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notable and contribution
However, despite the success of Drude's free electron model, it had one notable problem, in that it was unable to correctly explain the electronic contribution to the specific heat of metals, as well as the temperature dependence of resistivity at low temperatures.
These are some of the manufacturers which made a notable contribution to calculator development:
According to valence bond theory, of which Pauling was a notable proponent, this " additional stabilization " of the heteronuclear bond is due to the contribution of ionic canonical forms to the bonding.
In 1969 the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics established the George Pólya Prize, given alternately in two categories for " a notable application of combinatorial theory " and for " a notable contribution in another area of interest to George Pólya.
Hitler went on to castigate the Navy, saying that Navy had done nothing in the wars of unification, that the High Seas Fleet " played no important role in the World War " and lacked "... men of action who were determined to fight with or without the Kaiser ", that the Navy were a nest of traitors whose only contribution to World War I was the High Seas Fleet mutiny of 1918, and that given this history, it was no surprise that the Navy's record in World War Two with the notable exception of the U-boats was one of failure after failure.
The extensive system of labor exploitation in the Gulag made a notable contribution to the Soviet economy and the development of remote areas.
Participation in a variety of events continued until World War I, but it was in 1912 that Peugeot made its most notable contribution to motor sporting history when one of their cars, driven by Georges Boillot, won the French Grand Prix at Dieppe.
The contribution of expatriate writers outside Nepal, especially in Darjeeling and Varanasi in India, is also notable.
In 1992, Jurado was honored with the Golden Boot Award for her notable contribution to the western movies.
In 1489 the Stanleys again made a notable contribution to the army raised by Henry to suppress a rising in Yorkshire.
Britain also made a notable contribution in the mid-late 1970s with the group Darts, who successfully ( and with some authenticity ) revived revered doo-wop standards such as " Daddy Cool ", " Come Back My Love " and " Zing!
British historian David Pryce-Jones conceded that Hobsbawm was " no doubt intelligent and industrious, and he might well have made a notable contribution as a historian ", but also charged that, as a professional historian who has " steadily corrupted knowledge into propaganda, and scorns the concept of objective truth ", he was " neither a historian nor professional.
This was well before she made her notable contribution of the " Kovalevsky top " to the brief list of known examples of integrable rigid body motion ( see following section ).
But Sabine did make one notable contribution to the longitude problem.
The pre-Islamic Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, which made a notable " contribution to the religious formation of the West ", also has a linear sense of time.
Allan's most notable contribution is the creation of the fuzz sound.
DeLorean's most notable contribution to Pontiac was the Pontiac GTO ( Gran Turismo Omologato ), a muscle car named after the Ferrari 250 GTO.
The 8th ( Sirmoor ) Local Battalion made a particularly notable contribution during the conflict, and indeed twenty-five Indian Order of Merit awards were made to men from that regiment during the Siege of Delhi.
Another notable soundtrack contribution was his tenor saxophone on the original 1962 soundtrack theme from Dr. No.
Ron Geesin, who had already influenced and collaborated with Roger Waters, made a notable contribution to the album and received a then rare outside songwriting credit.
He was elected twentieth and last deputy for Paris to the National Convention, where he again made no notable contribution other than voting in the king's trial — he voted in favour of the death sentence for Louis XVI.
His notable contribution to the development of the science of European warfare included the emphasis on tactics and strategy in place of over-reliance on frontal assaults and mêlées.
The WPI Plan is the guiding principle behind undergraduate education at the Institute today, and is arguably the most notable contribution WPI has made towards science and engineering education.

notable and profession
The BRP was notable for being the first role-playing game system to introduce a full skill system to characters regardless of their profession.
Great forces in the emancipation of theatre directing as a profession were notable 20th century theatre directors like Peter Brook, Peter Hall ( Britain ), Bertolt Brecht ( Germany ) and Giorgio Strehler ( Italy ).
Another notable portrayal of the profession was the series Murder One which featured a group of lawyers as central characters.
There is still a regrettable under-representation of artists of African, African-American, or African-European origins in the conducting profession, but there have been notable exceptions, such as Henry Lewis, Dean Dixon, James DePreist, Paul Freeman, and Michael Morgan.
One of the most notable statements came from the University of Vienna which demanded that the images be withdrawn with reference to the point that the medical profession should have no association with executions, and that the donor's informed consent could be scrutinised.
The Cobb – Douglas production function is especially notable for being the first time an aggregate or economy-wide production function had been developed, estimated, and the presented to the profession for analysis ; it marked a landmark change in how economists approached macroeconomics.
Such reviews of civil engineering accomplishments have produced various lists of the notable categories and projects of the profession.
He was born at Besançon, where his family had supplied many notable members of the legal profession.
Doxiadis was honored in 1965 by Industrial Designers Society of America ( IDSA ) with a Special Award for notable results, creative and innovative concepts and long-term benefits to the industrial design profession, its educational functions and society at large.
He became world notable as an innovator in the highly specialized and extremely hazardous profession of extinguishing and capping blazing, erupting oil well blowouts, both land-based and offshore.
He was one of Nevada's most prolific architects, yet is notable for entering the architectural profession with no extensive formal training.

notable and accounting
Washington and Lee is divided into three schools: ( 1 ) The College, where all undergraduates begin their studies, encompassing the liberal arts, humanities and hard sciences, with notable interest among students in pre-health and pre-law studies ; ( 2 ) the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics, which offers majors in accounting, business administration, economics, politics, and public accounting ; and ( 3 ) the School of Law, which offers Juris Doctor and Master of Laws degrees.
Their most notable achievements include solidifying the ASC / AIA growing accounting operations, holding the first design competition, publishing the magazine Telesis ( which becomes Crit the next year — a name coined by Rosenfeld ) and establishing student representation on the IDP Coordinating Committee.
FAST is notable for a major ongoing investigation by the Norwegian police into accounting fraud around the inflation of revenues and profits which has led to police raids on its offices.
Over the course of the next ten days the battalion was involved in a series of engagements as they fought to defend the island, with the most notable probably being the bayonet charge that they undertook with the Australian 2 / 7th Battalion at 42nd Street on 27 May in which 280 Germans were killed, with the Māori accounting for 100.

notable and was
But the most notable thing about the incantation of these ex-liberals was that the one-time shibboleth of socialism was conspicuously absent.
It is notable that at this time he was writing with admiration of Cimabue's and Poussin's way of filling space.
We were struck by the notable absence of banana skins and beer cans, but just so that we wouldn't go overboard on Greek refinement, perfection was side-stepped by a couple of braying portable radios.
In the grand court of the Palace, notable for its tiers of Moorish galleries that looked down on the maelstrom of vehicles below, Vernon's station was at the entrance.
I point now with pride to the fact that, long ere the Committee on Un-American Activities, the Minute Women, the Economic Council and other such notable `` watchdog '' organizations were so much as heard of, I was Hollywood's leading bulwark against communism, fighting single-handedly `` creeping socialism '' against such insuperable odds as the Fascio-Communist troops of the NRA, PWA, WPA, CCC and an army of more than twenty-two million mercenaries whom F.D.R. employed secretly, through the transparent ruse of regular `` relief '' checks.
A notable example of this was the discussion of Christian unity by the Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool, Dr. Heenan, and the Anglican Archbishop of York, Dr. Ramsey, recently appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.
If this was in fact Mr. Remarque's intention he has achieved a notable failure.
Lincoln's most notable criminal trial occurred in 1858 when he defended William " Duff " Armstrong, who was on trial for the murder of James Preston Metzker.
One of his notable pupils was conductor and composer Hans Münch.
This work resumed however with the development of the so-called " Second Quest ", among whose notable exponents was Rudolf Bultmann's student Ernst Käsemann.
The most notable Logician was Gongsun Longzi.
The group was notable for using several vocal performers instead of having a single lead vocalist.
However, it does seem clear that his first notable work, Summa Quoniam Homines, was completed somewhere between 1155 and 1165, with the most conclusive date being 1160, and likely was developed through his lectures at the school in Paris.
One of Alan's most notable works was one he modeled after Boethius ’ Consolation of Philosophy, to which he gave the title De Planctu Naturae, or The Plaint of Nature, and which was written most likely in the late 1160 ’ s.
Agrippina the Younger was thereafter supervised by her mother, her paternal grandmother Antonia Minor, and her great-grandmother, Livia, all of them notable, influential, and powerful figures from whom she learnt how to survive.
Alexander Jagellon never felt at home in Poland, and bestowed his favor principally upon his fellow Lithuanians, the most notable of whom was the wealthy Lithuanian magnate Michael Glinski, who justified his master's confidence by his great victory over the Tatars at Kleck ( 5 August 1506 ), news of which was brought to Alexander on his deathbed in Vilnius.
The crusade was a notable success for Byzantium, as Alexios now recovered a number of important cities and islands.
The declaration is notable since, according to Livy, it was the first time that the Romans had declared war by means of the rites of the fetials.
This was almost inevitable since, with the notable exception of the generals ( strategoi ), each office could be held by the same person only once.
One particularly notable example was an alternate adaptor designed by BMUG and commercialized by Farallon as PhoneNet.
" They approached a notable Lutheran pastor, Friedrich Rittelmeyer, who was already working with Steiner's ideas, to join their efforts.

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