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good and example
Easily the best known of these three novels is The Space Merchants, a good example of a science-fiction dystopia which extrapolates much more than the impact of science on human life, though its most important warning is in this area, namely as to the use to which discoveries in the behavioral sciences may be put.
Just a brief note of appreciation to Vice President Johnson and Pakistani camel driver Bashir Ahmad for providing a first-class example of `` people to people '' good will.
A good example of the results obtainable with ultrasonic radiation is contained in papers presented by Dr. G. Baum who has explored the human eye.
Would applause, for example, be fitting if, apart from the applause, there were nothing good to applaud??
The `` Poems of 1912 - 13 '' offer a good example of Hardy's style as it was manifested in the later productive decade.
For example, some contemporary writing tends to fuse the `` good guys '' and the `` bad guys '', to portray the weak people as heroes and weakness as a virtue, and to explain ( or even justify ) asocial behavior by attributing it to deterministic psychological, familial, and social experiences.
The other possibility is to make arrangements for her to let out one or two of the rooms to some teacher of good family or one of those solitary old ladies that Tuxapoka is populated with -- Miss Edna Whittaker, for example.
" Good ", for example, can mean " useful " or " functional " ( That's a good hammer ), " exemplary " ( She's a good student ), " pleasing " ( This is good soup ), " moral ( a good person versus the lesson to be learned from a story ), " righteous ", etc.
This was developed into the language " E-Prime " by D. David Bourland, Jr. 15 years after his death ( E-Prime a form of the English language in which the verb " to be " does not appear in any of its forms ; for example, the sentence " the movie was good " could translate into E-Prime as " I liked the movie ", thereby distinguishing opinion from fact ).
The sign for rabbit provides a good example of variation between Black and White speakers.
Following the example of Charlemagne, Alfred established a court school for the education of his own children, those of the nobility, and " a good many of lesser birth ".
A good example of the contempt the first democrats felt for those who did not participate in politics can be found in the modern word ' idiot ', which finds its origins in the ancient Greek word, idiōtēs, meaning a private person, a person who is not actively interested in politics ; such characters were talked about with contempt, and the word eventually acquired its modern meaning.
One example being that humans are argued to find beautiful and prefer landscapes which were good habitats in the ancestral environment.
Another example is that body symmetry is an important aspect of physical attractiveness which may be due to this indicating good health during body growth.
The Celsus Library in Ephesus ( 2. c. AD ) is a good example.
Abdur Rahman's attitude at this critical juncture is a good example of his political sagacity.
In the simplest example, any good sold in one market should sell for the same price in another.
Traders may, for example, find that the price of wheat is lower in agricultural regions than in cities, purchase the good, and transport it to another region to sell at a higher price.
For example, a good crosscourt sliced dropshot will use a hitting action that suggests a straight clear or smash, deceiving the opponent about both the power and direction of the shuttlecock.
A good example of an old naval battle is the Battle of Salamis.
As far as the Book of Jonah is concerned, Targum Jonah offers a good example of this.
A good example is the work of Professors Ingo Potrykus and Peter Beyer in creating Golden rice ( discussed below ).

good and last
He suggested offering half to Sir Edward, fearing lest `` he shall thinke it to good for us and procure it for himselfe, as he served us the last time ''.
Until the last year or so the profession of friendship with the United States had been an article of faith with Trujillo, and altogether too often this profession was accepted here as evidence of his good character.
The last thing in the world that resembled a war was our line of farmers and storekeepers and mechanics perched on top of a stone wall, and this dashing rider made us feel a good deal sharper and more alert to the situation.
To quote Professor Saintsbury: `` The last glass of claret or Burgundy is as good as the first ; ;
He had written out the license number of his car but had transposed the last two figures, an old dodge which is still good.
Hospital officials said the injury was severe but the youth was in good condition last night.
There are other good representations of peasants and people of the court by actors who are finely costumed and magnificently photographed in this last of the Russian films to reach this country in the program of joint cultural exchange.
The Symphony Of The Air, greatly assisted by Van Cliburn, last night got its seven-concert Beethoven cycle at Carnegie Hall off to a good start.
This vacation had seemed like a good idea last week, when his doctor had prescribed it.
Rebirth would be in form of animals or other lower creatures if one performed bad Karmas and in human form in a good family with joyous lifetime if the person was good in last birth.
A person is merged with the God or ultimate power when he discharges only & only good Karmas in last birth and the same is called as " Moksha " or " Nirvana ", which is the ultimate goal of a true Hindu.
: And he used to repeat that sentence from St. Paul “ It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God ,” and many other verses of Scripture, urging us thereby to awake from the slumber of the soul by thinking in good time of our last hour.
During the last battle of N ' Djamena gunships and tanks have been put to good use, pushing armed militia forces back from the Presidential palace.
The dinosaur fossil record has been interpreted to show both a decline in diversity and no decline in diversity during the last few million years of the Cretaceous, and it may be that the quality of the dinosaur fossil record is simply not good enough to permit researchers to distinguish between the options.
The rabbis recognize a positive value to the yetzer hara: one tradition identifies it with the observation on the last day of creation that God's accomplishment was " very good " ( God's work on the preceding days was just described as " good ") and explain that without the yetzer ha ' ra there would be no marriage, children, commerce or other fruits of human labor ; the implication is that yetzer ha ' tov and yetzer ha ' ra are best understood not as moral categories of good and evil but as selfless versus selfish orientations, either of which used rightly can serve God's will.
The judge concluded that it was only in " the last months of 1977 Berg started counseling the members that it was permissible for proselyting reasons to offer sexual contacts and services to perspective members, the more so when the latter were potentially good financial contributors to the cult ".
The last three years of Eisenhower's second term in office were ones of relatively good health.
One of Thomas ' last poems, " Do not go gentle into that good night ", was a villanelle to his father, who died from pneumonia just before Christmas 1952.
As the Starchild's transformation of Jupiter occurs ( it becomes engulfed with monoliths ), the crew of the Leonov make good their exit, and Bowman gives one last message via HAL, warning the human race not to attempt future contact with Europa, where the new mini-sun has melted the oceans and ushered in a new era of evolution.
Consumers equalize the marginal utility ( amount of satisfaction ) of the last dollar spent on each good.
Another Nobel winner, Paul Samuelson believes that Hayek was worthy of his award but nevertheless claims that " there were good historical reasons for fading memories of Hayek within the mainstream last half of the twentieth century economist fraternity.
Everyone watches and takes one last look at Godzilla as the ground beneath him crumbles and he falls into the lava, trapping him for good.

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