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man's and home
When Fred Powell's brother-in-law, Charlie Keane, moved into the dead man's home, the anonymous letter writer took no chances on Charlie taking up where Fred had left off and wasted no time on a first notice:
Curt managed to duck beneath the man's flailing fist, and drove home a solid left to Jess's mid-section.
Family survival on our own Western frontier, for example, could quite literally depend on a man's strength and ability to bring home the bacon ; ;
When approaching a man's home in those early frontier days, one shouted from afar, " Hello, the cabin!
An area is curtilage if it " harbors the intimate activity associated with the sanctity of a man's home and the privacies of life.
Features of this portrayal included his working man's Gannex raincoat, his pipe ( the British Pipesmokers ' Council voted him Pipe Smoker of the Year in 1965 and Pipeman of the Decade in 1976, though in private he smoked cigars ), his love of simple cooking and fondness for popular British relish HP Sauce, and his support for his home town's football team, Huddersfield Town.
On the way home, Pinocchio stops at a man's house and asks about Eugene.
The film contrasts each man's personality, home environment, and training style: Schwarzenegger is extroverted, aggressive, and works out with other bodybuilders at Gold's Gym and Muscle Beach, whereas the quiet, reserved Ferrigno-who went partially deaf after a childhood ear infection-trains with his father in a dimly lit, private basement gym.
Calli's husband Mulligan ( Mike Starr ), a giant, comes home to find a man's bag.
They charge them with civil rights violations to ensure they will be tried at the federal level ; four of them had previously been convicted in a state court of firebombing a black man's home, only to receive five-year suspended sentences.
Sometimes there is a duty to retreat which makes the defense problematic when applied to abusive relationships ( see battered woman syndrome and abuse defense ), and in burglary situations given the so-called castle exception ( see: Edward Coke ) which argues that one cannot be expected to retreat from one's own home, namely, " a man's house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium " i. e. Latin for " and one's home is the safest refuge ").
The Castle doctrine originates from Coke's statement in the Third Institutes that " A man's home is his castle – for where shall he be safe if it not be in his house?
They provide a window into the mind of Chance, who knows nothing of the world outside the old man's home except from what he's learned on television.
In the second series, they ruined an unsuspecting man's front room while posing as designers from a home makeover show, then broke into a brewery to see how easy it would be to organise a piss-up.
The man is eating while the satyr rises abruptly with raised hand prior to leaving the man's home.
Invited to dinner at Benziger's home, where he meets the man's beautiful and compassionate daughter, Natalie.
Gothard teaches that women working outside the home are putting themselves under another man's authority and conflict may arise.
Media attention soon turned to Besumer himself, as a series of letters written in German, Russian, and Yiddish were discovered in a trunk at the man's home.
As Cernan prepared to climb the ladder for the final time, he spoke these words, the last currently spoken by a human standing on the Moon's surface: " Bob, this is Gene, and I'm on the surface ; and, as I take man's last step from the surface, back home for some time to come – but we believe not too long into the future – I'd like to just ( say ) what I believe history will record.
At Page's invitation, Anger travelled to Page's new home, Crowley's former residence Boleskine House located on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland, to help the musician exorcise the building of what Page believed to be a headless man's ghost.
With his friends Governor-General Georges Vanier and Mrs. Pauline Vanier, née Archer, he co-founded the Vanier Institute of the Family, which Penfield helped found " to promote and guide education in the home -- man's first classroom.
A longtime alcoholic, who once said that O uísque é o melhor amigo do homem — é o cão engarrafado (" Whisky is man's best friend, the dog in a bottle ), after a long spell of poor health punctuated by various stints in rehab clinics, Vinícius de Moraes died at his home in Rio de Janeiro on July 9, 1980 at the age of 66, while in the company of his eighth and last wife, Gilda de Queirós Mattoso, and the ever-faithful Toquinho.
There is then a second parabasis ( see Note at end of this section ), in which the Chorus touches briefly on a conflict between Cleon and the author, after which a household slave arrives with news for the audience about the old man's appalling behaviour at the dinner party: Philocleon has got himself abusively drunk, he has insulted all his son's fashionable friends and now he is assaulting anyone he meets on the way home.

man's and is
This man's isolation is not merely momentary, it is permanent.
`` The man's true reputation is his work ''.
But it is the need to undertake these testaments that I would submit here as symptom of the common man's malaise.
As symptomatic of the common man's malaise, he is most significant: a liberal and a Catholic, elected by the skin of his teeth.
What is the common man's complaint??
So in these pages the term `` technology '' is used to include any and all means which could amplify, project, or augment man's control over himself and over other men.
Rather it is a division established by two absolutely different ways of thought with regard to man's life in society.
But The Holy Sinner is not simply a retelling of old stories for an old man's entertainment.
Even if people do, in a not far distant future, begin to read one another's minds, there will still be the question of whether what you find in another man's mind is especially worth reading -- worth more, that is, than what you can read in good books.
How we travel through the forest is for each man's conscience.
there is no one point in a man's career at which he must select either the technical or the managerial path upward.
In the last analysis, religion is the means of inducing, formulating, expressing, enhancing, implementing, and perpetuating man's deepest experience -- the religious.
Religion at its best is out in front, ever beckoning and leading on, and, as Lippman put it, `` mobilizing all man's scattered energies in one triumphant sense of his own infinite importance ''.
It is no coincidence that the hebephrenic patient, the most severely dedifferentiated of all schizophrenic patients, shows, as one of his characteristic symptoms, laughter -- laughter which now makes one feel scorned or hated, which now makes one feel like weeping, or which now gives one a glimpse of the bleak and empty expanse of man's despair ; ;
It is obviously a young man's poem, written out of books and not out of experience ; ;
In fact all of our civilized world is the resultant of man's projection of his imagination over the past 60 centuries or more.
`` Purely from the business man's standpoint and without regard to the lawyer's view '', commented a trade journal, `` the matter of patents in the automobile and accessory trade is developing some phases and results that challenge thought as to how far patents are to become weapons of warfare in business, instead of simple beneficient protection devices for encouraging inventive creation ''.
On the contrary, even in the heart of `` the Bible belt '' itself, as can be attested by any one who is called to work there, the industrial and technological revolutions have long been under way, together with the corresponding changes in man's picture of himself and his world.
Non-arable land is sometimes called wasteland, badlands, worthless or no man's land.
* Arminianism is Pelagian ( or Semi-Pelagian ), denying original sin and total depravity – No system of Arminianism founded on Arminius or Wesley denies original sin or total depravity ; both Arminius and Wesley strongly affirmed that man's basic condition is one in which he cannot be righteous, understand God, or seek God.
Thus Myspace and YouTube were not liable for a dyslexic man's inability to navigate the site regardless of how impressive the " online theater " is.
There is no other life ; man's fulfilment is in this life alone.

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