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picture and painter
Wilhelm Busch ( 15 April 1832 – 9 January 1908 ) was an influential German caricaturist, painter, and poet who is famed for his satirical picture stories with rhymed texts.
Niggle is a painter struggling against the summons of death to complete his one great canvas, a picture of a tree with a background of forest and distant mountains.
The scene tells the story of the painter Zeuxis who was commissioned to produce a picture of Helen for the temple of Hera at Agrigentum, Sicily.
Dr. Wayne T. Robinson has claimed to be the original painter of the Liberty Mule: " In early October 1906, I climbed up the face of the Allen Bluff to a ledge and with some coal tar made a flat picture of a character from a famous comic strip of that day.
The painter hit upon a happy notion for the bringing of the four figures together, and as time went on and the picture slowly turned into history, its merit was likely to be better appreciated.
The company logo was based on Evening also called The Fall of Day ( 1869 ) by painter William Rimmer, featuring a picture of the Greek god Apollo.
Delacroix was quickly recognized as a leading painter in the new Romantic style, and the picture was bought by the state.
" If we had a success, everybody — and I mean every cutter, every painter, every plasterer — was excited about it, was abuzz, was in a tizzy about the whole idea of picture making.
Attracted to the court of Philip II, he painted him and the young Alexander with such success that he became the recognized court painter of Macedon, and his picture of Alexander holding a thunderbolt ranked in the minds of many with the Alexander with the spear of the sculptor Lysippus.
In this way he was close to the ideas of his teacher Vogler, himself renowned for his dramatic depictions of nature and incident in keyboard music, who wrote in 1779Writing beautifully is easy ; expression is not too difficult ; but only the genius of a great painter ... can choose for each picture agreeable and natural colours that are particular to it.
This picture, which made the young Boston painter a Fellow of the Society of Artists of Great Britain, by vote of September 3, 1766, had been painted the preceding year.
*" There is no scientific discoverer, no poet, no painter, no musician, who will not tell you that he found ready made his discovery or poem or picture – that it came to him from outside, and that he did not consciously create it from within.
The Leonardo essay contains Pater's celebrated reverie on the Mona Lisa (" probably still the most famous piece of writing about any picture in the world "); the Botticelli essay was the first in English on this painter, contributing to the revival of interest in this artist.
A painting of a comedian who was an acquaintance of the British painter George Clint — an artist whose style resembled Peale's, and who claimed the picture as his own — was examined by the National Portrait Gallery of London in 1914.
The painter and writer Billy Childish has painted a picture " The Drinker " influenced by Fallada's novel of the same title.
Francis Danby, a British painter born in Ireland, probably was inspired by Géricault's picture when he painted Sunset at Sea after a Storm in 1824, and wrote in 1829 that The Raft of the Medusa was " the finest and grandest historical picture I have ever seen ".
His son, William Mulready Junior ( 1805 – 1878 ), lived in London and maintained a career of a portrait painter and picture restorer.
Having been allowed to dry, the sand painter moves on to the next section of the picture.
Rousseau's other friend and neighbor, Jules Dupré, himself an eminent landscape painter of Barbizon, relates the difficulty Rousseau experienced in knowing when his picture was finished, and how he, Dupré, would sometimes take away from the studio some canvas on which Rousseau was laboring too long.
On the occasion of a festival of Poseidon at Eleusis, she laid aside her garments, let down her hair, and stepped naked into the sea in the sight of the people, thus suggesting to the painter Apelles his great picture of Ἀφροδίτη Ἀναδυομένη Aphrodite Anadyomene ( also portrayed at times as this Venus Anadyomene ), for which Phryne herself sat as model.
Francis Bacon, a painter renowned for his grotesque ( and often gory ) works, once smiled warmly at Tynan's daughter Tracy and declared her to be " as pretty as a picture ".
He also collaborated with the painter Français in a picture of The Park at St Cloud.
These wax figures are based on portraits from the 16th century and when taking the picture Sugimoto attempts to recreate the lighting that would have been used by the painter.
The item says ( in French ): " a large picture which is called Hernoul le Fin with his wife in a chamber, which was given to Madame by Don Diego, whose arms are on the cover of the said picture ; done by the painter Johannes.

picture and Maurice
Maurice Elvey's Nelson – England's Immortal Naval Hero ( 1919 ) has a symbolic sequence dissolving from a picture of Kaiser Wilhelm II to a peacock, and then to a battleship.
Some of the best-known picture books are Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings, Dr. Seuss ' The Cat In The Hat, and Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.
The Academy Honorary Award, instituted in 1948 for the 21st Academy Awards ( previously called the Special Award ), is given by the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ( AMPAS ) to celebrate motion picture achievements that are not covered by existing Academy Awards, although prior winners of competitive Academy Awards are not excluded from receiving the Honorary Award ( e. g. Mary Pickford, Maurice Chevalier, Laurence Olivier, Alec Guinness, James Stewart, Sophia Loren, Sidney Poitier, et al ).
In 2003 the opera was adapted into a picture book by Tony Kushner with illustrations by Maurice Sendak.
In 1971, he composed the motion picture score for Such Good Friends, directed by Otto Preminger, and in 1974, he wrote a children's cantata, In the Night Kitchen, with Maurice Sendak.
Brambell also appeared as Bill Gaye in the 1962 Maurice Chevalier / Hayley Mills picture, In Search of the Castaways.
The picture was directed by John Frankenheimer with music by Maurice Jarre and stars James Garner, Eva Marie Saint, Yves Montand, Brian Bedford, and Antonio Sabàto.
" I have a picture hanging in my office ," Maurice said.
Where the Wild Things Are is a 1963 children's picture book by American writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak, originally published by Harper & Row.

picture and who
We hear equally fervent concern over the belief that we have not enough generalists who can see the over-all picture and combine our national skills and knowledge for useful purposes.
It may be that in this comment he has broken from the conventional pattern more violently than in any other regard, for the treatment in his books is far removed from even the genial irony of Ellen Glasgow, who was the only important novelist before him to challenge the conventional picture of planter society.
That picture of the American prairie is as indelibly fixed in the memory of those who have studied the conquest of the American continent as any later cinema image of the West made in live-oak canyons near Hollywood.
Mussorgsky paints a telling picture of the common people, those who must suffer the effects of their rulers' struggle for power without understanding the causes.
but for all his air of affluence, who could tell what his private financial picture was??
Now, the picture is clouded, and even US Sens. James O. Eastland and John C. Stennis, who remained loyal to the ticket, are uncertain of their status.
`` This is a long picture and a controversial one, but basically it is a moral, enthralling and heartbreaking description of humans who have become unlinked from life as perhaps Rome has from her traditional political, cultural and religious glories ''.
On the contrary, even in the heart of `` the Bible belt '' itself, as can be attested by any one who is called to work there, the industrial and technological revolutions have long been under way, together with the corresponding changes in man's picture of himself and his world.
A complete picture is impossible -- partly because of the limitations of space, partly because for millions of individuals who professed allegiance to the Christian faith data are unobtainable.
) who first conceived the startling fancy of a picture window in the abdomen.
The picture book " The Dream Eater " by Christian Garrison tells the story of a young boy, Yukio, who meets a baku and brings it to his village.
Courtney Michelle Harrison was born in 1964 in San Francisco, California, to Linda Carroll, now a psychotherapist, and Hank Harrison, a publisher who had some association with the Grateful Dead ; consequently, Love was included in a group picture on the back of the band's album Aoxomoxoa ( 1969 ).
Claudius has been portrayed in film on several other occasions, including in the 1979 motion picture Caligula, the role being performed by Giancarlo Badessi in which the character was depicted as an idiot, in contrast to Robert Graves ' portrait of Claudius as a cunning and deeply intelligent man who is perceived by others to be an idiot.
The tale Culhwch and Olwen, associated with the Mabinogion and perhaps written in the 11th century, draws a dramatic picture of Arthur's hall and his many powerful warriors who go from there on great adventures, placing it in Celliwig, an uncertain locale in Cornwall.
However, the observer ( red dot ) who is standing in the rotating ( non-inertial ) frame of reference ( lower part of the picture ) sees the object as following a curved path due to the Coriolis and centrifugal forces present in this frame.
In film, entertainment, and television, Dartmouth is represented by Budd Schulberg, Academy Award winning screenwriter of On the Waterfront, Michael Phillips, who won the Academy Award for best picture as co-producer of The Sting, Rachel Dratch, a cast member of Saturday Night Live, creator of Grey's Anatomy Shonda Rhimes, film director and producer Jethro Rothe-Kushel (" The Oscars "), VP of Fox Searchlight, Zola Mashariki, Chris Meledandri Executive Producer of Ice Age, Horton Hears a Who!
However, the first moving picture was shot in Leeds by Louis Le Prince in 1888 and the first moving pictures developed on celluloid film were made in Hyde Park, London in 1889 by William Friese Greene, a British inventor, who patented the process in 1890.
This portraiture of gladiators has been the highest interest in art for many centuries now, but it was Gaius Terentius who began the practice of having pictures made of gladiatorial shows and exhibited in public ; in honour of his grandfather who had adopted him he provided thirty pairs of Gladiators in the Forum for three consecutive days, and exhibited a picture of the matches in the Grove of Diana.
His first wife died in 1845, and on 16 August 1846, he married Olympe Pélissier, who had sat for Vernet for his picture of Judith and Holofernes.
Raymond Brown contends that " The Johannine picture of a savior who came from an alien world above, who said that neither he nor those who accepted him were of this world, and who promised to return to take them to a heavenly dwelling could be fitted into the gnostic world picture ( even if God's love for the world in could not ).

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