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key and issue
A key contested issue is the historicity of Luke's depiction of Paul.
The major turn in Sakharov ’ s political evolution came in 1967, when anti-ballistic missile defense became a key issue in US – Soviet relations.
Adams predicted the likelihood of the Union's dissolution over the slavery issue, and was a key opponent of the Mexican – American War for this reason.
Generally, flat-panel membrane keyboards do not have much of a " feel ", so many machines which use them issue a beep or flash a light when the key is pressed.
A key issue is the use of metadata.
The definition and classification of mental disorders is a key issue for researchers as well as service providers and those who may be diagnosed.
DikuMUD had a key influence on the early evolution of the MMORPG genre, with EverQuest ( created by avid DikuMUD player Brad McQuaid ) displaying such Diku-like gameplay that Verant developers were made to issue a sworn statement that no actual DikuMUD code was incorporated.
It was looking certain that the Tories would be re-elected, and the only key issue that the media were still speculating by the end of 1982 was whether it would be Labour or the Alliance who formed the next opposition.
A level 1 signature is similar to the trust one has in a certificate authority because a key signed to level 1 is able to issue an unlimited number of level 0 signatures.
The Fifth Amendment issue has been opened again as the case was appealed and the federal judge again ordered the defendant to provide the key.
When contemplating an award of this decoration, the key issue that commanders must take into consideration is the degree to which the enemy caused the injury.
It is a key issue for women, since without it the other freedoms we appear to have, such as the right to education, jobs and equal pay, may prove illusory.
The superconductor material is a key issue for SMES.
The issue of human rights also became highly politicised at this time as human rights is claimed to be a key component of propaganda created by the Reagan administration to help legitimise its policies in the region.
Throughout the decades, the management of heat density has remained a key issue for most centralized supercomputers.
The key issue thus includes understanding the nature of the beta limit in the various configurations, including the associated thermal and magnetic stresses, and finding ways to avoid the limits or mitigate the consequences.
RWM stability is a key issue for many magnetic configurations.
The stability of neoclassical tearing modes ( NTM ) is a key issue for magnetic configurations with a strong bootstrap current.
Madness is also a key issue.
The Oath became a key issue in the resulting Irish Civil War that divided the pro-and anti-treaty sides in 1922 – 23.
Whilst these impacts can be included in a detailed environmental impact assessment, a key issue has been how to present these assessments alongside estimates of those costs and benefits that can be expressed in monetary terms.
As always, a key issue is how benefits and complications of such agents compare with statins — molecular tools that have been analyzed in large numbers of human research and clinical trials since the mid-1970s.
On the key political issue of the day, foreign policy, he opposed the Conservative-dominated government of the day ever more openly.
The question of how serious a threat to democracy may have existed during these years continues to be contentious — a key point at issue being who of any consequence would have been ready to move beyond grumbling about the government ( or spreading rumours ) to actively taking unconstitutional action.
On the question of whether scholars deeply invested in theories of interstate violence could adapt their theories to explain or predict large-scale ethnic violence, a key issue proved to be whether ethnic groups could be considered " rational " actors.

key and with
I have just asked these questions in the Pentagon, in the White House, in offices of key scientists across the country and aboard the submarines that prowl for months underwater, with neat rows of green launch tubes which contain Polaris missiles and which are affectionately known as `` Sherwood Forest ''.
A system of `` gold '' -- actually yellow -- phones connects him with the offices and action stations of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the SAC commander and other key men.
And I would further note that they all -- with one exception again -- sang in one key or another the same song.
The symposium provides an opportunity to confront the self with specific statements which were made at particular times by identifiable communicators who were addressing definite audiences -- and throughout several hundred pages everyone is talking about the same key symbol of identification.
However, his subject matter and basic themes have remained surprisingly consistent, and these, together with certain key poetic images, may be traced through all his work, including the new jazz experiments.
No warden or guard to touch lock, key or doorknob except when accompanied by a prisoners' committee with powers of veto.
When he was bent over behind the wheel of the station wagon, feeling in his trouser cuffs for the ignition key which he had dropped a moment before, she came out of the house with an enormous Rumanian shawl over her head, which she had bought in that country during one of their trips abroad, and handed him a clean handkerchief through the window.
Similarities to the approach which I have described are evident in the prompt establishment of a helping relationship, quick appraisal of key issues, and the immediate mobilization of treatment plans as the essential dynamics in helping to further the ego's coping efforts in dealing with the interplay of inner and outer stresses.
A few key skilled workers experienced in the company's type of work usually must be brought in with the plant manager, or hired away from a similar plant elsewhere.
I waited until my man was coming out of the office with the key to a cabin before I went in to register.
Putting the key into the switch, pressing the accelerator with his foot, putting the car into reverse, seemed vast endeavors almost beyond the ability of his shaking body.
Alec locked the hall door and put the key with his watch on the bedside table.
When that failed, he enlisted Branch Rickey's aid in the formation of a third major league, the Continental, with New York as the key franchise.
A publicity release from Oregon Physicians Service, of which Harvey is president, quoted him as saying the welfare office move to Salem, instead of `` crippling '' the agency, had provided an avenue to correct administrative weaknesses, with the key being improved communications between F & A and the commission staff.
Though President John F. Kennedy was primarily concerned with the crucial problems of Berlin and disarmament adviser McCloy's unexpected report from Khrushchev, his new enthusiasm and reliance on personal diplomacy involved him in other key problems of U.S. foreign policy last week.
It might be argued that the Communists are less inhuman than the Nazis and furnish the artist with drama in a lower key.
British social anthropology had an expansive moment in the Interwar period, with key contributions coming from the Polish-British Bronisław Malinowski and Meyer Fortes
* That the discipline grew out of colonialism, perhaps was in league with it, and derived some of its key notions from it, consciously or not.
In The Plague, a key description of Oran occurs early, when it is explained that the town is built in such a way that it " turns its back on the bay, with the result that it's impossible to see the sea, you always have to go to look for it.
A key problem in the design of good algorithms for this problem is that formulas for the variance may involve sums of squares, which can lead to numerical instability as well as to arithmetic overflow when dealing with large values.
The atomic orbital concept is therefore a key concept for visualizing the excitation process associated with a given transition.
By contrast, the Rijndael specification per se is specified with block and key sizes that may be any multiple of 32 bits, both with a minimum of 128 and a maximum of 256 bits.
## < tt > AddRoundKey </ tt >— each byte of the state is combined with the round key using bitwise xor
His reign was marred by a constitutional struggle with the Aragonese nobles, which eventually culminated in the articles of the Union of Aragon-the so-called " Magna Carta of Aragon ", which devolved several key royal powers into the hands of lesser nobles.

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