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number and tour
He said that on his tour the preceding year a considerable number of hours would have been available to him on Japanese radio networks, but that he had then lacked the funds to contract for them.
Considering the short conscript tour ( usually nine to ten months ), the army has a high number of conscripts: 125, 000.
Though the New Zealand leg of the tour did not take long in comparison to the number of Australian games, the British and Irish experienced considerable difficulty across the Tasman after white-washing the Australians.
The reformed Dead Kennedys followed their court victory by announcing a number of tour dates, releasing reissues of all Dead Kennedys albums ( except Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, to which they did not have the rights until 2005 ), releasing several new archival concert DVDs, and licensing several songs to The Manchurian Candidate remake and the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game.
* Meteor hydrofoils are operated by a number of tour operators in Croatia, mostly for packaged tours, but there are also some scheduled services to islands in Adriatic.
Following the success of this tour, a number of other English teams also visited in subsequent years.
During this time, Santiago and Lovering went on vacation, while Francis performed a short solo tour, made up of a number of concerts to generate gas money as he traveled across the country.
Though Australia has a small population, the sheer number of venues that bands could play in, mainly along the Eastern coast, meant that a band could tour extensively, often playing every night for long periods.
The band and its membership went through a number of re-configurations between 1968 and 1974, achieving their current form when Peart replaced original drummer John Rutsey in July 1974, two weeks before the group's first United States tour.
A greater number of " Single O " attractions still tour carnivals.
In early 2003, Staind embarked on a worldwide tour to promote the release of the follow-up to Break the Cycle, 14 Shades of Grey, which sold two million albums and debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200.
Aside from the historical significance of these events, they also carry larger prize funds than any other tour event and are worth double the number of ranking points to the champion than in the next echelon of tournaments, the Masters 1000 ( men ) and Premier events ( women ).
Whereas the k-opt methods remove a fixed number ( k ) of edges from the original tour, the variable-opt methods do not fix the size of the edge set to remove.
In general, for any c > 0, where d is the number of dimensions in the Euclidean space, there is a polynomial-time algorithm that finds a tour of length at most ( 1 + 1 / c ) times the optimal for geometric instances of TSP in time ; this is called a polynomial-time approximation scheme ( PTAS ).
Wire's reception during a short tour in early May of the U. S., and a number of UK gigs, convinced the band to continue.
There was no tour to accompany this album, though Christine consented to a limited number of press interviews in the UK and the US.
In 2006, Nicks performed with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for the first leg of their tour in the summer, and later in the year returned as a guest performer for a number of songs on the tour celebrating Petty's 30th anniversary since his debut album.
The number of undirected closed tours is half this number, since every tour can be traced in reverse.
There are quite a number of algorithms that find a knight's tour on a given board.
The number of her official engagements increased, which included a tour of Italy, Switzerland and France, and she joined a growing number of charitable organisations as President or Patron.
Moreover, for each number of cities there is an assignment of distances between the cities for which the nearest neighbor heuristic produces the unique worst possible tour.

number and boats
Interest has been shown for a number of years by local assessors in the possibility of taxing boats.
If your state has no provisions for the numbering of pleasure boats, you must apply for a number from the U.S. Coast Guard for any kind of boat with mechanical propulsion rated at more than 10 horsepower before it can be used on Federal waterways.
A number of small patrol boats have been acquired or ordered from France.
Patrol boats are also operated by both the Corps des Sapeurs-Pompiers ( firefighting ) and the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince ( police ) which currently number 4 ( see below ).
There are a number of both historic paddle steamers and newer boats offering cruises ranging from a half-hour to 5 days.
The conventional submarine force increased from 35 to 100 boats, the number of missile-carrying ships grew from 20 to 200, and the production of larger surface ships, including support ships for oceangoing operations, increased.
The number of boats in a race typically varies between two ( which is sometimes referred to as a dual race ) to six, but any number of boats can start together if the course is wide enough.
A similar type of racing is found in UK coastal rowing, where a number of boats race out to a given point from the coast and then return fighting rough water all the way.
In the UK boats are classed as " Elite ", " Senior ", " Intermediate 1 / 2 / 3 " or " Novice ", depending on the number of wins the athletes have accumulated.
There are also a number of special presentation items including a walking stick, cigar boxes, silver gravy boats from the Kooyong electorate and a silver inkstand presented by Queen Elizabeth II.
A number of large vessels are usually referred to as boats.
Attempts by governor John Skottowe ( 1764 1782 ) to regularise the sale of arrack and punch led to some hostility and desertions by a number of troops who stole boats and were probably mostly lost at sea — however, at least one group of seven soldiers and a slave succeeded in escaping to Brazil in 1770.
A number of inexpensive boats attacking en masse could overwhelm a larger ship's ability to fight them off using its large, slow-firing guns.
The American Civil War saw a number of innovations in naval warfare, including the first torpedo boats, which carried spar torpedoes.
During World War II United States naval forces employed fast wooden PT boats in the South Pacific in a number of roles in addition to the originally envisioned one of torpedo attack.
It had a substantial number of small patrol boats and surveillance posts along the coast, and its task was to prevent anyone from leaving the GDR without official exit permission.
It is difficult to estimate how many recreational fishing boats there are, although the number is high.
As Supermarine was primarily a seaplane manufacturer, this included a number of flying boats such as the Supermarine Sea Eagle, the Supermarine Sea King, the Supermarine Walrus and Supermarine Stranraer.
Although the Grand Union company had a number of broad boats built to take advantage of the improvements, they never really caught on and the canal continued to be operated largely by pairs of narrow boats, whose journeys were facilitated by the newly widened locks in which they could breast up.
Groups such as the Kulinago of the Lesser Antilles and the Carib and Arawak people of ( what is now ) Venezuela launched effective counter attacks against Spanish bases in the Caribbean, with native-built boats, which were smaller and better suited to the seas around the islands, achieving success on a number of cases at defeating the Spanish ships.

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