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native and Stockholm
* October – The first national stage in Sweden opens when the play Den Svenska Sprätthöken is performed in the native language, by the first native actors, on the stage of Bollhuset in Stockholm.
Garbo was cremated and her ashes were interred in 1999 at Skogskyrkogården Cemetery just south of her native Stockholm.
He entered the Swedish army at an early age and was already a captain when, in 1689, at the head of a deputation of Livonian gentry, he went to Stockholm to protest against the rigour with which the land-recovery project of Charles XI of Sweden was being carried out in his native province.
A native of Hässleholm, Tilliander now resides in Stockholm, where he runs Repeatle Studios and apart from creating his own music, works as a mastering engineer for several record labels.
A native of the coastal city of Helsingborg, the seat of Helsingborg Municipality in Skåne County, at the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Öberg moved to Stockholm in 1987, at the age of 20.
With the help of Norman, Robin reached his third final of the year in his native Sweden at Stockholm, but lost to David Nalbandian in a tough match ( 2 – 6, 7 – 5, 3 – 6 ).
The Rijksmuseum Triton is the one sculpture by de Vries to be found on display in his native Netherlands, where he was scarcely known until the exhibition mounted by the Rijksmuseum, the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, and the J. Paul Getty Museum in 1999.
Fredrik Eklund ( born April 26, 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden ) is a New York City real estate broker, a former Information technology ( IT ) entrepreneur in his native Sweden, a gay porn actor ( under the pseudonym Tag Eriksson, also written Tag Ericsson ) and a novelist.
A native of Stockholm, Carlsson joined the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League when he was sixteen, studied economics at Stockholm University and, upon graduation, went into Sweden's foreign ministry.

native and County
So it was that New Castle lawyer Thomas McKean denounced the Stamp Act in the strongest terms, and Kent County native John Dickinson became the " Penman of the Revolution.
His father was Joseph Hallie " Joe " Keaton, a native of Vigo County, Indiana.
There are 14, 829 Irish language speakers in County Cork with 3, 660 native speakers in the Cork Gaeltacht.
Nellie Davis Tayloe was born near Amazonia, in Andrew County, Missouri ( now part of the St. Joseph Metropolitan Statistical Area ) to James Wynn Tayloe, a native of Stewart County, Tennessee, and his wife, Elizabeth Blair Green, who owned a plantation on the Missouri River.
The current Dutchess County Court House | county courthouse, built in 1903, stands on the same site as the original 1720 building. Fun at the Dutchess County FairPrior to Anglo-Dutch settlement, what is today Dutchess County was a leading center for the native Wappinger peoples.
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa, commonly called the bigcone Douglas-fir, is an evergreen conifer native to the mountains of southern California, occurring from the San Rafael Mountains in central Santa Barbara County and the southwest of the Tehachapi Mountains of southwestern Kern County, south to Julian in San Diego County.
Fluger claimed to have been a Yankee native of Rockingham County, New Hampshire and was a former militia colonel.
An early settler of 1823 was James Hutchinson Woodworth, a native of Washington County, NY.
In August 2010, former Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak, a former professional football player and Wilkes-Barre native, was sentenced to 24 months in prison for accepting a bribe unrelated to his involvement with the for-profit juvenile detention center.
Before the 2009 season, the Bluefish hired Willie Upshaw, a Major League Baseball alumnus and Fairfield County native, as their bench coach.
Estimates of the woodlands in County Kilkenny include the Forest Inventory Planning System ( 1998 ) which estimated Kilkenny had 2251 ha of mixed woodland and broadleaf woodland not dominated by beech, representing 1. 09 % of the county and the National Forest Inventory 2004 and 2006 which estimated that 4430 ha of the county is native forested land, Scots pine was regarded as non-native, representing 2. 15 % of the county .< ref name = native-woodlands >
Captain William Butler, native of Virginia, previous member of Georgia Legislature and captain of Georgia militia, came to Butler County in search of adventure, but was soon killed by native Americans near Butler Springs on the morning of 20 March 1818.
UNCG is now coached by Roxboro, Person County native and former WNBA player Wendy Palmer.
Lancaster County was named after the city of Lancaster in the county of Lancashire in England, the native home of John Wright, one of the early settlers.
From 1978-1982, Carbon County was represented in the Wyoming House of Representatives by Democrat Thomas E. Trowbridge ( 1930-2009 ) of Saratoga, a Nebraska native.
" The county was named for Culpeper County native Colonel William Russell, who assisted in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.
Patrick County native Herb Hash was a major league baseball player for the Boston Red Sox in the late 1930s and early 1940s.
Patrick County native Gerald L. Baliles served as Governor of Virginia from 1986 through 1990.
Patrick County native Mary Sue Terry served as Attorney General of Virginia from 1986 until 1993.

native and joined
Dr. Hester, of Princeton, N.J., is a native of Chester, Pa. He joined NYU in September, 1960.
On his return from the congress, Pius II spent a considerable time in his native district of Siena, where he was joined by his erstwhile host in Mantua Ludovico Gonzaga.
To take one example, the nation now known as Iraq intentionally joined together three Ottoman vilayets, uniting Kurds in the north, Sunni Arabs in the center, and Shia Arabs in the south, in an effort to present a strong national buffer state between Turkey and Persia: over these was placed a foreign king from the Hashemite dynasty native to the Hijaz.
The enslaved people revolted and joined a nearby native population while the Spanish abandoned the colony altogether.
The Anglo-Saxons held the present counties of Kent, Sussex, Norfolk, Suffolk, and around the Humber ; it is clear that the native British controlled everything west of a line drawn from the mouth of the Wiltshire Avon at Christchurch north to the river Trent, then along the Trent to where it joined the Humber, then north along the river Derwent and east to the North Sea, and also controlled a salient to the north and west of London, and south of Verulamium, that stretched west to join their main territory.
Charles and his family decided to seek refuge in Savoy, Marie Thérèse's native country, where they were joined by some members of the Condé family.
While most of the Chumash people joined one mission or another between 1772 and 1806, a significant portion of the native inhabitants of the Channel Islands did not move to the mainland missions until 1816.
A native of Chicago, Cancel joined Menudo in 1981, replacing Óscar Meléndez.
In response to King Phillips War in New England, the native peoples in Acadia joined the Wabanaki Confederacy to form a political and military alliance with New France.
The earliest sources regard the two dragons as distinctly different, and in a metaphor of the Adventus Saxonum describes one as being native to the island of Britain ( it had arrived first ) which was then joined by another new and alien dragon that fought it for supremacy.
After Texas joined the United States, the native Tejanos living in the state began culturally developing separately from their neighbors to the south, and remained culturally distinct from other Texans.
Born in Sélestat, Alsace, he joined the Dominican Order at an early age and while still a young man was appointed Prior of the Dominican house of his native town.
In the late 19th century, the Germans, Italians and the Belgians also joined in, beginning the third wave of invasions that would subdue native peoples and economies, and expand European-controlled territory over the majority of the globe.
Joe Bonsall, a Philadelphia native who was a member of the Keystone Quartet and recording on Duane Allen's Superior label, joined in October 1973 ( coincidentally, both Sterban and Bonsall had been members of the Keystones during the late ' 60s, recording much of the ORB's material ).
Burgoyne restricted participation by native warriors, so Brant departed for Fort Niagara, where his family joined him and he spent the winter planning the next year's campaign.
The series starred teenage Jay North ( famous for starring as Dennis the Menace as a child ) as Terry Bowen, and Indian actor Sajid Khan ( also prominent in his homeland from his child-acting background ) as Raji, a native boy who joined up with the lead.
He studied art in his native New York as a teenager, sketching the city, and joined the Art Students League of New York in 1900.
McKevitt, Who was a native of County Louth joined the Provisional IRA during the outbreak of the Troubles.
Preparing to run again for governor in 1924, Terral joined the Ku Klux Klan in Morehouse Parish, which adjoins his native Union Parish.
" Ageloff returned to her native Brooklyn, New York in September that same year, and Mercader joined her, assuming the identity of Canadian Frank Jacson.
But Doria joined the French or popular faction and entered the service of King Francis I of France, who made him captain-general ; in 1524 he relieved Marseille, which was besieged by the Imperialists, and later helped to place his native city once more under French domination.
The Toronto native joined a Sierra Club protest against nuclear testing in 1969.
Most likely the Chronicle's best-known and most widely-quoted writer was the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Herb Caen ( 1916 – 1997 ), a Sacramento native who joined the newspaper in 1938 to write a local-radio news column.
A number of native Moro leaders joined the MNLF rebellion, making Basilan a veritable warzone.
Their Italian, light contrapuntal style joined with native melodic idioms was continued by Traetta and Sarti and maintained by, among others, D. S.

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