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line and running
so that a line running down the length of the South marking the upper limits of tidewater would roughly divide the Old South from the new, but with, of course, important minority enclaves.
Traditionally, Anatolia is considered to extend in the east to an indefinite line running from the Gulf of Iskenderun to the Black Sea, coterminous with the Anatolian Plateau.
The line running from the upper left to lower right reads mt l b < sup > c </ sup > lt.
Apart from the lowlands and the Atlas mountain range, the continent may be divided into two regions of higher and lower plateaus, the dividing line ( somewhat concave to the north-west ) running from the middle of the Red Sea to about 6 deg.
A line running from the South extremity of Addu Atoll ( Maldives ), to the Eastern extreme of Ràs Hafun ( Africa, 10 ° 26 ' N ).
alt = Plan illustrating a line of shoals running roughly north to south.
Magnetic ( compass ) north and geographic ( true ) north are only exactly the same for a small number of places – for example, as of 2000 in the United States only those places on a line running from Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico .< ref > But the public may not be as informed, and think there is something mysterious about a compass " changing " across an area as large as the Triangle, which it naturally will.
A Z 20500 train from Paris's RER RER D | line D running an old " ZYCK " ( now renamed " ZUCO ") route towards Melun
A variant of this game is known in German speaking countries as Bierkastenlauf ( beer crate running ): A team of two is carrying a crate of beer along a route of several kilometers and has to consume all bottles prior to crossing the finish line.
The Ethan Allen Express, an Amtrak train line running from New York City to Rutland, Vermont, is also named after him.
* Player is lined up at least one yard behind the line of scrimmage ( running backs, fullbacks, etc.
The anchor point of the kite line may be static or moving ( e. g., the towing of a kite by a running person, boat, free-falling anchors as in paragliders and fugitive parakites or vehicle ).
Most bodies are made of two pieces of wood with some of them including a seam running down the center line of the body.
The International Hydrographic Organization defines the western limit of the Gulf of Finland as a line running from Spithami ( 59 ° 13 ' N ), in Estonia, through the island of Osmussaar from SE to NW and on to the SW extreme of Hanko Peninsula ( 22 ° 54 ' E ) in Finland.
In 1857 Nepveu negotiated a contract to build a railway bridge over the river Garonne at Bordeaux, connecting the Paris-Bordeaux line to the lines running to Sète and Bayonne, which involved the construction of a iron girder bridge supported by six pairs of masonry piers on the river bed.
The railway line connects Hoek van Holland to Rotterdam via Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam, the trains running every half hour during the day.
The underwing is also white along its forward edge, resulting in a black line running along the middle of the underwing, expanding to more extensive black at the wingtip.
* 1889 – The first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States is completed, running between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, Oregon.
* 1797 – French Revolutionary Wars: A naval battle between a French ship of the line and two British frigates off the coast of Brittany ends with the French vessel running ashore, resulting in the death of over 900.
The Kara Sea's northern limit is marked geographically by a line running from Cape Kohlsaat in Graham Bell Island, Franz Josef Land, to Cape Molotov ( Arctic Cape ), the northernmost point of Komsomolets Island in Severnaya Zemlya.
The third type is the same as the second, with the addition of a line of ( often quite large ) scales running along the lateral line ( along the side ) of the fish, also referred to as " mirror koi ".
In American football, a lateral pass or lateral, officially backward pass ( onside pass in Canadian football ), occurs when the ball carrier throws the football to any teammate behind him or directly next to him ( i. e. on or behind a line running through the ball and parallel to the line of scrimmage ).

line and from
A bold line of violet broke loose from the high ridge of the mountains, followed by feathers of red that swept the last stars from the sky.
Mike took the bayonet from Dean's hand and slashed the picket line.
The river was only a few blocks away but an unbroken line of piers prevented me from seeing it.
The husband points the steps out with his flashlight: `` Its white stare filling her pale eyes To the blind brim with appetite, Bleaching her hands that grazed my thighs And sent us from the table in surprise To let the dishes soak all night, '' ( Mary Jane asked herself if Meredith was blushing at this line, or was it the fire??
The line of an eyebrow, the color of the skin, a ghazal from Hafiz, the purity of spring water, the long afternoon among the boughs which crowd the upper story of a pavilion -- these things are noticed, judged, and valued.
At this period the thirty-year old Helion was ranked `` as one of the mature leaders of the modern movement '', according to Herbert Read, `` and in the direct line of descent from Cezanne, Seurat, Gris and Leger ''.
Sighting a line from the bridge to a small field directly to the side, I pitched the tent that evening on the stateless `` line '', digging a small trench around it as best I could with a toy spade donated by a neighborhood child.
The Fourth Corps assaulted and carried a small portion of the enemy works but could not hold possession of the gain for want of cooperation from the balance of the line.
At headquarters -- sufficiently far from the firing line to make you forget occasionally that you were in a war -- Lewis found that the Commander in Chief's only desk was his knees ( and his only comb, his fingers ).
Finally, colleges and clubs took the line that speakers from England were not wanted any longer, even speakers like S.K., so unlike the novelists and poets who had patronized the Americans for many years.
Competition from other steamship lines has cut Cunard's share of sea passengers from one-third to one-fourth and this year the line showed a marked drop of profits on the Atlantic run.
The decline of the Cunard line from its position of dominance in Atlantic travel is a significant development in the history of transportation.
There was an air of blindness in her gray eyes, the startled-horse look that ultimately comes to some women who are born at the end of an ancestral line long since divorced from money-making and which, besides, has kept its estate intact.
It expanded from hand screw machines to automatic screw machines, from simple formed-tooth gear cutting machines to gear hobbing machines and a large contract gear manufacturing business, from rudimentary belt-driven universal milling machines to a broad line of elaborately controlled knee-type and manufacturing type milling machines.
Scribe a line across the bar on the other end of the tappet, 1/4'' '' plus half the diameter of the 2-56 screw head ( about 5/64'' '' ) away from the frame edge.
Then lay a three-inch-wide strip of cloth along the keel line from the transom to the point of the stem.
Its oil for heating is metered monthly to each home from a line that starts at a central storage point.
Borrowing a line from Don Marquis' Mehitabel.
Field shifts were derived from the mean value of the resonance line, defined as the field about which the first moment is zero.

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