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naming and contest
The franchise then held a naming contest to publicize the team, promising a $ 1, 000 war bond to the winner.
Instead, the name Seattle Seahawks (" Seahawk ", another name for Osprey ) was selected on June 17, 1975 after a public naming contest which drew more than 20, 000 entries and over 1, 700 different names.
* Concorde Avenue was named in a 1995 street naming contest in honour of the 50 years ' peace ( 1945 – 1995 ) in Europe since the Second World War.
The name " Destroyers " came from a naming contest and alluded to the naval ship of the same name, one of which sits outside the HSBC Arena in the nearby Buffalo Naval and Serviceman's Park.
The following year, a naming contest held among the MacRae staff yielded the slogan “ Speed on in your Speedos .” The brand name was born.
A naming contest held by the Siskiyou Daily News in November 1941 considered the possibilities for the would be state: Orofino, Bonanza, Discontent, Jefferson, Del Curiskiyou, and Siscurdelmo.
The Roughnecks introduced the new mascot at a media event on January 26, 2012, and later unveiled the name after holding a naming contest.
The new ferry, named the Marilyn Bell I after a naming contest, went into service on January 22, 2010.
Later in 1976, MSD renamed the zoo the Washington Park Zoo after a naming contest.
Also in 2006, three orangutans were born and named Jinnga, Kembali and Budi through a TVO Kids naming contest.
The next morning, Karla gets a phone call from a radio station and wins a contest for a holiday to the Caribbean by naming the capital of Brazil as Rio.
Nimiq is an Inuktitut word for " that which unifies " and was chosen from a nationwide naming contest in 1998.
It has the capability to load and unload the C-130, C-141, C-5 and C-17, as well as the commercial DC-10, L-1011 and B-747 freighters. The equipment was named to honor Tunner by an industry naming contest.
The naming contest rules, however, state that although the poll results will be taken into account, NASA has ultimate discretion in choosing an appropriate name for the node.
The name " Axiom " was determined by a naming contest held by Isuzu, and was won by Dr. Hakan Urey from Redmond, Washington, who suggested the name and won his own Axiom in 2001.
The authority changed its name in 1994 to LYNX via a public naming contest.
After a naming contest and vote among students and faculty ( which included some tongue in cheek nominations such as " Yankee Stadium ", the Jerry Brown Arena, the Corrugated Fortress ), it was eventually given the generic name " Campus Events Center ".
* During the naming contest for a Hungarian bridge, Colbert Nation forum members developed a bot to stuff the ballot box.
" Shortly after, Beaver launched a contest requesting the community to assist him in naming the team's mascot.
From 1908 to 1915, the University of Kentucky's student newspaper was called The Idea, but it became the Kentucky Kernel following a naming contest in 1915.
" name was chosen through a naming contest, with " WAM " being an acronym for " What Adults are Missing "; until 2008 as WAM !/ Encore Wam, imported shows for children and teens also aired during the daytime hours.
The name Harborfields came from a combination of the older names of Centerport ( ex Little Cow Harbor ) and Greenlawn ( ex Old Fields ), selected from an entry by Billy Lefko and Robert Comito in a naming contest in about 1958.
The project's rhyming name was submitted by Joyce Monger and won a naming contest.
The St. Catharines Falcons name came from a naming contest for the new junior team.

naming and 1926
In 1926, in a bold departure for Polish Hasidim, Rabbi Avraham Mordechai established a yeshiva in Jerusalem, naming it for his father, the Sfas Emes.
The phenomenon called the Aloha Spirit inspired the naming of Aloha Tower, which has greeted vessels to port at Honolulu Harbor since September 11, 1926
It opened in 1926 and underwent major renovations in 2001, with naming rights being bought by Portland General Electric ( PGE ), and again in 2011 when the naming rights were sold to Jeld-Wen in preparation for the 2011 Major League Soccer season.

naming and won
In a deal estimated at $ 122 million, Lucas Oil Products won the naming rights to the stadium for 20 years.
PAM and NRP then formed a coalition government, naming Kennedy Simmonds, a medical doctor and one of the founders of the PAM, premier ( Simmonds had won Bradshaw's former seat in a 1979 by-election ).
On June 13, 2005, the Red Sox honored Carlton Fisk and the 12th-inning home run that won Game 6 of the 1975 World Series by naming the left field foul pole, which the famous home run contacted, the Fisk Foul Pole.
The bank which won the competition for the " New Garden's " naming rights, Shawmut, was the bank whose name disappeared during the merger.
Kerry Konrad, a New York City lawyer and Yankees fan, won naming rights for March 1 with a bid of $ 2300.
His testimony had won him admiration in the blacklisted community, as in addition to not naming names he also confronted the committee on ideological matters, something that was rarely done.
* East Midlands Trains-Stagecoach won a new franchise in the East Midlands on 11 November 2007, naming it East Midlands Trains, due to a reshuffle which affected three new franchises including CrossCountry, now operated by Arriva, and West Midlands, now operated by Govia as London Midland.
Officials inaugurated the new town a year after on January 7, 1919 naming Fortunato Arban town mayor. Before the citizens of Pauli won back their township, Inocente Sumague donated a piece of land for the construction of a church in 1916.
The towns are named after Dundee, Scotland, the hometown of a young settler who won the naming rights in a competition.
Marsh had narrowly won the prestige of studying and naming the important fossil at the expense of his rival.
Overall, Craig's men won 11 of their 20 first-class games on tour, and the South African Cricket Annual recognised the Australian captain's leadership by naming him as one of their Five Cricketers of the Year.
The naming decision took place in the form of an online poll hosted by BBC Five Live in conjunction with the London Development Agency ( who were building the bridge and who had conceived the idea of a public poll ), and won from a shortlist of Live Aid bridge ( in memory of the 1985 concert held at the stadium ), Sir Alf Ramsey ( being England's World Cup winning manager ), Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Geoff Hurst ( two of Sir Alf's team ).
On 18 October 2005, Swansea-based developers Liberty Properties Plc won the naming rights to call it the " Liberty Stadium ".
On September 23, 1973, Perón won them with almost 62 % of the votes, naming his third wife Isabel Perón as vice-president.

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