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modern and day
True, we do not know how they were regarded in their day, but we need not believe the epic audience to have been more insensitive to the formulas than the numerous scholars of modern times who have read Germanic or Homeric poetry all their lives and still found much to admire in occasional occurrences of the most familiar phrases.
`` One, modern equipment -- much of it supplied under the Marshall Plan -- enables Fiat to turn out 2,100 cars a day.
* 1782 – King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke ( Rama I ) of Siam ( modern day Thailand ) founded the Chakri dynasty.
The programming language to be employed by users was akin to modern day assembly languages.
* 1913 – Tōhoku Imperial University of Japan ( modern day Tohoku University ) becomes the first university in Japan to admit female students.
In October 1844, Hasan Ali Shah left Sind for Bombay, passing through Cutch ( modern day Kutch ) and Kathiawar where he spent some time visiting the communities of his followers in the area.
New Granada, with the vice regal capital at Bogota, encompassed modern day Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.
Rio de la Plata, with the vice regal capital in Buenos Aires, encompassed modern day Argentina, Uruguay Paraguay and Bolivia.
Amazons were said to have lived in Pontus, which is part of modern day Turkey near the shore of the Euxine Sea ( the Black Sea ).
The Lewis and Clark Expedition spent the winter of 1805 – 1806 at Fort Clatsop, a small log structure south and west of modern day Astoria.
The following year, 478 BC, the Allies sent a force to capture the city of Byzantion ( modern day Istanbul ).
Complex systems of predicting fate and destiny based on one's birthday, birth season, and birth hours, such as ziping and Zi Wei Dou Shu () are still used regularly in modern day Chinese astrology.
Long settled by the Mi ' kmaq Nation, the valley experienced French settlement at the Habitation at Port-Royal, near modern day Annapolis Royal in the western part of the valley, beginning in 1605.
In 755, Abd al-Rahman and Bedr reached modern day Morocco near Ceuta.
It was al-Ala who headed the Abbasid army that landed in al-Andalus, possibly near Beja ( in modern day Portugal ).
He determined the dependence of the boiling of water with atmospheric pressure which was accurate even by modern day standards.
During this time, the groundwork was laid down for modern day fluid dynamics and aerodynamics, with other less scientifically-inclined enthusiasts testing various flying machines with little success.
Around 1840, Volney B. Palmer established the roots of the modern day advertising agency in Philadelphia.
However, Conway Morris strongly disagreed with Gould's conclusions, arguing that almost all the Cambrian fauna could be classified into modern day phyla.
Based on his experience with cricket, Chadwick devised the predecessors to modern day statistics including batting average, runs scored, and runs allowed.
They have also been identified with an East Germanic group, whose remains have mostly been found in the North of modern day Bavaria.
In modern Scottish Gaelic, Latha Buidhe Bealltainn or Là Buidhe Bealltainn (' the yellow day of Bealltain ') is used to describe the first day of May.
This is seen particularly in the substitution of modern names of places, such as were in use in the writer's day, for the old names ; thus Gezer ( 1 Chr.
Most modern day biblical scholars assert that the Book of Lamentations was written by one or more authors in Judah, shortly after the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in 586 BC ; and was penned as a response to Babylonian Exile, the intense suffering of the people of Judah, and the complete and utter destruction of Jerusalem.

modern and British
Some Protestant charismatic and British New Church Movement churches include " apostles " among the offices that should be evident into modern times in a true church, though they never trace an historical line of succession.
The party is keen to maintain its independent identity however, and argues that the need for a modern Liberal force in British politics has never been greater.
In AD 60 or 61, while the current governor, Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, was leading a campaign against the island of Mona ( modern Anglesey ) in the north of Wales, which was a refuge for British rebels and a stronghold of the druids, the Iceni conspired with their neighbours the Trinovantes, amongst others, to revolt.
By resigning Laws became the shortest serving Minister in modern British political history with less than 18 days service as a Cabinet Minister.
During the few years after its foundation the British Museum received several further gifts, including the Thomason Collection of Civil War Tracts and David Garrick's library of 1, 000 printed plays, but yet contained few ancient relics recognisable to visitors of the modern museum.
The death of James Wolfe | General Wolfe during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham ; the campaigns of the French and Indian War resulted in British control of modern Canada.
The vastly increasing demands of imperial expansion, and the inadequacies and inefficiencies of the underfunded, post-Napoleonic Wars British Army, and of the Militia, Yeomanry, and Volunteer Force, led to the Cardwell and Childers Reforms of the late 19th century, which gave the British Army its modern shape, and redefined its regimental system.
This includes a shared British cultural heritage, warfare during the 1770s and 1812, and the eventual development of one of the most stable and mutually-beneficial international relationships in the modern world.
Based on a study of the British rock succession, it was the first of the modern ' system ' names to be employed, and reflects the fact that many coal beds were formed globally during this time.
Use of modern refining techniques was especially important because the British Slave Trade Act 1807 abolished the slave trade in the British Empire ( but slavery itself remained legal until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 ).
Some of the new countries became British Dominions, the genesis of the modern Commonwealth of Nations.
Both the Australian and New Zealand armies follow the British practice of maintaining traditional titles ( Light Horse or Mounted Rifles ) for modern mechanised units.
In the Welsh language who's origins, like Cornish is from the ancient British or Brythonic language line, ' Cist ' is also used for such ancient graves, but in modern use, can also mean a chest, a coffer, a box, or even the boot / trunk of a car.
This view provided an implicit justification of British colonialism with Britain assuming the " white man's burden " of breaking these societies from their static past and bringing them into the modern world.
Martin Hewitt, created by British author Arthur Morrison in 1894, is perhaps the first example of the modern style of fictional private detective.
In the early 19th century the basics of modern techniques including pre-heating and reflux were developed, particularly by the French, then in 1830 a British Patent was issued to Aeneas Coffey for a whiskey distillation column, which worked continuously and may be regarded as the archetype of modern petrochemical units.
Equipment from the Soviet Union is being progressively replaced by more modern U. S., French, and British equipment, a significant portion of which is built under license in Egypt, such as the M1 Abrams tank.
Equipment from the Soviet Union is being progressively replaced by more modern U. S., French, and British equipment, a significant portion of which is built under license in Egypt, such as the M1A1 Abrams tank which makes Egypt the owner of the second largest number of latest generation main battle tanks in the region after Israel, and the second after Syria in case of the older generations.
The boundaries of modern Eritrea and the entire region were established during the European colonial period between Italian, British and French colonialists as well as the lone landlocked African Empire of Abyssinia which found itself surrounded and its boundaries defined by said colonial powers.
This combined with the introduction of modern democracy into Eritrea by the British administration gave Eritreans a desire for political freedoms alien to Ethiopian political tradition.
The insect-winged fairies in British folklore are often called " älvor " in modern Swedish or " alfer " in Danish, although the correct translation is " feer ".
British empiricism, though it was not a term used at the time, derives from the 17th century period of early modern philosophy and modern science.

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