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group and seventeen
On May 25, 1997, a group of seventeen soldiers in the Sierra Leone army led by Corporal Tamba Gborie and loyal to the detained Major General Johnny Paul Koroma launched a military coup which sent President Kabbah into exile in Guinea and they established the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council ( AFRC ).
In 1917, during an incident known as the Tulsa Outrage, a group of black-robed Knights of Liberty, a short-lived faction of the Ku Klux Klan, tarred and feathered seventeen members of the IWW in Oklahoma.
In July 1999, Psychological Medicine published a case-control study by Royal Edinburgh Hospital psychiatrist Michael Götz and colleagues that found an increased rate of criminal convictions among seventeen XYY men identified in the Edinburgh newborn screening study compared to an above-average-IQ control group of sixty XY men, which multiple logistic regression analysis indicated was mediated mainly through lowered intelligence.
The next morning, De Peyster discovered another group of about seventeen low islands forty-three miles northwest of Funafuti, naming this group " De Peyster's Islands.
While the law was chasing down the fictitious killer during the late hours, the group of Bay Minette men stealthily traveled the seventeen miles ( 27 km ) to Daphne, stole the Baldwin County Courthouse records, and delivered them to the city of Bay Minette, where Baldwin County's county seat remains.
After recording eleven albums with the group, Martin left Menudo in July 1989 at age seventeen, hoping to rest and evaluate his career path.
Originally named Sequel, Sequent was formed in 1983 when a group of seventeen engineers and executives left Intel after the failed iAPX 432 " mainframe on a chip " project was cancelled ; they were joined by one non-Intel employee.
In 1917, during an incident known as the Tulsa Outrage, a group of black-robed Knights of Liberty tarred and feathered seventeen members of the IWW in Oklahoma.
Later in 2006, the group released their longest studio album to date, Harvest, containing seventeen tracks and two remix tracks.
On January 12, 2007, seventeen Pennsbury High School students were injured when a school bus veered into a group of students as they left school.
While the group was standing atop a ridge, the Apaches made Larcena take off her corset and her skirt and then, as she turned around to continue walking, one of the natives struck her in the back with a lance and she fell over the side of the ridge, about seventeen feet, until becoming " lodged " against a pine tree.
During the return trip, the Slaughters faced a blizzard, and 16 of the seventeen travellers in the Slaughter group suffered from parts of their bodies becoming frozen.
This time round the Estonians recorded three wins and two draws in their group, with fifteen goals scored and seventeen conceded.
:" soon as we arrived, the seventeen of us, to Jasenovac, Ustase beat us with rifle butts and took us to the Brick Factory, where Milos Ljubo had already lined up two groups, while wearrived as a special third group.
Refusing to bunk with the common girls in the group dormitory ( the Pink Dormitory ), Galinda is forced to room with seventeen year old Elphaba, with whom she initially does not get along very well.
He also played in 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship along with future under-21 teammates James Milner, Andrew Taylor and Martin Cranie and started in all the group matches despite being one of the youngest squad members at age seventeen.
On the basis of a comparison with seventeen other Eastern Sudanic languages, Thelwall ( 1982 ) considers Nubian to be most closely related to Tama, a member of the Taman group, with an average lexical similarity of just 22. 2 per cent.
Coming a full seventeen years after their " farewell concert ", it was released in 1993 and was the first album to feature the latter-day configuration of the group, as well as their first release for the Rhino subsidiary Pyramid Records.
The age group between seventeen and twenty-three was the youngest group for the graduate population and made up 11. 73 percent, twenty three people, of their population.
" A Law Review article distinguishes three groups of state laws, one group comprising seventeen states that make void any agreement to confess judgment entered into before commencement of a suit.
Rewind is a science fiction novel by Terry England which is predominantly about the fate of a group of seventeen humans who are transformed into apparent 9-year-olds by extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.
" She identifies the first group as consisting of daughters with an average age of seventeen who were killed by their families, and the second group as consisting of women with an average age of thirty-six.

group and authors
It was given its current form by a group of authors and editors who lived in the Persian period, called the Priestly source, and Numbers therefore reflects the program of this group.
The authors of Perl do not expect this limited group to meet every need, however.
Of course these stories may take a variety of forms, but many authors try to realistically depict the routine activities of a group of police officers who are frequently working on more than one case simultaneously.
When payment was not forthcoming for the first story he sold to Gernsback, Wollheim formed a group with several other authors, and successfully sued for payment.
A group of authors suppose that it may have been a member of, or related to, the Turkic language family.
Various libertarian socialist authors have identified the written work of English Protestant social reformer Gerrard Winstanley and the social activism of his group, the Diggers, as anticipating this line of thought.
Some authors claim ( or at least presuppose ) that taxa are real entities, that to say that an animal is included in Mammalia ( the scientific name for the mammal group ) is to say that it bears a certain relation to Mammalia, an abstract object.
The most important group of sources, the biographies contained in the Historia Augusta, claim to be written by a group of authors at the turn of the 4th century, but are in fact written by a single author ( referred to here as " the biographer ") from the later 4th century ( c. 395 ).
He was a member of the Swordsmen and Sorcerers ' Guild of America, a loose-knit group of Heroic Fantasy authors founded in the 1960s, some of whose works were anthologized in Lin Carter's Flashing Swords!
The beliefs of this group also did not appear to contain any more than usual of " new age " ideas ( broadly defined ) and the authors interpreted their ideas on reincarnation as " one way of tackling issues of suffering ", but noted that this seemed to have little effect on their private lives.
Higher Superstition argued that in the 1990s, a group of academics whom the authors referred to collectively as " the Academic Left " was dominated by professors who concentrated on racism, sexism, and other perceived prejudices, and that science was eventually included among their targets — later provoking the " Science Wars ", which questioned the validity of scientific objectivity.
* Atlanta Nights: a hoax, by a group of professional authors, perpetrated upon a vanity press
The related but different uniform word problem for a class K of recursively presented groups is the algorithmic problem of deciding, given as input a presentation P for a group G in the class K and two words in the generators of G, whether the words represent the same element of G. Some authors require the class K to be definable by a recursively enumerable set of presentations.
Subsequent authors have greatly extended Dehn's algorithm and applied it to a wide range of group theoretic decision problems.
Its reports are reviewed by a group other than the authors according to procedures approved by a Report Review Committee ( also consisting of members from the NAS, NAE, and IOM ).
The basic example is of a topological group – not only must the inverse exist element-wise, but the inverse map must be continuous ( some authors also require the identity map to be a closed inclusion, hence cofibration, again referring to properties of the map ).
The authors comment that these poor outcomes might reflect a need for additional support for some patients, in addition to the group therapy.
At the request of the Daily Telegraph, Welsh travelled with a group of authors and journalists to the Sudan in 2001.
After a short period the Profil group went separate routes, as authors such as Dag Solstad, Espen Haavardsholm, and Tor Obrestad turned to the newly formed party Workers ' Communist Party ( Arbeidernes kommunistparti or AKP ), and become involved in formulating a new political program that based on the view that literature should serve the working people and their uprising against capitalism.
Yurica has been followed in this usage by authors including journalist Chris Hedges, Marion Maddox, James Rudin, Sam Harris, and the group TheocracyWatch.
This group of authors has applied the term to a broader spectrum of people than have sociologists such as Diamond.
This pattern continued until the 1930s with a new group of authors educated at the Université Laval and the Université de Montréal.

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