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mass and Petre's
Petre's early specialty was his work in mass concrete, at the time a novel building material in New Zealand.

mass and correspondence
As news rolled in from town to town and correspondence arrived from overseas, reports of horrific stories of suffering and loss due to smallpox stirred mass panic among the people.
His lack of secretarial support with the mass of correspondence had left a pattern of hard work in Haifa interspersed with occasional summer breaks to Europe — in the early years often to the Swiss Alps.
Thereby mass is converted to energy in correspondence to the mass – energy equivalence.
He was informed by the Postmaster General that: " with view to relieving the Officers of HM forces in Turkey from the irksome business of superintending the arrangement and distribution of the large mass of correspondence of which mails between this country and the Army are likely to be composed, the Postmaster General has determined upon dispatching an intelligent and experienced Officer of this Department to act as Army Postmaster "
He is precociously intellectual, prone to be contrary, and plays correspondence chess with an imprisoned mass murderer.
In the correspondence of Thomas, Lord Cromwell, one in 1536 is mentioned at which a hundred priests took part in the requiem mass.
For the twentieth century there are great riches: a mass of correspondence, diaries, books, newspapers, pamphlets, and some of the papers and proceedings of the organizations with which the Farangi Mahallis were involved.
This correspondence occurred around the time the city of Washington, D. C., was planning its mass transit system.

mass and has
The second timely part of this sketch of literature and the search for identity has to do with the difference between good and enduring literary works and the ephemeral mass culture products of today.
The observer of television or other products for a mass audience has only a permit to be, like the models he sees, even more like everybody else.
This push to confine the study of mass behaviour to the measurements of parameters involved in differential equations has led sociology perilously close to the reduction of the word `` mass '' to mean a small group in which certain relations between all pairs of individuals in such a group can be studied.
Elemental astatine has never been viewed, because a mass large enough to be seen ( by the naked human eye ) would be immediately vaporized by the heat generated by its own radioactivity.
Although MacDougall's results varied considerably from " 21 grams ", for some people this figure has become synonymous with the measure of a soul's mass.
Astrometry has also been used to support claims of extrasolar planet detection by measuring the displacement the proposed planets cause in their parent star's apparent position on the sky, due to their mutual orbit around the center of mass of the system.
Cysteine is unusual since it has a sulfur atom at the second position in its side-chain, which has a larger atomic mass than the groups attached to the first carbon, which is attached to the α-carbon in the other standard amino acids, thus the ( R ) instead of ( S ).
Because an alpha particle is the same as a helium-4 nucleus, which has mass number 4 and atomic number 2, this can also be written as:
In practice, this mode of decay has only been observed in nuclides considerably heavier than nickel, with the lightest known alpha emitter being the lightest isotopes ( mass numbers 106 – 110 ) of tellurium ( element 52 ).
It has been mass produced on souvenirs, lent its name to a Superman villain, appeared on The Simpsons to demonstrate the redemption of a murderous character named Sideshow Bob, incorporated into Hare Krishna chants and adapted for Wicca ceremonies.
An unofficial standard for spoken American English has also developed, as a result of mass media and geographic and social mobility, and broadly describes the English typically heard from network newscasters, commonly referred to as non-regional diction, although local newscasters tend toward more parochial forms of speech.
Since conference and of the Food and Agriculture Organization's publication World Festival of Trees, and a resolution of the United Nations in 1954: " The Conference, recognising the need of arousing mass consciousness of the aesthetic, physical and economic value of trees, recommends a World Festival of Trees to be celebrated annually in each member country on a date suited to local conditions "; it has been adopted by the Netherlands.
The principle it works on, the constant of simultaneity, is analogous in some ways to gravity ... One point has to be fixed, on a planet of certain mass, but the other end is portable.
Although over the past years more emphasis has been given to the construction of grassroots alternatives to ( capitalist ) globalization, the movement's largest and most visible mode of organizing remains mass decentralized campaigns of direct action and civil disobedience.
This makes a wall that has large amounts of thermal mass ( see earth sheltering ).
Similar to other forested regions, the Black Forest has had areas that were annihilated by mass logging.
She has donated more than $ 140, 000 over two years for a mass sterilization and adoption program for Bucharest's stray dogs, estimated to number 300, 000.
This is not a hunt but a mass slaughter ... an outmoded tradition that has no acceptable justification in today's world ".
The mainstream view is that Gigantopithecus was quadrupedal, and it has been argued that Gigantopithecus's enormous mass would have made it difficult for it to adopt a bipedal gait.
Trabecular bone accounts for the remaining 20 % of total bone mass but has nearly ten times the surface area of compact bone.
* United States: The US has never used mass immunization of BCG, relying instead on the detection and treatment of latent tuberculosis.
Since the publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the term " Big Brother " has entered the lexicon as a synonym for abuse of government power, particularly in respect to civil liberties, often specifically related to mass surveillance.
A nation or group that can pose a credible threat of mass casualty has the ability to alter the terms on which other nations or groups interact with it.

mass and been
In denying motions for dismissal, Judge Powell stated that mass trials have been upheld as proper in other courts and that `` a person may join a conspiracy without knowing who all of the conspirators are ''.
At least 20 other Americans were reported to have been arrested in a mass political roundup.
Dramatic declines in amphibian populations, including population crashes and mass localized extinction, have been noted in the past two decades from locations all over the world, and amphibian declines are thus perceived as one of the most critical threats to global biodiversity.
On occasion SPAAGs have been used as very effective direct fire weapons against infantry, for example by American forces during late World War II, in Korea against mass infantry assault, and extensively during the Vietnam War, where for example the U. S. M42 Duster SPAAG ( based on a light tank ) was employed purely for this purpose.
The system had been designed in 1983 through 1984 with an intended mass market rollout in June 1984, but was canceled shortly thereafter due to the sale of the company to Tramiel Technology Ltd on July 2, 1984.
Since then, there have been many refinements to increase the field of view, mass and position resolution, and data acquisition rate of the instrument.
Over the years it has been a large manufacturer of regional aircraft, business jets, mass transportation equipment, recreational equipment and a financial services provider.
German military history had previously been influenced by Carl von Clausewitz, Alfred von Schlieffen and von Moltke the Elder, who were proponents of maneuver, mass, and envelopment.
The distinctions also reflect an important and significant technical difference between memory and mass storage devices, which has been blurred by the historical usage of the term storage.
In September 2004, The Cayman Islands were hit by Hurricane Ivan, causing mass devastation, loss of human and animal life ( both wild and domestic / livestock ) and flooding, with some accounts reporting that 25 % or more of Grand Cayman had been underwater and with the lower floors of buildings being completely flooded.
Techniques using mass spectrometry and a double spike isotope dilution have been used for K-Ca age dating.
It is an actinide element, the sixth transuranium element to be synthesized, and has the second-highest atomic mass of all the elements that have been produced in amounts large enough to see with the unaided eye ( after einsteinium ).
However, not all regulations have been removed, and encryption registration with the U. S. Bureau of Industry and Security is still required to export " mass market encryption commodities, software and components with encryption exceeding 64 bits " ().
A severe regression would have greatly reduced the continental shelf area, which is the most species-rich part of the sea, and therefore could have been enough to cause a marine mass extinction.
Vermicompost tea in conjunction with 10 % castings has been shown to cause up to a 1. 7 times growth in plant mass over plants grown without.
The Perkins Brailler, first manufactured in 1951, uses a 6-key chord keyboard ( plus a spacebar ) to produce braille output, and has been very successful as a mass market affordable product.
This galaxy has also been cited in studies of dark matter, because the stars in the outer ring orbit too quickly for their collective mass.
It has been inferred that as the white dwarf's mass approaches the Chandrasekhar limit, its central density increases, and, as a result of compressional heating, its temperature also increases.

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