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from Brown Corpus
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petition and bearing
Hence in August 1759, a petition to formally separate the two townships was presented, bearing the signatures of almost every freeholder in Upper and Lower Chichester as well as those in Nether Providence.
The editors of The Sun newspaper handed a petition bearing nearly 280, 000 signatures to Howard, in a bid to increase the time spent by both boys in custody.
Once the referendum legislation was in place, however, its advocates wasted no time: in 1914 the legislature accepted a petition bearing 23, 656 names, and duly called a referendum on the subject.
In this atmosphere, Whitehouse's National Viewers ' and Listeners ' Association was able to campaign in support of the Bill and present a petition bearing 1, 600, 000 signatures to 10 Downing Street.
Thapar's appointment to the Library of Congress's Kluge Chair in 2003 was opposed in an online petition bearing more than 2, 000 signatures.
With the support of local Scottish organizations and clan societies, a deputation was sent to Ottawa bearing a petition to the minister of Militia.
Each group of ten carried a petition bearing twenty names, appealing directly to the Prince Regent to take urgent steps to improve the Lancashire cotton trade.

petition and signatures
In 2001, a group of activists collected thousands of signatures for the Varela Project, a petition requesting a referendum on the island's political process was openly supported by former US president Jimmy Carter during his historic 2002 visit to Cuba.
The petition gathered sufficient signatures, but was rejected on an alleged technicality.
It builds on the success in 2010 of The 1billonhungry project and the subsequent chain of public events that led to the collection of over three million signatures on a global petition to end hunger ( www. EndingHunger. org ).
Those who sign the petition can spread the link of the EndingHunger website to their friends, via social media or mail, in order to gain awareness and signatures for the petition.
The pro-government camp claims to have collected 700, 000 signatures on a petition backing Mr. Tsang's reform package.
A petition on Change. org has received more than 70, 000 signatures urging IKEA to respect workers ' rights.
In the first week of the movement's existence, Nevada-Semipalatinsk gathered more than 2 million signatures from Kazakhstanis of all ethnic groups on a petition to Mikhail Gorbachev demanding the end of nuclear testing in Kazakhstan.
Once vetted, the petition has a limited time to collect enough signatures to become valid and be made into a ballot.
Over 22, 000 electronic signatures, some of them anonymous, were collected on a web petition to ask the Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope to reconsider the new translation.
However, the United States Supreme Court has ruled that certain ballot access requirements, such as filing fees and submitting a certain number of valid petition signatures do not constitute additional qualifications and thus few Constitutional restrictions exist as to how harsh ballot access laws can be.
Two people tried to get on the ballot for congress in Missouri, but one succeeded in getting enough petition signatures.
State legislatures began to enact tough laws that made it harder for minor political parties to run candidates for office by requiring a high number of petition signatures from citizens and decreasing the length of time that such a petition could legally be circulated.
In an effort to promote its $ 2 Meal Deals, Taco Bell started a Facebook group in June 2010 to collect signatures on a petition that appeals to the Federal Reserve to produce more two-dollar bills.
His father launched a campaign to have him released and was able to get 188 signatures on a petition.
In the early 1980s, Stephen Kay, who had worked for the prosecution in the trial, became alarmed that Manson Family member Leslie Van Houten had gathered 900 signatures on a petition for her parole.
Other parties, such as the Libertarian Party of New York, and the Green Party of New York, and others, now seek ballot access by, first, getting a gubernatorial candidate on the ballot via petition ( by collecting 15, 000 valid signatures of registered voters ), and then by getting 50, 000 votes for that candidate on their line.
He was arrested again, in 1934, first for collecting signatures on a petition protesting the trial of railway workers and twice more for other similar activities.
John Ross gathered over 15, 000 signatures for a petition to the U. S. Senate, insisting that the treaty was invalid because it did not have the support of the majority of the Cherokee people.
To initiate a citizens-initiated referendum on a particular issue, proponents of the referendum apply to the Clerk of the House of Representatives, and once the question wording is determined, proponets have twelve months to compile a petition containing signatures from at least ten percent of all registered voters.
This petition was signed by the officers of the Corps and other prominent citizens but, according to Evatt, most signatures had probably been added only after Bligh was safely under house arrest.
To gain this recognition, tribes must gather a number of signatures and a body of supporting evidence with which to successfully petition the CIP.
Over 1, 900 signatures were collected on a fan vid-blog / petition.

petition and more
Giffen filed a petition for permission to emancipate four slaves ( all more than fifty years old ) with the St. Martin's Parish Police Jury.
The petition said that the couple has not lived together as man and wife for more than a year.
There were two more nominal bishops, but on the petition of the latter of these, the electoral prince John George, the secularisation of the bishopric was undertaken and finally accomplished, in spite of legal proceedings to reassert the imperial immediacy of the prince-bishopric within the Empire and so to likewise preserve the diocese, which dragged on into the seventeenth century.
Later that month, on the first anniversary of the occupation of Jaffa by the British, the Muslim-Christian Association sent a lengthy memorandum and petition to the military governor protesting once more any formation of a Jewish state.
As with the petition, the more people who get involved, the more powerful the message to governments: “ We are no longer willing to accept the fact that hundreds of millions live in chronic hunger .” Groups and individuals can also decide on their own to organize an event about the project, simply by gathering friends, whistles, t-shirts and banners ( whistles and t-shirts can be ordered, and petition sign sheets downloaded, on the endinghunger. org website ) and thereby alert people about chronic hunger by using the yellow whistle.
Perceived indifference by the U. S. Congress regarding a change-of-status petition submitted by Guam has led many to feel that the territory is being deprived of the benefits of a more equitable union with the United States.
Fonda was one of more than 50 celebrities who signed an online petition letter by John Greyson in which Greyson said he would pull his film Covered from the Toronto International Film Festival in protest over the Festival's " inaugural City-to-City Spotlight on Tel Aviv ".
Among the more than one hundred works of Cerverí de Girona are many songs with unique labels, which may correspond more to " titles " than " genres ", but that is debatable: peguesca ( nonsense ), espingadura ( flageolet song ), libel ( legal petition ), esdemessa ( leap ), somni ( dream ), acuyndamen ( challenge ), desirança ( nostalgia ), aniversari ( anniversary ), serena ( serene ).
On each occasion, a more moderately worded substitute petition was submitted to the delegates.
The brutal shooting of workers marching to the Tsar with a petition for reform on 9 January 1905 ( known as the " Bloody Sunday "), which set in motion the Revolution of 1905, seems to have pushed Gorky more decisively toward radical solutions.
A petition was circulated to stop the project but signers were told it was only for the purpose of gaining more detailed information from the village.
The village was to hold a special election on August 7, 2012, to vote on dissolution ; however, the petition for the ballot initiative was rejected by the Pickaway County board of elections when it was found to have more signatures than those certified to by the petition circulator.
In response to this, Baldwin Township officials called an emergency meeting to file a petition to have Baldwin Township incorporated into a borough, as it is much more difficult to secede from a borough than from a township.
As more settlers located in the area, the development of mining caused the citizenry to petition for township status.
The area submitted a petition signed by more than 4, 100 residents to the City of San Antonio seeking immediate annexation-a ploy to get permission from the Texas Legislature to incorporate under Texas Statutory law.

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