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ledger and was
in an instant the doctor was stalking across the room with an antique ledger in his hands, thoroughly eared and big as a table top.
The ledger was full of most precise information: date of laying, length of incubation period, number of chick reaching the first week, second week, fifth week, weight of hen, size of rooster's wattles and so on, all scrawled out in a hand that looked more Chinese than English, the most jagged and sprawling Alex had ever seen.
On the other side of the ledger is the fact that he did see his niece and the woman with whom she was staying.
The Sensimatic developed into the Sensitronic which could store balances on a magnetic stripe which was part of the ledger card.
But the customhouse would say that the value of imports exceeded that of exports and was trade deficit against the ledger of France.
A notable contribution to the profession of accounting was the improvement of the general ledger system through the development of the double-entry bookkeeping system for tracking credits and debits.
That year, following gambling losses he was obliged to note John Aspinall-I owe you £ 173, 500 in the accountant's ledger.
She also found a 1734 notation made by Robert Morris the elder in the ledger of the expenses of Robert Morris the younger, who was at the time in Philadelphia, for " one fountain pen ".
Although ledger lines are found occasionally in manuscripts of plainchant and early polyphony, it was only in the early 16th century in keyboard music that their use became at all extensive ( Anon.
Vocal music employed a variety of different clefs to keep the range of the part on the staff as much as possible ; in keyboard notation a common way of avoiding ledger lines was the use of " open score " on four staves with different clefs ( Godwin 1974, 16 – 17 ).
The last entry made in the ledger was Nov. 3, 1873, the sinking of the shaft was abandoned with no reason given.
He started work as a junior clerk in the ledger department of a City firm, but was made redundant after pressing his fellow clerks to join a trade union.
Shortly after his marriage to Sophie Levene on 22 April 1937, Brown was employed as a ledger clerk with the Transport and General Workers Union, and appointed District Organiser for Watford the next year.
Although several multi-user commercial packages ( e. g. sales and purchase ledger systems ) were developed and trialled with customers, this was not commercially successful, and the service was soon withdrawn.
Alexander was in possession of these works until they were interred with the artist's sister at her death, but he had the Bull's ledger book drawings photographed and published.
He was also to keep a ledger over the students and keep guard over incarcerated students.
Certain forecasts for London called for showers sometime during the weekend, which, it was thought, might wipe up to a day of action or more from the ledger.
He was working as a purchase ledger clerk at the time for the Crystal Motor Group.
Certain forecasts for London called for showers sometime during the weekend, which, it was thought, might wipe up to a day of action or more from the ledger.
As Macarthur was debilitated towards the end of his life with mental illness his son William seems to have administered much of the building, and is named in Verge's ledger rather than his father.
On the other side of the ledger, by 1861 Delaware College was forced to close due to a lack of funds, aggravated by a brutal unsolved murder on the campus.

ledger and found
If the clerks can remove one page from the ledger, containing the account of the current customer ( plus several other accounts ), then multiple customers can be serviced concurrently, provided that each customer's account is found on a different page than the others.
The first records of Haut-Brion wine found in the wine cellar ledger of the English king Charles II.
He found Mary Batson's good deed ledger which she kept to record her good deeds but had dropped and read it, learning her secret.

ledger and home
The career ledger for Joe Bauman reads: 1, 019 games, 982 runs scored, 1, 166 hits, 337 home runs, 1, 057 runs batted in, 974 walks, and a. 337 batting average.

ledger and all
The bookkeeper is responsible for ensuring all transactions are recorded in the correct day book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger and general ledger.
The term slush fund is used in accounting to describe a general ledger account in which all manner of transactions can be posted to commingled funds and " loose " monies by debits and credits cancelling each other out.
His aliases were so numerous that he had to keep a ledger listing all the women with whom he corresponded and which particular identity he used for each woman.
Francia kept a ledger of all the women he slept with.
Internal sizing is applied to almost all papers and especially to all those that are machine made, while surface sizing is added for the highest grade bond, ledger, and writing papers.
A trial balance is a list of all the General ledger accounts ( both revenue and capital ) contained in the ledger of a business.
Some Salvation Army corps have a Promoted to Glory Board or ledger on which all members ( Soldiers or Adherents ) of that corps, who have died, are listed along with the year of their death.

ledger and financial
In financial accounting or bookkeeping, " Dr " ( Debit ) means left side of a ledger account and " Cr " ( Credit ) is the right side of a ledger account.
* Data analytics teams in the financial services sector often use sneakernets to transfer sensitive corporate information, such as ledger entries, customer data and financial statistics.
The profit and loss statement and balance sheet and other financial reports can then be produced using the ledger accounts listed on the trial balance.
Trialing, by listing every nominal ledger balance, ensures accurate reporting of the nominal ledgers for use in financial reporting of a business's performance.
The trial balance is usually prepared by a bookkeeper or accountant who has used daybooks to record financial transactions and then post them to the nominal ledgers and personal ledger accounts.
There are typically a few such controls within major applications in each financial process, such as accounts payable, payroll, general ledger, etc.

ledger and transactions
This process of transferring summaries or individual transactions to the ledger is called posting.
In accounting, it refers to documentation of detailed transactions supporting summary ledger entries.
This journal lists transactions in chronological sequence by date prior to a transfer of the same transactions to a ledger in the process of bookkeeping
On the other side of the ledger, National City sold to Bank of America its 83 % stake in National Processing Company, which earns fees from processing merchant credit card transactions.
A Schedule V purchase involves the customer having to sign a dispensary log after presenting proper identification to the pharmacist ; the Schedule V ledger lists transactions going back two years and must have pages that are difficult to remove and usually pre-numbered.

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