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photographic and comparison
A variety of methods to establish this reference frame link before catalogue publication were included and appropriately weighted: interferometric observations of radio stars by VLBI networks, MERLIN and VLA ; observations of quasars relative to Hipparcos stars using CCDs, photographic plates, and the Hubble Space Telescope ; photographic programmes to determine stellar proper motions with respect to extragalactic objects ( Bonn, Kiev, Lick, Potsdam, Yale / San Juan ); and comparison of Earth rotation parameters obtained by VLBI and by ground-based optical observations of Hipparcos stars.
The purpose was to provide a focal point for an Internet-based study of the Major Oak, its history, photographic record, variation in size and leafing of the saplings, comparison of their DNA, and an eventual public amenity.
Various classification systems have ranged from a basic light or dark description to detailed gradings employing photographic standards for comparison.
He benefitted from photographic material which has not changed since 1909 and in fact made the comparison with older snapshots easy, highlighting a general movement of expansion of the cloud.
A comparison of common print sizes used in photographic studios during the 19th century.

photographic and between
Feininger produced a large body of photographic works between 1928 and the mid-1950s.
An important difference between digital and chemical photography is that chemical photography resists photo manipulation because it involves film and photographic paper, while digital imaging is a highly manipulative medium.
Heinlein makes a special distincion in the book between Max's eidetic memory, and the perhaps more well-known photographic memory.
A reviewer of Lord's book stated that Lord's photographic evidence showing a strong physical resemblance between Niven and Comyn-Platt " would appear to confirm these theories, though photographs can often be misleading.
It comprises a flexible bellows which forms a light-tight seal between two adjustable standards, one of which holds a lens, and the other a viewfinder or a photographic film holder.
Sparred kites such as the rokkaku or delta tend to fly at a higher angle than parafoils, which is of benefit when the space between the launch site and photographic subject is limited.
High dynamic range imaging ( HDRI or HDR ) is a set of methods used in imaging and photography, to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods.
Nearly forty years on, his work continues the dialectic between working freely and ephemerally wherever in the wide world, and bringing it back into the public domain of art spaces and books in the form of sculptures of raw materials such as stones, mud and water and photographic and text works.
Most photographic filters are made up of two pieces of optical glass glued together with some form of image or light manipulation material between the glass.
When focused midway between the sagittal and tangential focusing planes, stars are imaged as circles, making the RCT well suited for wide field and photographic observations.
While heated debates about the relationship between photography and art continued in print and in lecture halls, the distinction between a photographic image and a painting became more and more difficult to discern.
One of the primary catalysts of pictorialism in Australia was John Kauffmann ( 1864-1942 ), who studied photographic chemistry and printing in London, Zurich and Vienna between 1889 and 1897.
In both his photographic and cinematic works, Clark pursues a set of related themes: the destructiveness of dysfunctional family relationships, masculinity and the roots of violence, religious intolerance and bigotry, the links between mass imagery and social behaviors, and the construction of identity and sexuality in adolescence.
For example, the light-tight ( but not airtight ) bag allowing the distance between the lens and film of a folding photographic camera to be varied is called a bellows.
One of these was Henri Becquerel, who investigated the relationship between phosphorescence and the blackening of photographic plates.
At the ISH – Graduate School of Humanities in Ljubljana, Taja Kramberger arranged exhibition place for fine arts and between 2000 and 2003 organized five exhibitions of Slovenian and of foreign figurative artists ( painters, photographic artists, designers, installation artists ).
detailed photographic essay covering the now ' lost ' part of the canal between Greywell and Basingstoke
An important and often confused distinction is that between editions of original prints, produced in the same medium as the artist worked ( e. g., etching, or lithography ), and reproduction prints ( or paintings ), which are photographic reproductions of the original work, essentially in the same category as a picture in a book or magazine, though better printed and on better paper.
Additional features of the map interface included the ability to jump back and forth between correlated aerial photographic and cartoon renderings with routes and landmarks highlighted ; and to zoom in and out à la Charles Eames ’ s Powers of Ten film.
* The cover of the Metallica's album Load is an original artwork entitled " Semen and Blood III ", one of three photographic studies by Andres Serrano created in 1990 by mingling the artist's own semen and bovine blood between two sheets of Plexiglas.
A German legal decision dated 5 November 1930 at the I. Zivilsenat des Reichsgericht on copyright law, used a photographic copy in a textbook of the picture of Charles enthroned in the book as an example, referring to " The connection between the written work and a picture in it, the presentation and teaching purpose being to support the text ".
If the user enters the reference color temperature, the meter can calculate the mired difference between the measurement and the reference, enabling the user to choose a corrective color gel or photographic filter with the closest mired factor.
* Teleconverter, the secondary lens mounted on SLRs between the camera and the photographic lens
The glass used for photographic plates at the time was not perfectly flat, and lack of uniform good contact between the screen and the image gave rise to areas of degraded color.

photographic and first
The US first obtained U-2 photographic evidence of the missiles on October 14, when a U-2 flight piloted by Major Richard Heyser took 928 pictures, capturing images of what turned out to be an SS-4 construction site at San Cristóbal, Pinar del Río Province, in western Cuba.
This killed Dutch freelance photographer Fernando Pereira, who thought it was safe to enter the boat to get his photographic material after a first small explosion, but drowned as a result of a second, larger explosion.
* 1836: Louis Daguerre invents first practical photographic method-in effect the first camera.
Edgerton worked with the undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau, by first providing him with custom designed underwater photographic equipment featuring electronic flash, and then by developing sonar techniques used to discover the Britannic.
* 1892 – Edward Emerson Barnard discovers D / 1892 T1, the first comet discovered by photographic means, on the night of October 13 – 14.
The first version of the catalog was produced in the late 1980s by digitizing photographic plates and contained about 20 million stars, out to about magnitude 15.
* May 28 – Secondo Pia takes the first photographs of the Shroud of Turin and discovers that the image on Shroud itself appears to be a photographic negative.
* August – H. Fox Talbot exposes the world's first known photographic negatives at Lacock Abbey in England.
Similar cameras were used for exposing the silver-surfaced copper Daguerreotype plates, commercially introduced in 1839, which were the first practical photographic medium.
This was not only the first use of trickery in the cinema, it was the first type of photographic trickery only possible in a motion picture, i. e. the " stop trick ".
* 1840-John William Draper takes make a successful photographic image of the Moon, the first astronomical photograph
Innes experimented with a Röntgen tube, Helmholtz coils, a magnetic field hemisphere ( electron energy analyzer ) and photographic plates to record broad bands of emitted electrons as a function of velocity, in effect recording the first XPS spectrum.
* Life Cycle Of A Silkworm 1943 article with first photographic study of subject
The company was still attempting to get the CF-100 into production at the time and, consequently, the Canadian government cancelled any further work on the C102 due to Korean War priorities: C. D. Howe demanded the project be stopped to increase production of the CF-100, so the second C102 prototype was scrapped in the plant in 1951, with the first relegated to photographic duties in the Flight Test Department.
The first spectrographs used photographic paper as the detector.
Already in 1858, when the museum was called the South Kensington Museum, it had the world ’ s first international photographic exhibition.
On February 3, 1966 Luna 9 spacecraft was the first spacecraft to achieve a lunar soft landing and to transmit photographic data to Earth.
The daguerreotype () was the first commercially successful photographic process.
Niépce had produced the first photographic image in the camera obscura using bitumen of Judea on a pewter plate that required exposures as long as eight hours.
The cemetery is near the family house where he had experimented and had made the world's first photographic image.
In 1863 the English chemist William Allen Miller and English amateur astronomer Sir William Huggins used the wet collodion plate process to obtain the first ever photographic spectrogram of a star, Sirius and Capella.
1887 saw the Astrographic Catalogue and Carte du Ciel, the first all-sky photographic astrometry project.
It was first published in a photographic edition in 1956.

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