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key and advantage
The key words here are fair and eventually-if characters ' ranks are close, and the weaker character has obtained some advantage, then the weaker character can escape defeat or perhaps prevail.
The key advantage of self-propelled over towed artillery is that it can be brought into action much faster.
Whilst this had the advantage of being usable by untrained users via ' hunt and peck ' typing and requiring one less key switch than a conventional 12 button keypad, it had the disadvantage that some symbols required three times as much force to depress them as others which made it hard to achieve any speed with the device.
The oars were a key advantage as they would enable the Adventure Galley to manoeuvre in a battle when the winds had calmed and other ships were dead in the water.
A key advantage of a dimensional approach is that the data warehouse is easier for the user to understand and to use.
As with other wavelet transforms, a key advantage it has over Fourier transforms is temporal resolution: it captures both frequency and location information ( location in time ).
A key advantage of the Euclidean algorithm is that it can find the GCD efficiently without having to compute the prime factors.
It provided a technological advantage, and was responsible for many key Byzantine military victories, most notably the salvation of Constantinople from two Arab sieges, thus securing the Empire's survival.
In most countries, trading by corporate insiders such as officers, key employees, directors, and large shareholders may be legal, if this trading is done in a way that does not take advantage of non-public information.
The critical advantage in an asymmetric key system is that Bob and Alice never need to send a copy of their keys to each other.
The key advantage of self-propelled over towed artillery is that it can be brought into action much faster.
However, New England took advantage of several key Jacksonville miscues in a game dominated by defense.
There were serious scientific objections to the process of natural selection as the key mechanism of evolution, including Karl von Nägeli's insistence that a trivial characteristic with no adaptive advantage could not be developed by selection.
Vi has the advantage that most ordinary keys are connected to some kind of command for positioning, altering text, searching and so forth, either singly or in key combinations.
Wheat was a key factor enabling the emergence of city-based societies at the start of civilization because it was one of the first crops that could be easily cultivated on a large scale, and had the additional advantage of yielding a harvest that provides long-term storage of food.
Ownership of the rights to the Tesla patents was a key advantage to the Westinghouse Company in offering a complete alternating current power system for both lighting and power.
The key advantage of VHDL, when used for systems design, is that it allows the behavior of the required system to be described ( modeled ) and verified ( simulated ) before synthesis tools translate the design into real hardware ( gates and wires ).
Its earliest non-experimental use came with military communication systems during World War II, its key advantage being that its light-based transmissions could not be intercepted by the enemy.
A key advantage of jets and turboprops for aeroplane propulsion-their superior performance at high altitude compared to piston engines, particularly naturally aspirated ones-is irrelevant in automobile applications.
The key advantage to umsdos out of the three is that it provides full Unix file semantics.
This key advantage enables them to occasionally reach a body before Calliphoridae overall effecting the maggot mass that will be discovered.
The key advantage of a linear penalty function is that the slack variables vanish from the dual problem, with the constant C appearing only as an additional constraint on the Lagrange multipliers.
The key to designing a passive solar building is to best take advantage of the local climate.
A key advantage of this kind of reactive armour is that it cannot be defeated via tandem warhead shaped charges, which employ a small forward warhead to detonate ERA before the main warhead fires.
The key advantage of a mailing list over a things such as web-based discussion is that as new message becomes available they are immediately delivered to the participants ' mailboxe.

key and collaborative
During the past decades, globalization, outsourcing and information technology have enabled many organizations, such as Dell and Hewlett Packard, to successfully operate solid collaborative supply networks in which each specialized business partner focuses on only a few key strategic activities ( Scott, 1993 ).
At this stage in their collaboration, Lennon's and McCartney's songwriting was highly collaborative ; even when songs had a primary author the other would often contribute key parts, as with " No Reply " where McCartney provided a middle-eight for what was otherwise almost entirely a Lennon song.
This document describes the industry ’ s priorities, key milestones, and performance targets for collaborative R & D.
In a key scholarly collaborative Nyingmapa translation work published in 2005, furthermore notable as the first complete rendering of the Bardo Thodol into the English language from the Tibetan, this technical term was configured into English as " Buddha-body of Reality ".
A key problem of collaborative filtering is how to combine and weight the preferences of user neighbors.
In the 2010 National Survey of Student Engagement ( NSSE ), Quest University Canada was ranked highest among Canadian universities on five key criteria: academic challenge, student-faculty interaction, supportive campus environment, active and collaborative learning, and enriching educational experience.
One of the key features of Intelink is Intellipedia, an online system for collaborative data sharing based on MediaWiki.
These tools focus on three key issues in forming a collaborative team:
With 76 partnering organizations, HIMSS sponsors National Health IT Week, a collaborative forum during which key healthcare constituents-vendors, provider organizations, payors, pharmaceutical / biotech companies, governmental agencies, industry / professional associations, research foundations, and consumer protection groups-work together to elevate national attention to the necessity of greater health IT ( information technology ) adoption.

key and filtering
The few remaining salt marshes now represent most of California's remaining salt marsh, supporting a number of endangered species and providing key ecosystem services such as filtering pollutants and sediments from the rivers.
One effective post-processing technique that became a key element of the best H. 261-based systems is called deblocking filtering.
A key issue with content-based filtering is whether the system is able to learn user preferences from user's actions regarding one content source and use them across other content types.
Release 4. 41 added support for filtering of spam with header and body checking for key phrases ( already before download ).
The key benefit of application layer filtering is that it can " understand " certain applications and protocols ( such as File Transfer Protocol, DNS, or web browsing ), and it can detect whether an unwanted protocol is being sneaked through on a non-standard port or whether a protocol is being abused in any harmful way.
One of the key aspects of this effort has been the creation of a management system designed to enable service providers or value added resellers to lift the burden of security management from the end users while at the same time delivering additional services such as automatic security and software updates, content filtering, anti-virus and more.

key and approach
Similarities to the approach which I have described are evident in the prompt establishment of a helping relationship, quick appraisal of key issues, and the immediate mobilization of treatment plans as the essential dynamics in helping to further the ego's coping efforts in dealing with the interplay of inner and outer stresses.
Respecting ethnicity and family beliefs are key to a family-centered and ethnically competent approach.
* Account-based marketing, a targeted approach to marketing to a key account
The earliest radiocarbon determinations obtained from key sites such as Oakbank in Loch Tay or Redcastle, Beauly Firth approach the Late Bronze Age-Early Iron Age transition at their widest interpretation at 2 sigma or 95. 4 % probability, falling after c. 800BC and therefore could only be considered Late Bronze Age by the narrowest of margins.
A key aim was to base categorization on colloquial English descriptive language ( which would be easier to use by federal administrative offices ), rather than assumptions of etiology, although its categorical approach assumed each particular pattern of symptoms in a category reflected a particular underlying pathology ( an approach described as " neo-Kraepelinian ").
It gained an Emmy nomination for choreography and now stands as the key document explaining Kelly's approach to modern dance.
In Australia, the art journal the art life has recently detected the presence of a " New Irrealism " among the painters of that country, which is described as being an " approach to painting that is decidedly low key, deploying its effects without histrionic showmanship, while creating an eerie other world of ghostly images and abstract washes.
By adopting this approach, Marx attempted to separate key findings from ideological biases.
H ( key ∥ message ∥ key ) is better, however various security papers have suggested vulnerabilities with this approach, even when two different keys are used.
Two key assumptions underlie this cognitive approach: ( 1 ) that the memory system is an active organized processor of information and ( 2 ) that prior knowledge plays an important role in learning.
Bloomfield's approach to key linguistic ideas in his textbook Language reflect the influence of Pāṇini in his treatment of basic concepts such as linguistic form, free form, and others.
This " romantic " approach views form as a key element of successful poetry because form is abstract and distinct from the underlying notional logic.
The usual approach to this problem is to use a public-key infrastructure ( PKI ), in which one or more third parties-known as certificate authorities-certify ownership of key pairs.
Some special and specific algorithms have been developed to aid in attacking some public key encryption algorithms-both RSA and ElGamal encryption have known attacks that are much faster than the brute-force approach.
This approach also has its weaknesses-for example, the certificate authority issuing the certificate must be trusted to have properly checked the identity of the key-holder, must ensure the correctness of the public key when it issues a certificate, and must have made arrangements with all participants to check all their certificates before protected communications can begin.
As the backspace key is slow in simple mechanical typewriters ( the carriage was heavy and optimized to move in the opposite direction ), a more professional approach was to block the carriage by pressing and holding the space bar while printing all characters that needed to be in a shared position.
The sampling approach therefore to some extent represents a convergence between the two techniques, the key difference remaining that the radiosity technique aims to build up a sufficiently accurate map of the radiance of all the surfaces in the scene, rather than just a representation of the current view.
Some interrelated key terms underpin Halliday's approach to grammar, which forms part of his account of how language works.
As a result of this approach the ZX80 could only generate a picture when it was idle, i. e. waiting for a key to be pressed.
He points to the transition, for many critics, from a ‘ structuralist ’ approach through the 1970s and 1980s, in which ecology maintains a key position in the discipline, to a ‘ poststructuralist ’ approach with an emphasis on the ‘ politics ’ in political ecology ( Walker 2005, p. 74-75 ).
The method of conceptual analysis tends to approach such a problem by breaking down the key concepts pertaining to the problem and seeing how they interact.

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