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graveyard and orbit
The transponders and other onboard systems generally outlive the thruster fuel and, by stopping N-S station keeping, some satellites can continue to be used in inclined orbits ( where the orbital track appears to follow a figure-eight loop centred on the Equator ), or else be elevated to a " graveyard " disposal orbit.
GOES-10 was decommissioned on December 2, 2009 and was boosted to a graveyard orbit.
GOES-11 had a partial failure 6 Dec 2011, was decommissioned on 16 Dec 2011 and was boosted into a graveyard orbit.
As of October 2010, the WMAP spacecraft is in a graveyard orbit after 9 years of operations.
In December 2005, Globalstar began to move some of its satellites into a graveyard orbit above LEO.
The satellites were normally boosted into a medium altitude graveyard orbit, but there were several failures that resulted in radioactive material reaching the ground ( see Kosmos 954 and Kosmos 1402 ).
It is an ITU requirement that geostationary satellites be able to remove themselves to a graveyard orbit at the end of their lives.
Before the fuel comes to an end, satellites can be moved to a graveyard orbit to keep the geostationary altitude free for subsequent missions.
The spacecraft was moved to its final resting place at 105. 2 degrees west longitude – where it poses minimal risk to other satellites – after NASA concluded in 2000 that it probably lacked the fuel to move to a higher graveyard orbit.
:::: Disposal orbit-A synonym for graveyard orbit.
:::: Junk orbit-A synonym for graveyard orbit.
A graveyard orbit is used when the delta-v required to perform a de-orbit maneuver is too high.
De-orbiting a geostationary satellite requires a delta-v of about 1, 500 m / s, while re-orbiting it to a graveyard orbit only requires about 11 m / s.
For satellites in geostationary orbit and geosynchronous orbits, the graveyard orbit is a few hundred kilometers above the operational orbit.
The transfer to a graveyard orbit above geostationary orbit requires the same amount of fuel that a satellite needs for approximately three months of stationkeeping.
This formula includes about 200 km for the GEO protected zone to also permit orbit maneuvers in GEO without interference with the graveyard orbit.

graveyard and also
There is also a holy well just outside the graveyard.
Ocellar varieties of gabbro can be used as ornamental facing stones, paving stones and it is also known by the trade name of ' black granite ', which is a popular type of graveyard headstone used in funerary rites.
The " Inner Kerameikos " was the former " potters ' quarter " within the city and " Outer Kerameikos " covers the cemetery and also the Dēmósion Sēma ( δημόσιον σῆμα, public graveyard ) just outside the city walls, where Pericles delivered his funeral oration in 431 BC.
Negro slaves had also been buried at Tuque Creek, so it is possible the wrong remains were mistakenly removed from the crowded graveyard.
It is also colloquially known in the midwest United States as " Ghosts in the graveyard ", as it is commonly found growing in rural graveyards and when in bloom the flowers appear as an apparition floating.
The food could also be brought to the graveyard or left in the bathhouse, barn or granary.
There is also a memorial to the Archbishops in the graveyard.
The bodies of the servicemen who died there were buried with full military honours within the graveyard of St. Mary's Church ; this area, which also included the ground where the Harefield Place building stood, became a military cemetery.
During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, St Pancras was famous for its cemeteries, for as well as the graveyard of Old St Pancras Church, it also contained the cemeteries of St James's Church, Piccadilly, St Giles in the Fields, St Andrew, Holborn, St. George's Church, Bloomsbury, and St George the Martyr, Holborn.
It is also unknown whether the present parish church of St. Mary, within the boundaries of the graveyard, was built from robbed stone, or is a rebuild of what would have been the visitor's chapel for the monastery.
The myling ( also known as " utburd ") is said to chase lone wanderers at night and jump on their backs, demanding to be carried to the graveyard, so they can rest in hallowed ground.
The city also had a sizable Nestorian Christian population ; one graveyard was still in use in the 14th century.
" Masterman also questioned why a small fort would require a graveyard of over one thousand tombs.
Constance Hatchaway, the singing busts in the graveyard, and the Ghost Hostess are also created using the same projection technique as Madame Leota's.
By the middle of the 18th century it was obvious that the graveyard was also too small and a new venue was found on a field close by ; however, the stage had to be specially built every year of the Play.
F / O Zaoral is buried in the old Dyce graveyard, where some German aircrew are also buried that crashed in Aberdeen in 1940.
It also seems that their bites are not contagious, as Suicide, who was killed by Tarman never reanimated, while Trash, killed by several zombies in the graveyard later did reanimate ( probably due to the contaminated rain falling on her corpse ).
The Convent of Mercy Secondary School is contained within the Sisters of Mercy's complex attached to St. Colmans church, which also included a convent, a primary school, a graveyard and a grotto.
The stump of the Eccles Cross, originally near Eccles House, south of Hope, is also in the graveyard.
The graveyard is also where Roger Crab the 17th-century hermit is buried after living on a diet solely of herbs, roots, leaves, grass and water.
Rosenallis is also important in the history of the Quaker movement, with William Edmundson, founder of the Quakers in Ireland, buried outside the village in the Friends graveyard.
In 2007 Sharp's tomb in the graveyard of All Saint's Church, Fulham was also restored to coincide with the anniversary.
* Väki of death ( kalman väki ) means ghosts and spirits, but also the magical power that can be found in a graveyard.
The village graveyard also contains some re-interred graves from the nearly villages of Derwent and Ashopton which were drowned following the creation of Ladybower Reservoir.
The enclosure round the Norse church overlies a Pictish graveyard, and an important Pictish carved stone was found in pieces in this enclosure during site clearance ( also on display in Edinburgh: replica on site ).

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