colors, and a sword whose hilt forms a gilt cross in a black scabbard, held in place with a gold sword belt with red fringe.
In the wetlands, ecological classification does not provide a special classification, since in this case, most of the plants in the regions of high rainfall can deepen their roots to the top of the capillary fringe immediately above the water table, and function well as a phreatophyte.

fringe and heights
The heights of the standing stones vary in height so that the tallest fringe the entrance ( oriented south west ) and the shortest are directly opposite it.

fringe and behind
The island fringe of Norway is such a group of skerries ( called a skjærgård ); many of the cross fjords are so arranged that they parallel the coast and provide a protected channel behind an almost unbroken succession of mountainous islands and skerries.
Considered a fringe candidate, he finished well behind frontrunners June Rowlands and Jack Layton.
After the 2002 French presidential election, in which far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen arrived second behind conservative candidate Jacques Chirac, many analysts put the blame of the surprising result on working class, accused of engaging themselves in " protest vote ", that is in support of fringe candidates belonging to the far-left or the far-right, or even to people who present themselves as alien to the political world ( in France, environmentalist René Dumont in 1974, comedian Coluche in 1981 — but he withdrew his candidacy before the elections — environmentalist Pierre Rabhi who unsuccessfully tried to present himself in 2002, as well as TV showman Nicolas Hulot who almost stood for the election for 2007, before putting aside his idea, thus leaving electoral space for José Bové, a figure of the alterglobalization movement who recently decided to present himself as an independent candidate ).
The island fringe of Norway is such a group of glacially formed skerries ( called a skjærgård ); many of the cross fjords are so arranged that they parallel the coast and provide a protected channel behind an almost unbroken succession of mountainous islands and skerries.
Situated on the reclaimed land of the old harbour, behind the present-day Bembridge Harbour, it was bought in 2001 and is a mix of lagoons and ditches, reed beds and meadows, with a fringe of ancient woodland.
Situated on the east coast of the Island, behind Bembridge Harbour, it was acquired in 2001 and is a mix of lagoons and ditches, reed beds and meadows, with a fringe of ancient woodland.
Professor Frederick Teiwes, a western academic specializing in the study of Maoist China, was also critical of The Private Life of Chairman Mao, arguing in his book The Tragedy of Lin Biao: Riding the Tiger during the Cultural Revolution 1966-1971 ( 1996 ) that despite Li's extensive claims regarding the politics behind the Cultural Revolution, he was actually " on the fringe " of the events taking place in the Chinese government.
In Neolithic times, the countries of the oceanic fringe received populations that lived-off hunting and fishing and left a lot of traces behind.
Although they finished ahead of one other fringe right-wing candidate in " Democratic Conservative against the Common Market " candidate Reginald Simmerson, their 1. 64 % vote share put them behind the Union Movement's Dan Harmston ( 2. 6 %) and way behind the NF's John Clifton, whose 8. 71 % vote share was seen as a dramatically high result for the NF at the time.

fringe and were
By contrast most of the party's seats were won either due to the absence of a candidate from one of the other parties or in rural areas on the " Celtic fringe ", where local evidence suggests that economic ideas were at best peripheral to the electorate's concerns.
Social critics have adopted this term to refer to how the synthesis of paranoid conspiracy theories, which were once limited to American fringe audiences, has given them mass appeal and enabled them to become commonplace in mass media, thereby inaugurating an unrivaled period of people actively preparing for apocalyptic millenarian scenarios in the United States of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
The government ( foreign policy conduct was the responsibility of Józef Beck ) undertook opportunistic hostile actions against Lithuania and Czechoslovakia, while it failed to control the increasingly fractured situation at home, where fringe groups and extreme nationalist circles were getting more outspoken ( one Camp of National Unity was connected to the new strongman, Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły ).
Gascon-speaking communities were called in for trading purposes by Navarrese kings in the early 12th century to the coastal fringe extending from San Sebastian to the Bidasoa, where they settled down.
" By the eighteenth century these unorthodox religious and philosophical concerns were well defined as ' occult ', inasmuch as they lay on the outermost fringe of accepted forms of knowledge and discourse ," They were, however, preserved by antiquarians and mystics.
Though antipope movements were significant at one time, they are now overwhelmingly minor fringe causes.
Incarcerated fringe candidate Lyndon LaRouche won a few Arkansas delegates who were barred from the convention.
* The South avoided adoption of the symbolically significant Wilmot Proviso and the new New Mexico Territory and Utah Territory could in principle decide in the future to become slave states ( popular sovereignty ), even though Utah and a northern fringe of New Mexico were north of the Missouri Compromise Line where slavery had previously been banned in territories.
Harvey earned around thirty-three pounds a year and lived in a small house in Ludgate, although two houses in West Smithfield were attached as fringe benefits to the post of Physician.
Radical market-orientated reforms, of the kind eventually adopted by Margaret Thatcher, were in the mid-1960s backed only by a ' fringe ' of enthusiasts ( such as the leadership of the later-influential Institute of Economic Affairs ), and had almost no representation at senior levels even of the Conservative Party.
In Eurasia, successor state hegemonies were established in the Middle East, using the sea ( Greece ) and the fringe lands ( Persia, Arabia ).
Anyway, when a fringe group of Trekkies learned that we were going to kill the Spock character, it was like we'd taken a child of theirs onto the Brooklyn Bridge with the intention of throwing it off.
Amendments made to the 1931 Davis-Bacon Act in 1964 extended the prevailing wage provisions to cover fringe benefits, while several increases were made to the federal minimum wage.
The god of a city was originally considered the owner of its land, which encircled it with an inner ring of irrigable arable land and an outer fringe of pasture ; the citizens were his tenants.
While “ Alcott never questioned the value of domesticity ” she challenged the social constructs that made spinsters obscure and fringe members of society solely because they were not married.
For example, the British Army generally adopted a white leather strap with a large acorn knot made out of gold wire for infantry officers at the end of the 19th century ; such acorn forms of tassels were said to be ' boxed ', which was the way of securing the fringe of the tassel along its bottom line such that the strands could not separate and become entangled or lost.
The opposing voices were subsequently confined to the fringe in the mid 2000s Taiwan itself.
Before X-ray examination, its clockwork-like appearance ( dating about 1, 000 years before clocks were invented ) was cited as evidence of alien visitation by fringe sources.
By 1863, numerous former slaves were living on the fringe of the Union camp.
Michelson did not observe the expected 0. 04 fringe shift ; the greatest average deviation that he measured ( in the northwest direction ) was only 0. 018 fringes, while most of his measurements were much less.
If the aether were stationary relative to the Sun, Michelson expected ( using his incorrect formula ) that the Earth's motion would produce a fringe shift 4 % the size of a single fringe of yellow light.

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