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huge and crowd
Snorri quips: " There is a huge crowd there, and there will be many more still ...." ( Section 39 ).
Meanwhile, a huge crowd has assembled outside the palace.
As Woodfull bent down over his bat in pain for several minutes, an image that became one of the defining symbols of the series, the huge crowd began jeering, hooting and verbally abusing the English team.
This unprecedented act was witnessed by a huge crowd, many singing along.
* A huge crowd at the Welsh Grand National at Ely Racecourse, Cardiff, almost overwhelms police trying to keep out gatecrashers.
On 20 May Cola di Rienzo, a Roman commoner, declared himself Emperor of Rome in front of a huge crowd in response to what had been several years of power struggles among the upper-class barony.
Hugh Despenser the Younger was brutally executed and a huge crowd gathered in anticipation at seeing him die – a public spectacle for public entertainment.
Hugh Despenser the younger was sentenced to be brutally executed on 24 November, and a huge crowd gathered in anticipation at seeing him die.
ALP policy launch before a huge crowd in the The Domain, Sydney | Sydney Domain on 24 November 1975
When the participants started to gather in one of the city's principal squares, a huge crowd of opponents attacked the event, injuring several participants and stopping the march.
The Glen Island date according to author Gunther Schuller attracted " a record breaking opening night crowd of 1800 ..." With the Glen Island date, the band began a huge rise in popularity.
The final game ( Game 6 ) was on May 19, 2005 ; Reggie Miller, in his final NBA game, scored 27 points and received a huge standing ovation from the crowd.
The Mavericks came back to win Game 2 to tie the series at a game apiece, but the Warriors won both Game 3 and Game 4, with a huge lift from the Warriors ' home crowd at the Oracle Arena.
On 2 June 1780 a huge crowd, estimated at 40, 000 to 60, 000 strong, assembled and marched on the Houses of Parliament.
The Associated Press reported, " Richie Ashburn, fleet footed Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, brought the huge Briggs Stadium crowd of 52, 075 to its feet with a brilliant leaping catch in the sixth inning to rob Wertz of a near homer.
Another moment that garnered a huge crowd response was when David Bowie performed " Heroes " and dedicated it to his son, as well as " All our children, and the children of the world ".
On this occasion, wind carried him instead to the police station on West 123rd Street, as a huge crowd followed.
On arrival, Kingsford Smith was met by a huge crowd of 25, 000 at Eagle Farm Airport in his hometown of Brisbane.
Arriving at the Prime Minister Secretariat, Benazir Bhutto addressed the huge crowd:
Green, Madden and Simpson were subjected to derision and insults by the mob before they were hanged, being mockingly huzza'd by the huge crowd on the way to the gallows on Leith sands.
Germanus and Lupus confronted the British clergy at a public meeting before a huge crowd in Britain.
In reply, the Muslims organized a Defence Committee for the Protection of the Noble Buraq, and huge crowd rallies took place on the Al-Aqsa plaza in protest.
Kingsford Smith was met by a huge crowd of 26, 000 at Eagle Farm Airport, and was welcomed as a hero.
The previous day it had been given a public send-off which included a Mass and celebrations attended by the King, his court and a huge crowd.
Every baris carrying them there overflows with people, a huge crowd of them, men and women together.

huge and turned
Put another way, Ford innovated its way to a lower price point and by doing so turned a huge potential market into a reality.
For instance, on 1977's Out of the Blue, the logo was turned into a huge flying saucer space station, an enduring image now synonymous with the band.
Brennus invaded Greece in 281 BC with a huge war band and was turned back in the nick of time from plundering the temple of Apollo at Delphi.
This episode features huge levels and a wide variety of enemies, such as rocks that only move when Keen's back is turned, and modified game mechanics.
Grant had previously turned down offers by Massot to make a film of the band, but with the huge success of the band's current tour, Grant changed his mind and offered him the job of director.
In 1987, Uematsu and Sakaguchi collaborated on what was originally to be Sakaguchi's last contribution for Square, Final Fantasy, a game that turned out to be a huge success.
From 1996 to 2000, he was vice-president of the actors ' union Equity, helping with a huge restructuring programme which turned a £ 500, 000 deficit into a small surplus.
After the Battle of Lech, the rest of the huge Magyar army turned to Bohemia, where it was crushed by Boleslav.
Whitley also had a huge home along his ceremonial boulevard, the " first house " you saw as you turned from Chandler Blvd.
He then turned the device on himself, absorbing all of the stolen powers and becoming huge and muscular.
Upon building Disneyland in 1955, Walt Disney regained a huge amount of popularity among the public, and turned his focus at producing his most ambitious movie ; Sleeping Beauty.
The film was scrapped and Newman was brought in by Allen to make When Time Ran Out, which turned out to be a huge box office bomb.
However, Zhao's policy had huge popular support and the supporters of the Gang of Four turned to assassination after all other supposedly legal means failed.
Peckinpah and Coburn were greatly disappointed and turned next to Cross of Iron, a critically acclaimed war epic that performed poorly in the U. S. but was a huge hit in Europe.
Events turned the scheme into a huge operation, one that cost Canada $ 1. 6 billion of a total cost of $ 2. 2 billion, and employed 104, 000 Canadians in airbases across the land.
The SN-2 unit that replaced the C-1 remained relatively secure until the end of the war, but only at the cost of using huge antennas that slowed their fighters as much as 25 mph, making them easy prey for British night fighters who had turned to the offensive role.
The man ( probably Wiltshire trader William Dell, also on holiday ) turned up to the shop with a huge wad of rubber-banded bank notes and proceeded to spoil his trailer load of children with Easter eggs and ice creams.
Manufacture of the ordnance was also revolutionised by the early-18th century invention of the boring mechanism by the Swiss gun-founder Moritz of Geneva which allowed for a far greater precision achieved in the casting, in essence creating a huge lathe on which the barrel casting turned instead of the boring tool.
In the late 20th century stunt men were placed in dangerous situations less and less as filmmakers turned to relatively inexpensive ( and much safer ) computer graphics effects using harnesses, fans, blue-or green screens, and a huge array of other devices and digital effects.
The competition for a new façade turned into a huge corruption scandal.
Following retirement from playing in league football in 1994, Blissett created a huge stir in the Eastern Counties Football League by agreeing to play for Fakenham Town in Norfolk, whose chairman was a lifelong Watford fan, and big crowds turned out wherever he played.
In 1994 Méndez was invited to Puerto Rico and starred in the romantic story Señora Tentación, which turned out to be a flop considering the huge success of Marielena.
Though a minor skirmish from a military perspective, Frederick William's victory turned out to be of huge symbolic significance.
In spite of the huge amount of French literature discussing the Black Mass ( Messe Noire ) at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century — no set of written instructions for performing one, from any purported group of Satanists, turned up in writing until the 1960s, and appeared not in France, but in the United States.
Immediately after the war the area turned into a huge black market, the atmosphere of which remained until the redevelopment in 1970s.

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